Pelosi's Peccadillio

"The Nancy" told us all during the last election process that she was going to "clean up" the congress and stop all these "earmarks" during the first 100 hours of her reign. Well that actually happened, but it only lasted for four months! Her fellow crooks in congress led by big John Murtha just had the word put out to the troops that it was ok to go back to "porking", just don't add it to the pending bills till just before they are to come up for debate in the House and Senate! Then there is only ONE HOUR allowed to discuss the bill before the vote! Not enough time to discredit the flagrant ones before the vote MUST be taken according to the house rules! So all her name calling of the folks on the other side of the isle is just that, blathering! She has shown her true colors AGAIN, by allowing this, nay encouraging this ability of her cohorts to stick their hands in your pockets and just TAKE whatever amount of money they feel entitled too on that particular day! Her "stripe" is no different that the rest of the crooks in Congress, R or D! So I say again, at the next election and the two following that, DO NOT RE-ELECT ANY INCUMBENT!! That place needs a through house cleaning. Right on down too the office personnel who run the place day to day. Comments anyone??


Sam said...

Everette, you're bear-baiting again but you got me thinking about the whole electorial process. We have:

- Amateur rank politicians
- Professional schmooze politicians
- Real statesmen

All are allowed but the ones we have the most respect for are true statesmen. It's a fairly sparse field these days I admit, but my thought was that we should keep the good statesmen. You know, they're the ones not on the take, the ones that can do a nuanced and balanced and stirring speach, and the ones that don't cram pork into the budget just because they can.

Forget being politically correct, I consider Susan Sosnowski to be a statesman. You don't have far to look from the tree and while they are a rarity these days, there really are dedicated public servants who want to do right, year after year. Everett, we need to keep these kinds of thinkers in the system or all heck will break loose.

It takes approximately three years to learn the ropes of local, county, state, or national government. It takes another three years to really get some good bills to be considered on the table because "rookies" are never treated seriously.

But you're right, more than half of the rookies grow up to be caught with their hands up some gal's (or worse yet boy's) skirts, in the till, and putting the squeeze on some opponent's nuts. To them the line between campaign donations, lobbying, bribery, graft, and racketeering is fairly blurry.

Not so a true statesman. We like to hold up idols like Abraham Lincoln but he was to me a fair to moderate statesman who was deeply conflicted. Interestingly, for all his alleged crimes and inadequacies, Richard Nixon was one hell of a statesman. Bad examples I know but the good statesmen, if we can can keep them good without getting bad advice from shock-jock people like Oliver North, they should be allowed an extra measure.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that Al Gore is right---Whatever happened to reason?

Everett said...

Reason is fine when done with an unbiased and open mind. But if a lot of these people in congress used reason as a road to get too Washington, it sure doesn't take long for them to loose their apparently oh so softly ingrained morals, and succumb to the siren call of the almighty dollar! Look at willie Jefferson. How many others exactly like him are sitting down their deciding our fate right now with no reason in mind more than seeing how full they can stuff their pockets before they leave. And no matter how crooked, after serving their jail sentence, they still get their $100K + retirement paychecks! This is reasonable? Moral? MY ASS!
I agree there are a lot of good honest people in office but they certainly cannot be in the majority! If they were, they would gather their "moral majority" and clean up that place. A very good and first starting point would be to absolutely stop all the earmarks in all their various forms. Stop feeding ALL foreign aid to everybody until by their actions and deeds, they can SHOW that they agree with our form and standards of democracy as put forth by the original drafters of the Constitution. Not the very bent and loosely interpreted version that is pushed on us by all the special interest people.

Have you checked the percentage of congressmen and senators who, had as their vocation, before becoming federally subsidized crooks,"lawyering" as a life's work? It used to be about 75% a few years ago. I'd venture to say it is more than that by now. An do we really think that they give a shit about their constituents? NOT!

I'm not usually a pessimistic person, but I don't see a lot of hope for this country to exist as originally constituted due to the pressures of immigration, terrorism, energy independence and the list goes on ad nauseum (sp). The people we elected to look out for us, and to dispel some of these problems forget all about their verbal and moral commitments as soon as they line up at the feeding trough in DC.

According to many of the pundits I read daily, left and right of the aisle, there is every possibility of a global conflagration about to start. It will start in the mid east and just spread like wildfire. And some see it as starting as soon as the end of this summer or early fall. And you can bet all your well gotten, and the ill gotten gains too, that we will be attacked again. Where is all our oil going to come from when the OPEC boys decide to turn off the spigot to us? Hugo? Mexico? Russia? "When the lights go out in Georgia", maybe some of those ex-congressmen will have wished they hadn't been so intent on stuffing their own bank accounts to the detriment of us all. After all, when the food stops flowing from the south, west, and other countries, due to all the associated energy requirements to raise and transport it,all those dollar bills are not going to do the job of sustaining life, no matter how you saute them or drench them in oil and vinegar. They will die right along with all the rest of their woefully served client base!

There, have I pissed off everybody? Left? Right? Wonderful! TIFN

Sam said...

Naw, I don't get mad because I don't label myself left, right, or moderate, and forget populist, neo-con, commie, libertarian, and independant. I'd like to think I'm a free-thinker.

Al Gore combined with reason is to me more like the politics and religion of Global Warming. All his reasoning is concerned with rebutting the "deniers" - the people who think that Global Warming is not an issue to be treated seriously.

Personally, I think Global Warming is a serious issue but that perhaps Al Gore went a little off the deep end ... and then got called on the carpet for all his huge mansions, SUV's, and corporate jet use. In other words, he wasn't acting very rational. Ouch!

That's called "externalized values" by the way. It is like a heavy smoker who says they truly believe in Clean Air. But that's not necessarily being a hypocrite.

Everett maybe you need to bring back that list about all the US Congreesmen and women who were convicted or tried for abusing all kinds of stuff including drugs, alcohol, women, page boys, money, and all kinds of evil things ... while at the same time passing laws about "family values." About half of them ought to be behind bars or in rehab!

CATT said...

Has anyone thought that if we didn't have global warming that we would still be in the ice age. It seems to me that good old Mother Earth has her own cycles and goes from one to the other. It may take thousands of years but that is part of the cycle. Once everything burns up again she will go into another ice age and another civilization will be digging up our bones in a couple hundred thousand years and wondering how we lived.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you missed it-- Al Gore has a new book out entitled the assault on reason- he's not just a one-trick pony. He can address issues other than the environment---something like the breakdown of political discourse and integrity.

Anonymous said...

In the 70s Newsweek mag said we were supposed to be headed for an ice age. Scientists contemplated various solutions such as putting a layer of soot over the north pole so heat would be retained. And whatever happened to the acid rain stripping northern forests and turning lakes lifeless. I hear the ozone hole over the S. pole has shrunk or is gone. This spring has seen record cold cold temps in the SW. Even S. Africa is having a record cold winter this year. Carbon outputs? talk to China and India, the biggest polluters,who both refuse to clean up their industries saying it would be too expensive for their fragile economies. If 99% of global warming is caused by the sun. Using our tax money for feel-good projects is a waste. gore may be good at reasonable discourse, but he's still trying to use the environment as a political club.

Anonymous said...

Why is Greenland called Greenland and not White-ice-coveredland?
Because when the Vikings first colonized it in the late 900s, it was a warm period and the land was green and capable of supporting livestock. By the late 1100s a "litle Ice Age" began to descend on medieval Europe. The Greenlanders coped for a while keeping their animals barned, but lack of sun and fresh feed caused them to weaken and die. The remnants of the original Viking Colonies finally left for Iceland.
If we are warming today its nature course-correcting itself. Global Warming is nothing more than the Politico-Enviro scare word of the day.

Sam said...

Nope. Eric the Red named Greenland to attract more men to his expeditions, like any good PR man would do - by lying. Sure, it might have been a little greener in places but it was a forbidding place of ice floes, glaciers, and immense mountains, none of which were green. They were mainly interested in the fish and other local eats, anyway. /sammie

history geek said...

No, Sam.
Anonymous is right.
There was a medieval warm period that facilated exploration between the western coasts of europe and greenland, not to metion Vinland--the country that is now known as USA. There's scientific evidence to back up the climate warming, as well as the anecdotal evidence of moderate size boats of animal skins stretched across wooden frames. It is believed that these crafts were able to ply the waters of the Atlantic because of a warmer, calmer climate.
See: Medieval Warm climate
See: The Journey of the Brendan in older issues of National G.

Sam said...

OK ... I think I'll build a boat instead of arguing, so I can float my boat and go with the flow. Heck with the animal skins though - I'm going with fiberglass over marine plywood!

Deirdre said...

Is this the Colbert Report? Sam, you didn't just bring a healthy dose of Wikiality into the comment section of this blog, did you? Because the explanation you give for why Greenland is named Greenland is exactly the one that Wikipedia gives. No wonder schools are disallowing the use of that site as a legitimate source for research.

Speaking of school, did we just watch a filmstrip or a re-run of "60 Minutes" on pork-belly politics?
Everett, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va) is notorious for being the biggest offender of them all when it comes to last minute pork belly additions to a bill. Does that make him a bad politician? Well, maybe his 47 year tenure in the senate, and the fact that the guy not only served some time in the KKK and his politics seem to follow that could be a decent argument for kicking him out-- he has brought a serious amount of money to his home state in the name of civic improvements, and has built a number of scholarship programs in the name of helping the poor of West Virginia attend school.
Mrs. Pelosi is certainly not the only one worth of contempt. I'm not even sure she has proven herself worthy at this point.
I don't know, it's not so much the promises that get made (behind the scenes) during an election that are as problematic as the promises that are broken.
In the words of our illustrious Commander in Chief, "Mission Accomplished."

Sam said...

Congressman Byrd is a total and complete scoundrel. Trent Lott of Miss State is about as bad - he's the buy that forces the US to build all these new Navy and Coast Guard ships in his state and none of them work worth a darn. Hey, at least Mr. Byrd has a highway to nowhere and a few good social programs named after him.

Ted Stevens, or is it Stevenson from Alaska, now there's a prime porker. You do know the "highway to nowhere" is going to be built even after all that hoo-ha, right?

As to the Wiki thang, that was hilarious, Deirdre. I stand guilty as accused. Hey at least I'm man enough to admit my cheap shot at humor and my bad form. *Laughs*

Anonymous said...

Amendment 16
The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

Do you all know that before this horrible amendment was packaged and sold, the idividual states had all of the power and Senators were not forced to go down to Washington and be whores in order to bring a little home.

You all should check Ron Paul for president. He really knows what he is talking about. He actually references history to explain what is going on today. Can you just believe it!!! Seriously though, go to youtube and check him out during the debates. There is a clip of all his answers, and you'll be blown away at how on top of things he really is.

And Sam...I know he is from Texas, so i assume you'll have a lot to say.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a wingnut who couldnt get 1% of the vote when he ran as libertarian for pres.
The bookies presently have him at 200 to 1 odds of getting the no mination.

Sam said...

Well he's a smart wingnut, maybe.

Like Patrick Leahy (VT), he votes his conscience and not the Party Line. He's a freethinker, and regarded as a loner and independent "wild card." Isn't is amazing that Ron Paul's congressional district butted up right against the one Tom DeLay used to run? I love it.

I'm all for anyone who want to protect my liberty and property and make sure that the taxpayer's money is well spent. Too bad these independent-minded folks don't have much traction on their own.

Anonymous said...

Anon...Perhaps you prefer an idiot like Rudy? Just because our media is not supporting someone does not make him a "wingnut"

Anonymous said...

I think that the republicans are just too tainted by the troubles of the Bush adminstration to land the presidency. I'm counting on Obama.

Anonymous said...

Hillary may let Obama stay on the ticket as VP. I've always wondered why the media never prints Obama's full legal name, Barack Hussein Obama Jr. Even Hillary went with the Hillary Rodham Clinton thing for awhile. Something about it just rings a bell.

Sam said...

Hey Everett ya nut, Happy Father's Day and to you other fathers as well. You asked if I might some on down this summer and it's looking like right after Labor Day sometime. I look forward to talking trash about all the politics with ya then, but honestly I'm more interested in your family, Island gossip, your greenhouse operation, and how the season went.

I'll find me one of those little phone books when I get off the ferry and give you a call - you'll know I'm coming because of all the smoke on the horizon (laughs).

Femininymous said...

Hey, I wanna see a woman President as much as the next gal, but if Hillary actually wins the election, I'm moving to Canada.

Sam said...

I have to admit to last anon poster that right now all we want to do is get rid of a lame duck President, and we hadn't really thought about the poison from electing somebody new. We want to get rid of that lame duck so bad we can taste it. That man really sucks.

Obviously, few are willing to give anybody else a clean slate because Boy George II screwed up so bad. Hillary has pecker tracks going back to the early days of Whitewater. You would have been much more accurate to say that nobody likes a single one of those bastards and bitches currently running for President.