Is Something amiss-ing at the Town Hall?

So, what is happening at the Town Hall these days? Things were rolling right along and looking good. But in the last few weeks, things have come to a standstill as far as I can see. I heard today that the clerk of the works has departed for points far to the west, Hawaii, for the next two years. Is that to be taken as an indication that the process down there will be ongoing for another two years also?

What is going on? Has the contractor left the job? Why? Non-payment from the Town? I have no idea and am just asking. There is something seriously amiss with the whole job so the little birdies have been whispering to me. How come, through out the whole construction phase there has been no public fiscal accounting of the expenditures for the job? Why was there no bond posted for the job, and why only for THIS particular endeavor. Who is counting the chickens at night and making sure they are roosting where they are supposed to be?

I think that with all the fiscal responsibility that the present Town Council has shown, that it might behoove them to demand a full and accurate accounting of where things stand money wise with this project and with the school project. As in with numbers on a piece of paper, NOT delivered orally! How come,if there large deficits in the funds to pay for completion of the new Hall, why were they not put into the last financial Town Meeting warrant so they could be paid. I'm told those deficits run to upwards of $800,000.00! Could this be true?

It is time for the Council to DEMAND answers and solutions to all these un-requited problems. It appears to me, as an outsider looking in, that there is a large dose of mis-management, or should I say NO management going on down there! Is it time for a new hand on the reins? This horse appears to have the bit in it's teeth, and is headed wherever it damned well pleases!

There now, is THIS better than bitching about hats, entitlements, and all that kind of stuff. Let's hear from all you concerned people out there. No Nasty name calling though. Be civil! TIFN


Sam said...

Hey Everett maybe they need a sign by the front door that says TURN OF ALL CELL PHONES and NO HATS WORN INSIDE PREMIS. *LOL*

Did you ever figure out the mysterious fandango of which you spoke?

Anonymous said...

There will be an update on the town hall at Monday's council meeting.

Good Listener said...

That should be an interesting pack of lies

Anonymous said...

as the " clerk of the works " is back on the island, I assume the rest of your info on the town hall is just as flawed.