Remember This??

Subject: Do you Remember THIS???? An incredible look back to what now seems like ancient history!! An early look at an old foe's name!

?Thought you might be interested in this forgotten bit of information..........

It was 1987! At a lecture the other day they were playing an old news video of Lt.Col. Oliver North testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings during the Reagan Administration.

There was Ollie in front of God and country getting the third degree, but what he said was stunning!

He was being drilled by a senator; "Did you not recently spend close to $60,000 for a home security system?"

Ollie replied, "Yes, I did, Sir."

The senator continued, trying to get a laugh out of the audience, "Isn't that just a little excessive?"

"No, sir," continued Ollie.

"No? And why not?" the senator asked.

"Because the lives of my family and I were threatened, sir."

"Threatened? By whom?" the senator questioned.

"By a terrorist, sir" Ollie answered.

"Terrorist? What terrorist could possibly scare you that much?"

"His name is Osama bin Laden, sir" Ollie replied.

At this point the senator tried to repeat the name, but couldn't pronounce it, which most people back then probably couldn't. A couple of people laughed at the attempt. Then the senator continued. Why are you so afraid of this man?" the senator asked.

"Because, sir, he is the most evil person alive that I know of", Ollie answered.

"And what do you recommend we do about him?" asked the senator.

"Well, sir, if it was up to me, I would recommend that an assassin team be formed to eliminate him and his men from the face of the earth."

The senator disagreed with this approach, and that was all that was shown of the clip.

By the way, that senator was Al Gore!


Terrorist pilot Mohammad Atta blew up a bus in Israel in 1986. The Israelis captured, tried and imprisoned him. As part of the Oslo agreement with the Palestinians in 1993, Israel had to agree to release so-called "political prisoners."

However, the Israelis would not release any with blood on their hands, The American President at the time, Bill Clinton, and his Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, "insisted" that all prisoners be released.

Thus Mohammad Atta was freed and eventually thanked the US by flying an airplane into Tower One of the World Trade Center. This was reported by many of the American TV networks at the time that the terrorists were first identified.
It was censored in the US from all later reports.

If you agree that the American public should be made aware of this fact, pass this on.

Do Not Break - it is 3 years strong

This is why I always say I love YOU....

This has not been broken since 9/11/01, please keep it going...
This has been kept alive and moving since 9/11. In memory of all those who perished this morning; the passengers and the pilots on the United Air and AA flights, the workers in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and all the innocent bystanders. Our prayers go out to the friends and families of the deceased.

Deadly Dull on BI

I guess we are going to have to wait till next month for the beginnings of cabin fever to take effect and have people rampaging around, trying to relieve the boredom and dullness that has pervaded the Island this winter. Man there is nothing of note going on that is worth getting all in an uproar about. Althought there is a good one in the works in the form of the new management plan for the Old Harbor put forth by the Harbormaster Chris Willi. It is a good plan, and one that I have to say I advocated way back when I sat in a council seat. At that time it was poo-pooed by two fellow council-people as not being appropriate to BI as it would change the whole look of the down town area and not be something that the townspeople would want. Yeah right! Just like the tourism bldg. and Interstates freight shed was going to screwup the "viewsheds" down there so bad as to be intolerable to the normal person! What a crock ! Had it been done the Town would have been enjoying the fruits of it for the last ten years and it would be by now all paid off. So If this council has any fortitude left in their guts and hearts, they will immediately get on the stick and get the damned thing in the process of completion! Come on folks, do something proactive for a change without talking and analyzing it to death!

Oh BTW, the new, long, ongoing saga of the school looks as though it will be coming to an end in the very near future. Lots of little things left to do but all the major stuff is "virtually" done.

And if you need something entertaining to do on these not so cold winter days, go up to the new gym on Tuesday afternoons and watch these young kids in the 4th 5th 6th grades playing basket ball. There are a lot of "commers" in this group. Also hie thee hence and take in a few of the last home games of the JV and Varsity teams. They will provide you with an enough adrenaline to get you through the last dregs of the winter. I find it hard to believe the level of play that goes on up there. GO HURRICANES!!


To Kill an American

> > Written by an Australian Dentist...
> >
> >
> > To Kill an American
> >
> >
> > You probably missed it in the rush of news last week, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American.
> >
> > So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is . so they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!)
> >
> > " An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan.
> >
> > An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans.
> >
> > An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim.
> > In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan . The only difference is that in America they are free to worship as each of them chooses.
> >
> > An American is also free to believe in no religion. For that he will answer only to God, not to the government, or to armed thugs claiming to speak for the government and for God.
> >
> > An American lives in the most prosperous land in the history of the world.
> > The root of that prosperity can be found in the Declaration of Independence , which recognizes the God given right of each person to the pursuit of happiness.
> >
> > An American is generous. Americans have helped out just about every other nation in the world in their time of need, never asking a thing in return.
> >
> > When Afghanistan was over-run by the Soviet army 20 years ago, Americans came with arms and supplies to enable the people to win back their country!
> >
> > As of the morning of September 11, Americans had given more than any other nation to the poor in Afghanistan . Americans welcome the best of everything...the best products, the best books, the best music, the best food, the best services. But they also welcome the least.
> >
> > The national symbol of America, The Statue of Liberty , welcomes your tired and your poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, the homeless, tempest tossed. These in fact are the people who built America.
> >
> > Some of them were working in the Twin Towers the morning of September 11, 2001 earning a better life for their families. It's been told that the World Trade Center victims were from at least 30 different countries, cultures, and first languages, including those that aided and abetted the terrorists.
> >
> > So you can try to kill an American if you must. Hitler did. So did General Tojo, and Stalin, and Mao Tse-Tung, and other blood-thirsty tyrants in the world. But, in doing so you would just be killing yourself. Because Americans are not a particular people from a particular place. They are the embodiment of the human spirit of freedom. Everyone who holds to that spirit, everywhere, is an American.


Bad News for Certain People!

Well, I went off the Island yesterday to see the old Cardiologist, to see if I was still alive. It went well as he said it appears on the surface that I will probably be around for another annum(sp) to inflict continued torment upon the Island Voice blog readers. But I guess that is only true if you log on.

We all still sit here with bated breath, waiting for the infamous, I KNOW that is what it is going to be, CRMC decision as to the fate of the New Harbor and its environs.

It looks as though we will be "scooter" less for at least one summer anyway. That is until all the crooks and collaborationists wreak their particular form of wrongheadedness on the rest of us, up at the State house and give back to a 'very few', the right to deluge us again with them. Can you imagine going up route 4 where it joins to US195 at the usual speed of about 75 mph, and having to dodge unskilled moped drivers that can at best go 35 to 40 mph? I own one myself, but would not by any stretch of my imagination take it up there! It is bad enough on an 1100 cc Yamaha motorcycle that most car drivers can't see to see! TIFN

Seawinds, The next Disaster!

I haven't followed the saga of the Seawinds fiasco too closely so I don't really feel qualified to make any comments on it other than to say that it is an abomination to the Island, and to the area for which it has been proposed. It continues to sound like business as usual as far as D Packer is concerned. For some reason or other he thinks he IS one of the council members himself and acts accordingly. It is time for him and that other useless being to be shitcanned, and somebody with at least a first year law students knowledge of the law to be hired. If it wasn't for BI, these guys would be in the bread and soup lines somewhere! Comments anyone?? TIFN


Just something to chew on

Good Deeds Aren't Always Punished, But They're Not Always Recognized, Either
By Francis W. Porretto Francis W. Porretto

The president of the United States gets no holidays. Frequent Old Media references to his "vacations" are rather misleading; no matter where he is, he has to remain available to his lieutenants, and conscious of national and world affairs. In effect, he wears an electronic leash, by which he can be hauled back to the Oval Office, figuratively or literally, at an instant's notice.

Which is why it's so important for Americans to be aware of reports such as this one:

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) -- President Bush began the new year on Sunday at the bedsides of wounded servicemen and women, and awarded nine Purple Hearts to U.S. troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The president, as commander in chief, feels it's one his most important duties to visit with those who are serving in the armed forces and providing great sacrifice for this important mission," White House spokesman Trent Duffy said.

The president boarded the Marine One presidential helicopter before dawn on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and flew more than an hour to Randolph Air Force Base. His motorcade drove to Brooke Army Medical Center, a 224-bed hospital at nearby Fort Sam Houston, to meet with about 50 injured members of various branches of the armed forces and their families.

"He thanks them for their service. He asks how they're doing. He is always interested in seeing if they are getting the kinds of care they need," Duffy said, adding that not all the troops' injuries were sustained in combat.

Your Curmudgeon is a promoter of individualism in politics, but he sees immense value in charitable communalism in the private sphere. When a public official behaves in a fashion that implies that stance, it's worthy of note and wide dissemination. When a man as heavily burdened and as widely assailed as President Bush takes time away from his ranch, his pastimes, his family, and his not-all-that-remote official duties to do simple but memorable kindnesses such as are reported above, he deserves our praise.

The author asked that this one be passed around if you are so inclined!