Bad News for Certain People!

Well, I went off the Island yesterday to see the old Cardiologist, to see if I was still alive. It went well as he said it appears on the surface that I will probably be around for another annum(sp) to inflict continued torment upon the Island Voice blog readers. But I guess that is only true if you log on.

We all still sit here with bated breath, waiting for the infamous, I KNOW that is what it is going to be, CRMC decision as to the fate of the New Harbor and its environs.

It looks as though we will be "scooter" less for at least one summer anyway. That is until all the crooks and collaborationists wreak their particular form of wrongheadedness on the rest of us, up at the State house and give back to a 'very few', the right to deluge us again with them. Can you imagine going up route 4 where it joins to US195 at the usual speed of about 75 mph, and having to dodge unskilled moped drivers that can at best go 35 to 40 mph? I own one myself, but would not by any stretch of my imagination take it up there! It is bad enough on an 1100 cc Yamaha motorcycle that most car drivers can't see to see! TIFN


Everett said...

It was supposed to read, "that most car drivers can't SEEM to see"! SAT.

Sam said...

I'm glad you're stout in mind & heart! As to riding your soda-Michael, I mean motorcycle, perhaps you need a loud Freon horn like those boaties use?

And, something tell me, way down deep inside, that the moped issue ain't over yet. Rhode Island is ... OK, it's Rhode Island, right?

Heard any rumors about gambling coming back? It's a strong contender down in our neck of the woods, since Texas can't balance its budget for beans. I grimace when I think that if Champlains got all that extra dockage and then got gambling, if would make perfect sense.

Don't put it past em! And what would ole Captain Rob Lewis say about all this? My guess is that it wouldn't happen. Prayers & best regards,

Anonymous said...


There will be mopeds next year...just ones with pedals.

Anonymous said...

For someone who decries anyone who claims that our current national plight is the result of a conspiracy, your sure have a fanciful, less supported argument for your assertion (crooks and wrongdoer's) in the posting, than the individuals who claim that Bush is a crook.

There is far more evidence that Bush is covering up and withholding information about September 11th (why only 1 picture of the plane hitting the pentagon, the most secure building in the country) and that he lied to get us into Iraq (you all know the argument), than there is that some ultra-corrupt force is seeking to ruin the Island.

I guess for you, unsubstantiated conspiracies are OK when they support your line of thinking.

Sam said...

Well just a minute there, pilgrim (John Wayne - name that movie!). I believe Everett is entitled to his opinions and we all have opinions sometimes. In fact I mentioned one time that President Bush wasn't my favorite president and he agreed - horrors!

If there is a confab or conspiracy regarding 9/11 and Iraq I haven't read about it in the NY Times or other reputable media source. The latest blow-up has more to do with the NSA snooping on Amerericans, which they've been doing actively since 1960.

Yep, there's a big NSA computer in Fort Meade, Maryland that snoops on all electronic communication, including every word of this blog comment. So be careful of what you write - that data mining software might pick ya up as a wannabe terrorist. Loose lips sink ships.