The New First Warden

Well, after reading all the comments on the BIRA "do" at the School last week and taking a long and reflective look at all the candidates for this position, I have finally made my decision as to who will get my vote this time around.
Most all the positions taken by all the candidates, are just re-hashes of the previous stances put forth by their erstwhile forebearers.
This "endorsement" coming from me, may well be the death knell for this guys political aspirations. We have not seen eye to eye on many of the happenings here on the Island, but I believe he will be forceful enough, fair enough, and able to see past all the stone-walling and foot dragging that has gone on for years, and get some of these projects that need doing, DONE!!
I also think that no matter what he personally thinks of another council persons opinions, he will let them, nay MAKE them, be discussed at the table in full view of the townspeople and not subverted behind closed doors as has gone on with some of the previous councils.
I have not heard him say this next anywhere, but I hope it will be one of his priorities, to get a Public Works director hired, a planner, and most of all, a PROFESSIONAL Town Manager, not someone doing it as a hobby.
So when you go to vote, put aside personal feelings and vote for the guy who just may be a welcome surprise. We all know he is not bashful about stating his opinions. Give Steve McQueeney a shot at getting this town in step with the people's desires. BTW, I am STILL a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, to the right of center, Elephant hugging,constitution loving as it was written, Republican!! Half of a Pox on some of you liberals! I don't want you to die, just be a little scarred or at least sick for a day or two.TIFN.


Island Worker said...

Everett I like a lot of your comments on many topics but on this one I have to STRONGLY disagree.

Will Steve be sober at meetings? Anyone who saw him last winter at Town Council meetings who say him spew his venom and them storm out and go onto the bar may feel differently.

I personally don't think he researches the information on different topics. He likes to spread his spin on things. With Seawinds he he was way off on a lot of the information.

If he does get in I wish the Town luck, because it sure will need it.

Anonymous said...

I am going to disagree with Island Worker. He was NOT way off on Seawinds, the town council was.

Thank God someone stood up and "spewed" or we would have one more half-baked poorly thought out building project enabled by crooked legislation (think Cuttings Cottages).

As for going out to bars, I do it a lot myself and I don't think it makes me a bad person.

Anonymous said...

How about getting someone to run as a write in for 2nd warden??? Everett, you are an Islander. If you threw your hat into the ring, you would win. Then you could put some of this energy to good use.

Ex-Manissean said...

Thats not a bad idea at all. Whaddya think Everett? If it turns out to be more trouble than its worth, you can always get out after the terms over.

Anonymous said...

I think that Everett does enough for this town with getting the school looking so clean if he were to take on the 2nd warden job the town would lose, because it would have to hire someone full time to do the job right at the school. There is someone else that all ready goes to all the meetings but I don't think that she would put her name on the ticket. (Verna)

island worker said...

I never said going to the bars makes someone a bad person. I do it myself on many occasions.

I do agree the law is a bad law, but the ultimate intent is good. To provide housing for people who NEED it. Unfortuanately out here property values are so hight that the law really is trying to be abused. But this blog is not about the bad law.

Steve would be very bad for this community. He is wrong and misinformed. He tweaks information to his own purposes.

Verna said...

As my children tell me, I wouldn't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning an election. I attend almost all the council meetings and make many comments and it seems like no one wants to hear what I have to say.I wouldn't object if someone writes my name in, but I will not campaign or officially throw my hat in the ring.

Sam said...

What a blog thread - I loved the stuff about "who would keep the school going if Everett was elected?" And I think Verna would be a great write-in. Of Steve I have no opinion, and tend to put him in the "wild card" pile.

Let's see here, it's October 19th already so we're getting close, eh? Remember to vote!

Anonymous said...

Verna, you would win. This guy from off Island will be making decisions that affect all of our lives if we don't get an islander to run.

Most Islanders will vote for you just because you are from Block Island.

good listener said...

I would wager that Steve McQueeny will survive 2 -3 Council meetings before he is overcome with a massive stroke or some sort of aneurysm.(Probably a good idea to have Dr. Baute in his pocket). He has a great deal of difficulty controlling his temper and is not happy unless he has the last word on any topic. I, also, was not impressed to see him schnockered at the Beachead bar a few weeks ago when I went out to dinner. I commend him for stepping up to the plate and not being a back seat driver but his affinity for inciting riots does not make the 1st Warden's job a good fit for him.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ever run you over the hill blowhard? You seem to have a long list of complaints about how others run things but never take the initiative to run for office yourself, ever heard the term Monday morning quarterback Everett? It sure is easy to be a back seat driver and complain about how someone else is steering the car when you have none of the responsibility that goes with the position.

Sam said...

If my memory serves me right (good luck, Sammy!), Everett ran in the 2000 Election against Martha Ball and lost. It was a close fight - wasn't there a recount or something?

Anyway, if he actually did run, my hat goes off to him. It takes a ton of time, money, and energy, and people want to force you into "issues, policies, and planks." You have to get endorsements, pass the hat, and sell your soul for a box of Crackerjacks!


Anonymous said...

Sam, stick with issues in Texas, we'll handle Block Island.

PS Try to be more subtle next time when you brown nose Everett.

Verna said...

I guess anon hasn't been here very long or he would remember that Everett was on the council for a two year term in office. I believe that he served with Martha Ball, Kim Gaffett, Tony Edwards and Ed McGovern. The main reason he doesn't run again is because he can't hear very well and hearing aids don't help his kind of hearing loss. He also spent 10 years on the school committee, ten years on the rescue squad and is now volunteering his time as the school maintenance supervisor.
anon, just what have you done for your community? At least Everett has put in his time and has a right to be a Monday morning quarterback. Can you say the same?

Everett said...

Well seeing as it is turning into a "family thing", let me put in my 2 cents worth of Mon. morning "Q"b-ing. One of the ideas that I did propose whilst I was sitting in one of those seats was, "let's take that lot behind Aldos Rest. and turn it into a parking lot for the whole downtown area." Island residents would use it for free, everyone else pays a fee for use, either weekly, daily, monthly, whatever. Martha and Kim thought it was the stupidest idea ever to hit the ether and screamed so long and loud about it, that we lost the majority and it never happened, So what have we got today in that space?, housing for five or six families that very well could have been put in another place and whose foundations and basements are slowly cracking, because they were put in the middle of a swamp. And still no place to park downtown. So come on mr.(small case on purpose) anonymous, why do we never hear anything out of your loathsome mouth except derrogatory statements about every body else and NOT ONE constructive comment from you. Just when is it that YOU are going to "take care of business here on BI" By the way mr Chicken shit, just who the hell are you anyway? and BTWA, I like brown noses up my ass, it feels so good when they sneeze!! TIFN

Sam said...

One of my main jobs here is to offend Islanders who think exactly like Anonymous in his or her last tirade. I can comment on local, state, national, and international things worthy of note and NANNY-NANNY-BOO-BOO on you! Of course my voice doesn't count much worth a hill of beans on Block Island - so why should you care? Glad to see I unhinged your mental facilities; it was more like the sound of a toilet flushing.

If you want some serious "brown nosing" my rates are $120 per hour. I will be glad to send my resume which shows over 10 years in the maritime planning industry.

But if you folks ask nicely, and because I love Block Island, I will be glad to work for free on issues such as a Port Authority, regulation of Ferries, best available technology for air emissions, terminal capacity and throughput planning for the ferries, inland transportation impacts from terminal capacity decisions, and so forth.

Hey Everett, sneeze coming your way! /Sammy

Anonymous said...

Ah Everett, just the fact that you feel the need to respond to my postings with expletives gives me more joy than you will ever know. Until are next intellectually stimulating exchange.

anonymous (small case on purpose)

Obnoxious said...

Hey anon, I know you like to pester Everett, but I would like to hear the answer to the question that Verna asked, what have you done for your community?

Sam said...

LOL, you were expecting some kind of rational answer?

barbara bush said...

Yes, you are indeed free to offer any advice, wisdom, wit, keen observations and sage advice on any matter that your heart desires: local, regional, national, global ---heck---universal!
But know that when you do, it comes off with a dash of hubris!
Adios ... gotta do my bit for Hillary for prez. That son of mine, junior, just seems to be making a mess of the world.


Sam said...

I'm sorry, I'm really not an arrogant blow-hard in person - in fact I'm pretty darn meek. I must have sounded horrible! Oh well, back under the rock - at least you know I'm not perfect, unlike others. /Sammy

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10/19:
"this guy from off island" has lived here for over 20 years. While I think Verna would be great on the T.C. she hasn't been here that much longer.

Is longevity the only qualification for electability on BI?

good listener said...

Electability is also based on bar visibility - the bar vote can have a huge influence on an election.

Everett said...

Hi Anony of 12;04 10/23 as for Vernas longevity, how about 45 years this month? Just a LITTLE bit more than 20

Anonymous said...

Longevity is not the only requirement, but I've found that the "New Islanders" are more interested in turning this place into their little Nantucket than preserving the way of live that has persisted out here for centuries.

Most real Islanders I know couldn't give a damn whether you are not wearing a bike helmet.

Sam said...

Hmm, I had to think on that one ... I seriously doubt that most old-roots Block Islanders would like to go back to those days of yore, centuries ago. How about raking seaweed, drying it on racks, and putting it on your fields for taters and corn? How about shoveling muck, drying it, and calling it "peat for the winter"? How about driving oxen up High Street for a change? How about needing 10 neighbors to help you launch your double-ender fishing boat? Yeah, we always think fondly on those days, buddy, but I doubt we'd want to go back. You have to admit there's no going back.

You must be thinking of the McMansion crowd or something, folks that don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Not that bike helmets are a hot issue, but since you brought it up...I can't think of one islander, new or old, on the rescue squad who would tell you not to wear one.
There are much better and bigger issues out there.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Baute, not a member of the rescue squad but the x-Dr., is one of the advocates pushing for an island wide law requiring helmets. He is also back by Mary Jane. While I usually like everything she has to say, she is clearly way off on this one.

Sam said...

How about if the bike rental companies were required to have them, one for each nike, in case somebody wants one?

I don't see why government has to save everyone from themselves, but it might be a good idea to require the rental companies to make them available. No helmets, no rentals. Sounds good to me.

lucky seven said...

Requiring helmets is not just about "saving everyone from themselves." Acknowledging the heartbreak that accompanies tragic accidents let me move on to the pragmatic part of this.
Accidents cost money.
Head trauma accidents cost more money.
Insurance companies pay.. but they get their fees from the other people who pay insurance premiums.

If the injured person does not have insurance, then the taxpayer is ultimately picking up the expenses for this injury.

Wearing a helmet may save a person from a life-threatening or incapicating injury. It may also save us all some money.
It's also a relief when an accident doesn't result in trauma to the head.

I don't know about you.. but I'd rather save up my money and give it to those nice indians who've been waiting so patiently for their own casino.

Lucky Seven

Sam said...

Lucky 7, I know exactly what you mean. But let me play devil's advocate for a moment. In many states motorcycle and moped riders are not required to wear helmets - but the bicycle riders are.

I don't know the current RI laws but it would be absolutely ludicrous to regulate bicyle riders when other forms of two-wheeled transportation would not. A bicycle does not have a boost potential of between 12 and over 200 horsepower. Remmeber, the average human has about the power of maybe a quarter of one horsepower.

Now bear with me, because you're right and I'm playing Mr. Devil here, OK? Tell me how much money the Town would save by having a bike helmet ordinance. I don't think it would be very much, a few a year, and I don't think there were any million-dollar lawsuits lost by the the Town of New Shoreham over open and closed head injuries due to a bicycle rider having an accident. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The argument that the insurance companies such as State Farm, Farmers, Lloyd's and all the local companies would pass on additional costs because of such injuries is equally a difficult theory to prove with any degree of clarity. The costs of emergency transportation, care, drugs, especially drugs, and treatment have all gone up, but most of the billion dollar cases relate to hurricanes, storms, floods, and product liability (tobacco, asbestos). It is very difficult to gauge where open and close head injuries due to NOT wearing a helmet have any discernable effect at all, taking all this into account.

So lets take some of that stuff off the table and see what gives. A major reason for requiring helmets is because the EMS and fire and rescue squads are "first responders." It is a pain in the butt to have to mobilize all three whenever some yahoo falls off their bicycle and requires medical attention, such as upon having a 911 call.

Now THAT'S what I think you're talking about. Inconvenience.

To the extent that we're dealing with open and close head injuries that could have been prevented by wearing helmets, I think the jury is still out. Maybe two every five years?

Sam the little devil

Verna said...

I attended the council meetings where Dr. Baute presented his ideas about the helmet regulations he wanted the council to pass. I can't say that I am in favor or against helmet requirements but I would like to pass along my observations of these discussions. After the presentation was made and there was opposition to his proposal, Dr. Baute just sat there and did not defend his position. If this is the way he will react as a council member, he will not serve the town well. Anyone worth their salt has to be able to defend any decisions they make unless a better alternative is presented. Just sitting there and not entering in the discussion does not accomplish a thing. There could have been compromises made but because Mary Jane was the only one speaking in favor of Dr. Baute's proposal nothing was passed or even considered.It was more or less put on the back burner.
We as a community need someone who is willing to fight for the town no matter what the topic may be.

Sam said...

That's a smart thing to say, Verna. As a doctor, Mr. Baute probably feels that just one open or closed head injury due to a bicycle incident is enough for an ordinance. But in city government you have to balance the "public good" with a whole bunch of other stuff, including the bottom line, money.

While many think that city government is about doing sexy things like developments, road projects, and special ordinances, the first and most important thing is to get the money right. I am not going to comment as to whether you Islanders think the money is right.

In hindsight, helmets are just a pimple on a mountain, since so many other important things like money have yet to be determined. Typically, the department heads suggest their operating funds and debt service and send that to the City Manager, who proposes a budget to the Town Council. That's where the rubber hits the road.

You can pass an ordinance that no neckties are allowed on Block Island if you want, or that everyone has to wear a Patriots football helmet to prevent head injuries, but the money is the bottom line. Ask you candidates what they can do about it. /Sam

Verna said...

Sam, I was wondering if you had and ideas on how we,the town can regulate the number of ferries that come to the island every Summer. This is getting to be a serious problem. They are coming from everywhere, not just Rhode Island.

Sam said...

Sorry to be so long here but that was a great question, Verna.

I'd sure hate to "shoot from the hip" because it is a complex issue, some based on the pecularities of RI and federal regulations. For example, I read in the BI Times that the lawyer from NY said a Long Island village was successful in regulating ferries, although the same specific conditions might not apply to BI.

Some thoughts are that the Town definitely has the ability to control the landside, meaning the traffic and foot passengers involved in the ferry operations. The Town not only has the abiity to regulate in the name of public safety and welfare, but has a duty to do so. The town cannot regulate interstate transportation but may regulate the number of visitors, vehicles, and the "capacity" issues.

Reglation of commercial vessel traffic (ferries) in the waters of New Shoreham could be a delicate issue, given the riparian rights of the dock owners and the notion that the State (RI) "owns" the water, everything below the mean high water line. I am not a lawyer but there is considerable evidence that the Town does in fact exert some control over Old Harbor, such as with anchorages, plans, docks, and over-water zoning. This is a more of a dicey issue.

To keep things clear and clean cut, it would be preferable for the Town to seek legislation in RI to create a "port authority" of some kind. This would clarify the intent and settle questions about who is the true steward and manager of the Old Harbor and its facility abuttments, even if it does not own specific private lands (e.g., the ferry landing itself). Port authorities are then allowed to charge reasonable and justified fees for dockage, fire, safety, Homeland Security, inspections, recreational activities, piloting, demurrage, cargo tonnage, and passenger fees. A port authority, if so authorized by legislature, could also have the ability to issue bonds for construction and reconstruction of port-related facilities, as being a recognized bond holder.

Long story short: you make it more expensive and more difficult to ship people to the Island and bring ferry vessels into the harbor. Naturally, the established industry with the passenger Ro-Ro service and winter service schedule would be preferred, and Islanders would get a break on any cost increases (or at least I would hope).

I'll make no mention of outright stopping a ferry line from scheduled trips to the Island because that would be a seriously litigated issue. However, if one had two years and a willing legislature, one could do some good, and not necessarily hurt a component of the transportation industry.

In the meantime I would suggest taking a look at exactly what the problem is, and nail that down precisely. If it is too many unruly summertime "day trippers," then you want to keep that target in mind by conducting an analysis of peak days, police incident reports, and vehicle counts (bikes and Mopeds are "vehicles") to characterize the true nature of the problem. There might be an urge to hire a consulting company to do this for you, but I would be careful by doing your research ahead of time, and then hiring the brain power when you have a very specific issue to analyze. Most of what you need to do it literally "right under your nose." /Sam

Sam said...

Oh, sorry Verna, I forgot to mention that a port authority could also help with the environnmental issues, such as sea grasses, sewage pump-out, and spills. The idea is to create a port authority that is self-financed and would not be a drag on the Town budget. I hope that makes better sense now! /Sam

Obnoxious said...

I don't know how many of you went to the candidates night last evening. I have to say that they all did a pretty good job of trying to get the votes. It sounds to me like the BI-4 are all of the same mind and are not capable of individual thinking. Dr. Baute said he has only been on the Island for 6 years which worries me. I don't think his wife will like all the time that has to be spent on island going to meetings. There have been many do-gooders who have come to the island, tried to make changes and then left. Just look at our history.
Smith is someone who has NEVER lived on the island, he only tries to be here for meetings and to visit with his 2 boys. His business is on the mainland and that is where he spends most of his time.
I can't imagine being at meetings where Queen Fran is telling us how to run the town. I don't think she did such a hot job when she was on the council before. I know a lot of people that couldn't wait for her term to expire.
Hassinger is a nice guy but listening to his quips at meetings would get on my nerves after a while.
McGarry is a little hot headed and he blows up at s.c.meetings I can't imagine what he would do as a council member. Besides how would his position on the council affect the contracts his company has with the town? I think there are 2 or 3.
Balser is the only one who has really done anything positive for the town. I was really surprised to hear about the loss of her son due to a motorcycle accident. Maybe that is why she is so concerned with the welfare of the young people of the island. I think I heard her say that she is already planning for another 8 low mod income houses.
Lacoste has a lot more going for him then a lot of people think. He has a backgroung that would put a lot of us to shame. He is very unassuming and when he speaks, he knows what he is talking about.I have to say that I was very impressed with what he had to say.
Martin is a man of few words but don't let that fool you. He really listens, and thinks over a subject before he answers. Too many people let their mouth over-run their good sense and speak before they have a chance to let the results of whatever direction they may take, sink in. I don't think this will happen with this man.
I would really like to hear what you have to say about the candidates.

have been staying informed said...

I agree with you re:Dick Martin! He is a man of character with his feet well planted in reality. While I do not know him well I do feel that whenever we have chatted on all manner of topics, he does process information prior to speaking so that when he does speak--he makes sense! This is not to say that he is "slow on the uptake" by any means. It means that I do not see him going off on tangents or flying off the handle. We will see him weighing the facts and then saying what he means to do about it with educated conviction.( Hope my 2 cents worth did not put the kiss of death on a worthy candidate.)

C.A.T.T. said...

I can say that I'm not a fan of Steve McQueeny, but listening to him last week (Oct.23rd)at the candidates night I have to say that he sounded better then everyone else at that table. He may have a drinking problem but being on the council may give him a reason to stay away fron the devils brew. I think the town would be better off with Les Slate then Kim. She is already in the pocket of the town manager and I don't think she would give an honest evaluation of her (TM) job performance. While she was on the council before she allowed the TM to do just what she wanted and did not bother to check the facts.
I can understand the frustration of Steve as well as others who attend meetings and listen to the same garbage over and over. I don't know how Verna has been able to stand it as long as she has.

vacuum and trashbag in hand said...

Seeing that Steve's "problem" (do not frequent our pubs so I cannot address that issue) is out of the closet,so to speak, have ya'll peeked into any of the other candidate's closets? " Let he who is without sin blah blah blah blah." No wonder folks fear running for office! (The intelligent discuss issues. The informed speak of things. The "others" talk about people.) Would like to say more but I have to clean MY closet.


Hey, C.A.T.T.,

(is that for Concerned About The Town, or Catty Asshole Talking Trash?)

Of course he made more sense than anyone else at the table. That's because HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. My father has been in public service for ALL of his adult life. He has worked with any number of people on volunteer projects and boards for the last 34 years.
My dad has been very frustrated by some of the decisions made by the town council in recent years because he knows the council were not following procedure or our town ordinances (Seawinds and the asphalt plant being two of the most recent examples). He understands the charter, our town ordinances and local laws very well and has been frustrated that some of those "in charge" don't; if we were all aquainted with the laws the way he is we would be just as upset.

During the last 34 years my father has served 17 years as a volunteer fireman and four years in the Marine Reserves. He was on MY pre-school board. He is the co-founder of the Briarcliff-Scarborough (NY) Historical Society. He was on the town council in Briarcliff where he instituted the first municipal recycling program in Westchester County. He lost his run for re-election because he supported an affordable housing project for the elderly.
He coached my little league team for three years (we one the championship twice)and my brother's soccer team.
He has been on the planning board both here and in Wilton Connecticut. On BI he has served on the tourism council, the bicycle safety committee, the planning board and is currently on the water/sewer board where he is, and ought to be, very proud of the work the board has accomplished.
He is a founding member of the Kiley Foundation and a charter member of the Lion's Club. He works at lunch bunch every Tuesday with my mother, my daughter and me, and on Wednesday does trail maintenence with Adrian.
For obvious reasons some of those credentials mean more to me than you. However, no one can say the man doesn't act on his desire to be part of the solution.

So, I think it's terrific that you realize he knows what he's talking about and that you think he'd do a good job. I know he'd do a GREAT job and that he could work with whoever else is elected.

I am going to take you to task on your gossipy innuendo here though CATT because we live in a place where people think they know a lot about others and make a lot of presumptions. The internet is just great for people like you too, because now you can spread around your speculation without taking credit for it.

Give me a call CATT, my number is 466-5604, and we can discuss your concerns about my father. And, just maybe, I might be able to offer some helpful "insight" into your life and habits. Talking these concerns out face to face would be a lot more productive than skulking around behind your psudonym and spreading speculative gossip.

I'll look forward to talking with you.
"Have a nice day"
Molly O'Neill

C.A.T.T. said...

I'm sorry if my last post was taken in the wrong way. I think that Steve is the best of all the candidates running for 1st warden. I should have expounded a little more I guess. Reading over what I had said I guess it didn't come out that way. I meant that Les would be better then Kim. She is at the bottom of the list as far as i am concerned. Again, I am sorry it didn't come out sounding that way. My comment about the drinking has been stated by many others and I have been witness to it myself.

Ice Hole Man said...

I believe you meant the words "ice hole." That is what they make when the ice gets thick in the harbor and you have to smach the ice a little or the rising tides have pull the pilings plum out of the ground. And yes, the term is also used in conjuction with ice fishing - as every ice fisherman knows, you need a right nice ice hole or it just won't work - it could crack and the whole camp would end up in the drink. Finally, is you're a skater of have an ice boat, the last thing you want to fall into is an ice hole.

Gosh I just love solving problems!

As to the drink, I have a propensity for that and a figurative "wooden leg" to go with it. In some of our town committee meetings we actually sometimes buy grinders and a case-o-beer. Call it our version of "executive session." The only criteria should be the extent to which a person's performance as warden or town official could be compromised.

Otherwsie, let's lay off the subject. Good luck on your elections. Down here, I'm considering a run for town council myself, due to an unexpected vacancy. Maybe this spring.

But the wife says "no" because then you'd have people dredging up all kinds of crazy stuff, like my underwear and my ice hole. LOL.

Anonymous said...

This is local stuff
Don't know that you're solving any problems with these remarks.
Sometimes silence is golden.

Anonymous said...

It's on the internet, just how local do you really think this is?

Molly O'Neill said...


How about this. I'll go on the internet, to a blog we all read, and I'll speculate that you are cheating on your spouse. Then, "Island Worker" (Island whiner is more like it) will chime in that he/she has seen you together. "good listener" has even seen you at the Beachead together and "have been staying involved" will seal the deal by announcing that your infidelity is "out of the closet". Done deal. And the best part is that no one has to take any credit for tarnishing another persons reputation because you all used a psudonym.
As I said before, this is a small place and we all know one another. I am going to venture to say I know more about you than I really want to or need to.
I'm not spilling anything new when I say that I know a drinking problem better than most out there.
Like you, I've seen my dad drink, in fact, I drink WITH him quite a bit. Wow, maybe I have a drinking problem now. Or maybe we both just like to drink wine and have a good time.
Stick to what you know to be true CATT and leave the speculation up to those who are willing to put their real name behind it.

Molly O'Neill

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8:41 here.
Yes, I know that this is on the internet and perhaps that's a bit unfortunate. I think its great forum for reviewing political issues, but for some reason the realtive anonymity of posting also creates an atmosphere where some people will make personal attacks or comments that they would never have the courage to voice in public.
Sometimes the internet can devolve into something akin to public pillorying, and I'm not that its fair to the person who becomes the target of such comments.
Everett basically posted an endorsement of Steve McQueeney based on an appraisal of what he deems to be McQueeney's fairness, forthrightness and ability to get things accomplished. That's fair game ... I think that some other appraisals are rather defamatory.

Moreover, there is a local dimension here, regardless of its posting on a global media. If I log on to somebody's blog in Africa, I'm not sure that I'd offer comments regarding persons that I probably don't know. I'm not sure that I would post assumptions about a person's activities. I may read and wonder about something, but I'd probably refrain from commenting.

Sometimes there can be something in us that just loves to tear down other people, paticularly when they're considering leadership positions.
So, yes this is a local issue on the world wide web, and maybe folks should consider that before they push that submit button for their posts. It's pretty hard to take back those words and the damage those words can do once their posted to the web.

Sam said...

Wow how about that, Everett, an Anonymous person telling folks to butt out of a local affair and think right! How can you sure these Anon people are really even Islanders?

Anonymous said...

anon 8:41 here
I'm a whole lot closer to the island than you are. I actually know the people involved here. Some of the candidates are friends, others people I have worked with, and all are persons that I will bump into at the post office or at the BIG, Depot or island events.
I didn't say to keep out of local issues, but I do question this pillorying of persons that can arise on the net. It's probably just part of our human nature, but ife presents its own set of hardships without being pilloried from the internet.

In this blog you have characterized McQueeney as a "wild card". How can you make these determinations from Texas? Additionally, you have a tendency to project your thoughts on to others. You did it on Molly's posting when you responded with>>>"I believe you meant...." and its evident in other places on this blog.
Feel free to say what you want, but arrogance is arrogance and it doesn't solve our local problems

Again, I thank Everett for his efforts to initiate substantial discussion of the issues facing the town and the skills that candidates bring to the table.

Anonymous said...

This town needs a shake up. It does not need to go backwards. I think that Steve, Dick and Ken are pretty level headed and would not get pushed around. Maybe we would have not been pushed into this school project so fast with out a sign contract. I heard yesterday that the school has new leaks and that one of the companies that bid on the sprinkler system said that the company that got the job had more in extras then what he had bib on the whole job. Thank to the town manager for that one. As I under stand it HV Collins still owes about a 1/4 mil. to the subs that worked on the job and that the bond has been call on to pay some of them. Didn't the town manager state that Joe Sprague had been paid! I am prety sure that he is still owed about 40K. How many lies do we all have to put up with, until we get some people office that won't put up with this shit anymore. People on this island need to start worring about what is happening at these meeting and not what is going on in the bar. Let the police worry about that. They seem to be doing a fine job. It is probably like 90% of the island's legal driking age that drinks and not all of them do it at the bars. There is A LOT of alcohol that come to this island every week that goes to the Red Bird and the B.I.G. So someone is drinking it. Its the people in this town that don't want there little secrets to be known that talk about everyone else. Like I was told when I was little if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all! K.A.L

Sam said...

Hey is that for real, like there was a call on the performance bond to pay the contractors? That's usually a sign of very bad news.

As to the other Anon poster(s), I apologize for intruding. But on the school project, what I'm hearing are warning bells if true - no make that a klaxon siren.

And if things are out of order, it is YOUR job to get educated on the extent of the problem, attempt some fixes, and think it out thoroughtly for the long run.

Again, if I butted in, this time it was to help you and not be a bad person. /Sam

Anonymous said...

One should not have to put their name on a statement which assesses the character of an individual who seeks to wield great power in our town. To require so would stifle debate of clearly relevant issues out of fear of retribution.

Not only are Mr. McQueeny’s stances on recent political issues important, but so are any character flaws which may affect his ability to lead. Drinking affects an individual's temperament, patience and congeniality, all which are important characteristics for one to have when running the Town.

While I sympathize with Mrs. O'Neil having to read dirt on her father, Mr. McQueeny surely took into consideration this prospect when he decided to run, and run as a maverick.

If an individual wants your vote and you think he has a problem which would affect his ability to govern, by all means tell your friends and make your concerns known, whether at the coffee shop or from the anonymity of cyber space. Any hurt incurred by the candidate or his family is a necessary and proper consequence of an informed electorate.

Good luck to all the candidates!

Island Worker said...

My concern is we need someone upstate that can foster a great relationship with. We need a Dick Kiley or an Ed McGovern. Neither Steve or Kim could fill those shoes, but I think with Kim her only intention is for the benefit of the Island.

I am not sure what Steve's intentions are but from what I have seen they are only to make him look good. Why did the Seawinds sewer/water allocation vote get continued until after the election?

If you think of me as a whiner I am sorry, but I am sick of the baloney that I see around Town. And Ms. O'Neil why don't you get your Rec Department whipped into shape?

Anonymous said...

This is what you are all worried about when we have a convicted felon running for office?

Verna said...

Island worker and anon
We don't really have control over who runs for office our concern should be who is elected.
We already have someone who has an in with the top man in the state and has many other friends in the right places and is able to get the job done.The person I am speaking of is Mary Jane Balser.

molly o'neill said...

Island Worker:

The Rec department is not "mine" but I am one person on a seven member board and you are welcome to share your concerns and ideas with any one of us either in person, over the phone, or in an anonymous letter sent in an un-marked envelope.

If you're patient, you can wait a couple of months and fill out the evaluation and questionaire that we'll be sending out to everyone (which can be filled out and returned anonymously as well)

The board would be happy to hear any constructive critisism or ideas on programs, facilities or the like. We're looking to make some changes, so now is the time to let us know what you'd like or what might be bothering you.

Sam said...

Hey Molly this is a little off track but would having a sand castle week be considered a "recreational" activity that can be sponsored?

Sure, one can have a contest but the neatest thing is teaching kids (some 50 years old!) how to build big tall pretty castles.

It can be fun and the idea is to play on the beach but also learn to clean it up, not leave huge holes, and teach others some of the tricks. Most of the tools of the trade are just plastic buckets and some plastic dinnerware, cheap.

Just an idea. Everett has seen some of the pictures from our Island where we put on an international pro-am competition every year.

But working with those kids and seeing them smile was truly the best part!

Just remove the "i" said...

It would appear that no other candidates running for office have taken a nip or two. How remarkable! No dirty little secrets that can be bandied about annonymously by gossip mongers. Well this sure changes everything. Molly tell your dad he has my vote for several reasons, not only for his service to this island but also because I cannot abide those who choose slander as a tactic to lead folks from the real issues. You and your family are far above those flibbertigibets(sp.) in character.You have not sunken to name calling and I, myself, do not know if I would have the moral tenacity to keep from doing so if my family were attacked. Happy Election Results! Just occurred to me--if one removes the "i" from islander we get the word "slander". hmmmmm

Everett said...

Well, after reading all the comments again, I have not changed my mind and will vote for Steve McQueeny next tuesday. Some of the candidates are running for a second or third term and others even more than that. There were some substantive things that happened, but for the most part, at the end of their terms, there were, and still are, a lot of leftovers on the plate! These things need some kind of resolution and not more talk and studies as in;
- What is happening with the Heinz field renovation? That is almost a five year lady in labor waiting to deliver! Is that $25K still in the till or spent on something else?
- Get on with the repair of the Old Harbor dock and quit beating it to death in meetings. EVERYBODY on the Island knows it needs to be done!
-Is anyone even going to go look at the road across from the Beachead and make a statement? Apprently it is Ostrich time. It is going to be another case of reactive action instead of proactive when the happening finally occurs as it will. During the last storm the water,rain, was running down the road and over the edge onto the beach. How much longer do you think it will be?
-The Block Island Housing Board. Now there is a misnomer if ever I've heard one. More like, the BI No Housing board. In the few years they have been in existence, they have produced exactly NO, ZERO, NONE, ZILTCH, NADA, in the way of even a single affordable housing unit! They did do one thing to their everlasting discredit. They managed to alienate the ONLY person on their board who had any expertise in the matter. While they have been sitting on their hands and decrying the lack of housing, the one they pissed off has gone on to receive funding for TWENTY, that's (20) houses, and is working on a possible eight more! The best thing the new council could do for this town is to disband that most ineffectual entity and reduce the "useless committee" load on the citizens of the Island. I think they all need a vacation from all the tedious and arduous deliberations they have been subjected too!

I'm sorry that some of the comments above have degenerated into acrimony, and I had NO desire for this blog to turn into one as a place for certain indiviuals to turn their disaffection with any one person into a forum for verbal nastiness. Cite facts if you are sure, and be ready to back them up and maybe come out of the closet and use the name your parents gave you! From now on, if I find one to be beyond the pale of common decency, out it goes!

Okay, who's next on the soap box? TIFN from me.

Still amazed said...

Here's one more issue that bears looking into - the Water Co. effluent pipe bid that is more than likely going to Boyle and Fogarty. Apparently any bidders other than B and F were given different specs for the job from the town 'engineer'. Also the time line on the job was unreasonable (bid 2 weeks ago with a completion date of 12/08/06)so that upped the cost somewhat. Now the powers that be in Town Hall have kind of decided that maybe they'll wait until spring to do the job - which would definitely have had an effect on the price of the other bidders. Start and completion dates were posted in the invitation to bid without the proper permits being procured. It just stinks that the 'engineer' is not held to ethical practices and has the ability to sway a bid with different specs for different contractors - did he not think that the bidders would speak to each other? Just something else for prospective council members to be aware of...

Anonymous said...

Guess you were right about your endorsement being a death-nell everett...just don't make any predictions about the absentee ballots please!

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm suprised MJ did not win. She was without a doubt the most competent person on the current counsel. It is relief BS will not be returning for a 2nd term.

We will have an entirely new counsel in January. Let's just hope this current lame duck counsel does not make any knee jerk decisions.

Sam said...

Loads of us off-islanders would love to know how it turned out, folks. I take it the Mary Jane Balser lost?

Anonymous said...


CDR Bob said...

Sam, Go to projo.com and you can find all the local results for BI. I was a bit surprised that Steve did not get 1st Warden.

Sam said...

Thanks, Commander, that was actually pretty easy. I wish the winners the best, and thank the rest for running, as that is what Democracy is all about.

I did hear tell that some of the recent storms had washed out some roads kust a little and was wondering if there was a plan for fixing all that.

Not me to say but the ridge vents on the new part of the school should probably all be tore out and reconstructed tight. I heard it leaks like a seive sometimes!