MOI? Socialist Scum?

This post is directed to the person who answered a post on The Block Island Blog, and identified him/herself only as Anonymous 6/27/05 4:49 pm.

With regard to the problem of the Old Harbor Dock, if the town could manage to put together three or four consecutive Councils committed to fixing the dock, it would have been done by now. Capital improvement money has been set aside for ten or twelve years in a row, but for some reason or other, plus changing attitudes and vacillating political wills, the Councils, and Town manager always find other ways to spend the money except for where it was designated to go. Institute the Port Authority and then keep the money there, and all reconstruction and improvement would be done! The way things are being done now, we are just shoveling 'you know what' against the tide!

About my feelings concerning the ferry companies. I think I well realize the fact the ferries are our lifeline to the rest of the world, for all of us. I don't believe I said anything about kicking them out. You must be the same person who is always trying to put words in my mouth. But, WE should have a lot more say in just how many people/cars etc. are being dumped here every day. NOT ONE of the ferry companies gives a good rats ass what the effect is to the Island or it's people. Their ONLY concern, as in every operating business is the bottom line.

I feel SO put upon, and put down, that you think my family, all of us, couldn't "MAKE" it out here without owning the LPG business or using the ferry to accommadate our business. We have managed to survive out here, one way or the other, for about three hundred years, without the 'help' of folks like you. What has been your contribution to the Island? Where are you from, and what do you do? You seem to be lacking in the cojones department if you are a guy. If a woman, I wouldn't know how to denigrate you without coming across as a mysoginistic ass. This business started out very small, and over the last thirty years of catering to everyones whims, we have managed to grow it right along side every other aspect of the local and national economy.
Does your business pay the ferry company $360 every time a truck with your goods in it comes to the Island? Four or five trucks a week in the summer time. That doesn't sound TO exorbitant does it? Do you have an insurance bill that tops $18,000 dollars a year JUST for liability? Do you have four trucks that cost about $75,000 ea to buy, and thousands more to insure and maintain each year. Do you spend about a month of 8/10 hour days, filling out paper work and forms in order to comply with all the rules and regulations promulgated by, the EPA, EPCRA, DOT, SARA, DOT-HAZMAT, DOE, OSHA,and about seven or eight more all to do with Homeland Security? As well as all the RI State ones? Well, Do You?

A philosopher/economist once said a long time ago that,"The only thing wrong with Socialism is Socialism, and the only thing wrong with Capitalism is the Capitalist!" So I and my children will continue to try and hold up our end of the equation and it has NOTHING to do with Socialism! I spent twenty years of my life trying, in some small way, to maintain the level of freedom that we enjoy in this country, and I resent to the highest order of magnitude, your claim that I might EVER have harbored any thoughts of Socialism! So spew your gutless invective somewhere else. I mean in another Country. Try up North, they are pretty well screwed-up, up there also! And too you I say, STUFF IT!!! But feel free to post a comeback here in this venue though! Oh Yeah, put your name up to, Oh Cojonesless one. TIFN Everett


Second Step Complete!

Well the "_Supreme_? Court" just took the second step in the gradual stripping away of rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. The Fifth Amendment is now on it's way out the door. Every local crooked politician and Administrator will be holding open their pockets just waiting for the also crooked developers to stuff them full of cash! I can't believe that those nine people who are supposedly so 'learned' can give away what was earned at such a cost, so blithely. I had always thought that their job was to interpert what was "ACTUALLY WRITTEN DOWN" on that piece of paper? Not, what these 'oh so far Left leaning' nine THOUGHT the original framers MIGHT have been thinking! They cannot know that! Even though in their own minds it has become apparent that they believe they are clairvoyant.
The first step was and is the introduction of the McCain-Fiengold act that is still in the process of wending it's way through the halls of Congress. When it gets through, say good bye to this medium as an uncensored right to express your thoughts, as well as the daily papers. Well, actually the New York Times and the Washington Post wouldn't be such a great loss. Maybe some other at the least "objective" papers could take up the slack!
And while we are here, I think that during the next round of Senatorial elections, it would do the country as a whole a great service, to unseat the currently entrenched, petulant, do nothing, and whiney,occupants of the "worlds most exclusive boys club", and replace them with people who truly have the values and needs of the people of this country foremost in their minds. Immigration, Social Security, and a host of other problems that never get resolved because "the Boy's" are busy playing one up manship,CYA, and making your opponent out to be an incompetent ass! On that last count, almost all of the present crop of idiots qualify with a 4.0 GPA! TIFN


They're Back!!

Well here it is not even summer yet, and already the blood pressure starts to rise whenever I get in the car to go somewhere. What's the reason you may want to know? Well it is "THOSE PEOPLE" who can't for the sake of their own lives, figure out which side of the road to walk on, or in some cases ride a bike on! Now a lot of these folks are high priced exec's and people who can do complicated calculations in the business world. So I have finally come to a conclusion that was told to me quite a few years ago by an old BI resident. It goes like this. "Apparently, every car that comes to the dock in Pt Judith, is handed a 1, 2, or 3 quart Mason jar, according to the size of the head. Directly after being handed said container, the driver of the car removes his brain and puts it in the jar, and then puts it under the front seat of the car. There it remains for the entire time of the owners sojurn on the Island!" I HEARTLY CONCUR!! TIFN Everett