Busy Days of Summer

I have tried to get back to this blogging business a few times recently, but there is just too much going on these days. So I would inform all that posts will be few and far between for most of the summer or until I finally run out of things to work on around the house and grounds. Hah! That won't happen anytime soon! Hope every one has a good summer and check us out once in a while to see if anything has happened. In the mean time, go to Block Island Blog to keep up with another point of view. See you now aqnd again! TIFN Everett


Slow getting back in the saddle!

Hi all, I realize I have been remiss with this thing for a long time. Man that Extra Corporeal Lithotripsy put me right on my knees for a long time. It felt like I had been in a fight in a dark alley with a bunch of muggers, ALL delivering kidney punches!! It has been just like having a bad case of mononucleosis(sp), which I have had before. I was making a continual circuit from the couch, to the chair, to the bed, to the floor! No place felt good. Anyway it all seems to be on the wane and hopefully I'll be able to come up with a viable comment in a few days.
I did have a short conversation with Peter Wood the other day and he asked me where I ever got the idea that he changed or left out parts of letters to the Ed. when he owned the paper. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was completely in the wrong there. If so, let this serve as an apology. If not,????????????. TIFN Everett