Gifts from the sea

Next time you are out walking along the beach, as you go along take the time to look at each of the piles of seaweed and trash that are just lying there. Go over and move them around a little bit with your foot to see if there is anything interesting in there. It might be a message in a bottle from Gilligan or Mr Carosue(sp). But then again it might be something a lot more interesting and needful of your help.
That is what happened to Jamie Johnston the other day. After a couple of days of the NE wind we have had, he was out either fishing or just walking and passed by a bunch of seaweed and deitrus and thought he saw it move, all on it's own. When he went over for a closer look he could see that there was indeed someone on distress. After extricating it from a ball of monofilament gill net and other assorted junk, he held in his hands, a leather back turtle that from the size of him, was probably eight to ten years old! So after calling a friend to come and take a few pictures of him, they put him back in the water and sent him on his way to wherever he was going. Hopefully, he will manage to avoid anymore of those loose nets out there floating around in the ocean. NICE JOB JAMIE!!! Maybe the pix will show up in the paper so we can all get a look at him !TIFN

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Sam said...

Thanks for the good story there, Everett. It is always good to hear somebody helping the turtles, which are quite rare these days. We're a big supporter of a few sea turtle foundations, ourselves. Sharks, propellers, fishing twine, nets, and plastic bags seems real hard on them. I'm glad this one was OK. If you're interested in more, including a turtle webcam during daylight hours, see