The Best Retirement Account in the World!

I was reading another blog the other day, one that gets a lot of exposure, and had it revealed to me about a retirement plan that I want to get in on. It is the one that our Illustrious Senators and Congressmen have voted into law, strictly for themselves! If they serve for only two, or six years, or go on for forty or fifty years like Senator Byrd of Virginia( I think). They will go on receiving from the government a check equal to the amount they were receiving on the day they retired or lost an election, UNTIL THE DAY THEY DIE!!! This amounts to millions of dollars for each and every one of them! On top of that their spouses will receive about $275,000 until they pass on. I want some of this! So I'm going to run for Congressman and then quit after two years so that one of you can get in on the gravy train to!

What needs to happen in these two hallowed halls of crookedness, is for the electorate to vow NOT to vote for any incumbent the next time they come up for election. It is the only way to stop the good old boy back room dealings that go on now. And if they had ANY balls, they would institute term limits at the next session of Congress. With this crew that is in there now, virtually all lawyers, they will never do the "right thing" for the people of the US because they are to damned greedy. Breaking this chain of shame, by getting rid of these, "henchmen of the Sheriff of Nottingham", is the only way to start over with a some what clean slate.
So that's what I'm doing next year, care to join me? TIFN


Sam said...

Interesting that when Newt Gingrich and the "Contract with America" came along, term limits was way up high on the list. My, things have changed.

It all changes whether you're talking about Lincoln Chaffee (RI), generally a well-respected congressman with impeccable credentials, and a despicable war horse like Tom Delay (TX). I'd say OK for the former but not the latter.

OK, personal stuff behind, there is a reason for paying such congressmen and women so dearly in their retirement funds, but it is rather akin to supporting tobacco farmers for NOT growing tobacco.

OK, here it is: the congress is supposed to be paid so they're not influenced by inappropriate private interests like lobbyists. The retirement schedules are linked to those for sitting judges, who are reportedly neutral.

You can laugh now, Everett!

Everett said...

Well Sam . they all know they are going to get the exorbitant retirement, but then they just keep getting greedier and greedier and figure they can, should, and do continue to get a hell of a pile of feathers in their nest for when they are so rightly booted out.
Mr. Delay, Republican that he is, I hope the bastard gets put in jail right along side a bunch of dems that also need it.
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but if you are even a little bit on the left-side-of-right-side of center, you might want to check out this blog. It is called Eternity Road with the usual .blogspot.com in back.
We are finally getting rained on up here and we really needed it. Guess it is supposed to continue for the next 4-5 days. Gives me chance to catch up on all my blog reading. TIFN

Sam said...

Nothing like the first nor'easter of the year to bring our the political vim & vigor, eh Everett?

It is interesting that in many state legislatures, notably Texas, the pols are paid almost nothing, like $150 a day for meals, cars, and labor. When they retire, though, they get state retirement linked to the state judges salaries (like 80-120K depending on longevity). Not bad, but not near as good as the feds.

The Washington situation has always been a good-old boy's pack of thieves. I went there with my great-grand-daddy once and we got a "haircut and a tonic" when I was a little kid. You wouldn't believe the kind of s**t they said while we were all getting a 25-cent haircut! For a young, impressionable kid like me, it was definitely a learning experience!