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Well the first of the thirteen eggs we set earlier this month has hatched out to a cute little turkey. There are five more of his/her brethren in the process of pecking themselves out of their Calcium Cottages. Hopefully the rest will finish in due time.

Made a new purchase last week and it got here just in time. The four females Narragansetts seem to have taken on the task of repopulating the Island all by themselves. Between them all we collected sixty (60) eggs from various nests and have started them in the  new incubator so that they will all hatch at approximately the same time. we will be up to our tushies in turkies as there are already 22 in the sliding cage. I accidentally  killed one of them when He got caught under the cross bar and I turned him into a turkey pancake. Won't make that same mistake twice! So with the 22 there, the 16 hatching on the kitchen table, and the 60 in the new incubator, that comes to 98 if I added it right.  But the good thing is that 12 of them are spoken for already.

The Cauliflower row is my first failure of this season. I guess I brought them outside a bit too early even though they were ensconced in hoop houses covered with Agribon. To stressful an as a result they all "bolted for the sky". I had just tied up the leaves over the heads to keep the blanched. NOT!  So I moved on down to my #2 raised bed and planted three more short rows and hopefully we will have some at the end of the summer to pickle and enjoy fresh.

All the tomatoes look like a mangrove jungle! I can't even walk between rows. They are covered in small tomatoes and tons of flowers. After the last hard rain I mixed up a batch of Enz-Rot, 2 tsps. to a gallon of water and sprayed them all till they dripped to try and get some calcium absorbed.

All the Golden Bantam corn, an heirloom variety, and another hybrid have all come up and are past the stage of being pulled by crows.That is if they survive the hail of #5 bird shot sure to engulf them! I also planted a bunch of northwestern Blue Hubbard squash. These are about 15 pound ones, NOT the 40 pound monsters we used to grow as kids.

Piggies are doing well and are now almost up to my size!  In another couple of months  they will be ready to be retired to the chest freezers in various basements. TIFN

OBTW, has anyone opened their eyes and seen just what it is our illustrious presidente has done and is doing to this country? Just wondering!!

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Old NFO said...

No great loss on the cauliflower (IMHO)... :-) And remember, church parking lot when you've "extra" to dispose of...LOL