Gun BAN Bullshit

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To the Editor,

I would like to respond to the editorial in the previous week's B I Times.

A little preface first. A few years ago, I'm not exactly sure of the dates, various types of politicians decided in their infinite wisdom, to cast open the doors of most of the mental health institutions in this country, and to turn loose on the public at large a huge population of mentally deficient folks. Most of them probably only suffered from relatively minor ailments that didn't make them a threat to themselves or their neighbors. But within their ranks were folks with a festering illness that would someday boil to the surface and cause them to erupt into violence of some sort.
There are also hundreds of thousands of very young people with hurts real and imagined, that really need help in managing their own mental health.

If our elected leaders had the intelligence God gave a gnat, they might have spent a few of those billions of dollars on finding and treating those folks instead of using it to fund nonsensical studies of the mating habits of crickets, newts, or amoeba of some sort. Or as the present administration does, and others, giving billions to countries that are our avowed enemies.

The very first thing one must do when they undertake to put a proposal before the populace, is that they must know, and be able to define the object or idea of which they speak. Until the era of “The Clinton” there was no such term as an Assault Rifle. That was a name coined by them to scare the poor folks of this country into banning those evil guns. No guns to retaliate, the government can do as it damned well pleases.Witness what is going on today.

What is mistakenly called an “assault rifle” is one which is a select fire, magazine fed, possibly sound suppressed, intermediate sized cartridge,( not all that powerful, as is a deer rifle), and may or may not have lights and scope mounted on the rifle. Mostly used by the military and the crooks and criminals.

These are fully automatic weapons. The AR-15 mentioned in the article is a Semi-Automatic. One pull of the trigger delivers one round down range. The action cycles inside the rifle and puts another round into the chamber of the rifle. It is a one shot at a time device, it just happens to have eight or nine more rounds in a convenient location. There has NOT been a fully automatic weapon sold legally in the US since the National Firearms Act was passed in 1934! The most common caliber that you will find is a .223 Remington or a 5.56 NATO. These are a tiny bit bigger than a .22 you may have shot as a kid. They are NOT monster guns. Although you can buy them chambered for any number of calibers. These particular rifles were regulated before they were even invented!

Any bolt action rifle or shotgun, revolver, or other handgun is also a semi-auto firearm. The only difference is that it takes a live body instead of a spring to make it work!

Why does every one of the “Regulate guns” guys feel the screaming need to ban “extended capacity” mags? A large one holds thirty rounds. A guy with one of those can empty it in about 30 seconds. Another person with three ten round mags can put those thirty rounds down range in about 40-45 seconds or less! Where is the big advantage of banning the thirty or forty round mags.? Most people who own them have no intentions of ever using them against another human being unless the rule of law breaks down. Why are these flying off the shelves? Because millions of people are worried about exactly that coming to pass in the near future, and they want to be able to defend themselves and their families, not go on a killing rampage in a primary school!! If all of us with these weapons were as crazy as the left leaners believe, there would be none of you left to complain! You think?

Detachable mags, flash hiders, barrel shrouds, collapsible stocks, all these items do is hold your spare ammunition, keep the flash of the fired round from blinding you, keep you from burning your hands, and making the rifle usable by folks of the same family with different arm lengths. They are NOT evil accoutrements!

So where do all these illegal weapons come from? Certainly not from any licensed gun shop in the USA. Think about where and how they get into the country. Why, wonder of wonders, they follow the same trails and routes that the illicit drugs do.

Now we are inundated by the call of all the politicians, for more gun laws to stop these horrific mass murders. “More gun laws eh”, well there are well over 20,000 laws on the books now. You can pass a million more gun laws outlawing this gun, or that rifle but not one single criminal will abide by them anymore than they have the last 20 thousand!

About those “Gun Free Zones” and “No Guns Allowed” signs you see all over the place. All those signs do is to inform the criminal that here is a hunting preserve stocked with hundreds of innocent victims with no means of protecting themselves! Damn, let's get in there. Those signs in the store fronts are advertisements that draw nutcase killers or just regular old crooks. “Well they think to themselves, nobody here to shoot back at me so I'm going in”! It is just like the old bees and honey adage.

Do you honestly think that those signs are going to stop a person determined to commit mayhem from entering? Really? Get REAL, they won't even slow down as they go through the doors guns blazing away. These are people with no empathy for anyone, age, gender, or race. Those signs are in reality, nothing more than hunting license's to kill people within!

If you are really interested in finding out the truth about wether CCW stops or inhibits or increases crime, look up theses two guys on Google. Dr. John Lott and Dr. Gary Kleck or you can go here and read this guy. Http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/an-opinion-on-gun-control/ .

I know in advance that none of this will change the warped outlook of most gun banners, but just may be an inspiration for someone with an open mind, and a rational thought process, to take from them another idea of just what the role of firearms is and what was intended by those smart guys from the 1700's. They were a whole lot more prescient than we folks of the here and now! Thanks!

OBTW, I stole much of the info from the link listed above. TIFN


Are we finally getting a little smarter?

It appears as though obamarroid hasn't managed to bullshit us all into brainless oblivion. The folks in Michigan have managed to break the strangle hold the unions have had on them for decades.

The U.S. house of Reps. have finally gotten a LITTLE backbone and let  Obamarroid know that no way in hell is Susan Rice the third Liar in Chief after Shrillary, and HIMSELF  will ever in this lifetime become Sec. of State!

And it looks as though Speaker Beohner, Boner, Bwhiner, is about ready to grown some cajones and face down that lying piece of crap we, or rather his supporters call president.

I was really surprised at the results of the election, and the margins that he won by. When Virtually ALL the pundits with 1/2 a brain had jumped into the Romney camp I, (red faced the next day) agreed that it was over for the Obummer. But it is amazing what a little, make that a lot of vote rigging will do for your candidate. I'll stop right there with that line of talk. Shan't be thought of as a right wing, gun toting, bible clinging lout from up here in liberal city central! Obummer forbid!

I hope all of you have been at least stocking up on a few things to eat when the horse, ah --, make that "Jackass" finally shoves the wagon over the cliff. Better have your printing presses ready when inflation begins to take hold.

Virtually every single thing this ass has put his hand too has led us to the very edge of disaster. His 932 +"Executive Orders" have put almost complete control over every aspect of our lives in his hands or those of his henchmen in the DHS and the Brown Shirted Young Volunteers, or some such name, who will be there to, "help us through the disasters" that may engulf us through natural occurences or those of the manmade kind.

We are in some deep poo, and the defecator in chief just keeps on dumping.

After 60 some years of working, and paying taxes of all sorts, and since beginning to collect some of those benefits that I earned and paid into, I just got my notice of COLA increase from Soc.Sec. Got $3.48 more.! Great! only trouble is, that I also got more taxes taken out of it and a few more taxes added on so the net result is----  minus $117.16 from last years.  Have been paying too RIBC/B S  and Medicare  Part B and prescription  coverage on average, $53,000. a year for health care!! And now with the inception of obummercare, that number WILL go up by 20% in January. And that is one third of all I make wife included!   And,, it is MANDATED  that you WILL buy this insurance! That is only if you are a legal citizen! If you are an illegal alien well shit folks IT'S ALL FREE FOR THEM!    It IS coming too you to folks.

So THE BEST ADVICE I could give to anyone who has the space, is to start planting your  "Defeat Garden" as soon as the frost is out of the ground, and keep on trucking till it is as frozen as your ass next fall.