Are we finally getting a little smarter?

It appears as though obamarroid hasn't managed to bullshit us all into brainless oblivion. The folks in Michigan have managed to break the strangle hold the unions have had on them for decades.

The U.S. house of Reps. have finally gotten a LITTLE backbone and let  Obamarroid know that no way in hell is Susan Rice the third Liar in Chief after Shrillary, and HIMSELF  will ever in this lifetime become Sec. of State!

And it looks as though Speaker Beohner, Boner, Bwhiner, is about ready to grown some cajones and face down that lying piece of crap we, or rather his supporters call president.

I was really surprised at the results of the election, and the margins that he won by. When Virtually ALL the pundits with 1/2 a brain had jumped into the Romney camp I, (red faced the next day) agreed that it was over for the Obummer. But it is amazing what a little, make that a lot of vote rigging will do for your candidate. I'll stop right there with that line of talk. Shan't be thought of as a right wing, gun toting, bible clinging lout from up here in liberal city central! Obummer forbid!

I hope all of you have been at least stocking up on a few things to eat when the horse, ah --, make that "Jackass" finally shoves the wagon over the cliff. Better have your printing presses ready when inflation begins to take hold.

Virtually every single thing this ass has put his hand too has led us to the very edge of disaster. His 932 +"Executive Orders" have put almost complete control over every aspect of our lives in his hands or those of his henchmen in the DHS and the Brown Shirted Young Volunteers, or some such name, who will be there to, "help us through the disasters" that may engulf us through natural occurences or those of the manmade kind.

We are in some deep poo, and the defecator in chief just keeps on dumping.

After 60 some years of working, and paying taxes of all sorts, and since beginning to collect some of those benefits that I earned and paid into, I just got my notice of COLA increase from Soc.Sec. Got $3.48 more.! Great! only trouble is, that I also got more taxes taken out of it and a few more taxes added on so the net result is----  minus $117.16 from last years.  Have been paying too RIBC/B S  and Medicare  Part B and prescription  coverage on average, $53,000. a year for health care!! And now with the inception of obummercare, that number WILL go up by 20% in January. And that is one third of all I make wife included!   And,, it is MANDATED  that you WILL buy this insurance! That is only if you are a legal citizen! If you are an illegal alien well shit folks IT'S ALL FREE FOR THEM!    It IS coming too you to folks.

So THE BEST ADVICE I could give to anyone who has the space, is to start planting your  "Defeat Garden" as soon as the frost is out of the ground, and keep on trucking till it is as frozen as your ass next fall.



Old NFO said...

Yeah, those are the things that people don't realize are going to hit... And it's pretty sad when you pay and pay, and then the raise the rates of what you have to pay... And it's a negative situation...

Everett said...

UPDATE: Nope! we are still dumb as a box of rocks! Just watch the news. No, not THOSE news outlets! They ALL lie like hell!

Anonymous said...

you are a crackpot with no brain and defective thinking....not even worth wasting time responding to low class idiots like you.....get out of my country and ....take your gun with you. go to Honduras or Mexico or Somalia wwwhereever!!!!! but this is USA!!!!!!!!!!!and you leave. we need rule of law here and be a beacon to the world, not be a laughing stock with people like you.