Global Warming arrives on the East Coast

Hey everybody, look out your window and tell me what you see!

Is that the new form of anthropogenic climate change falling from the skies?

You know, all that oppressive heat stuff algore said we are heaping upon ourselves?

Damn, it LOOKS like snow and if feels COLD! How can that be!

Well I guess a lot of folks up and down the east coast have white grass in their front yards, but we just got wet green and brown stuff in ours!

I just heard via the grapevine that the "poor" folks of Darien Ct. are going to be without power for a few days in some parts of town. Maybe some of their younger folks with the left leaning bent will be out there cleaning up the downed branches and unplugging storm drains.

Oh foolish me, I forgot, they are all down on Wall St. doing their "community service" to the "poor"?? folks down there. Wonder just how many of them hauled ass for Mommy's house when it started coming down really good? TIFN


End of the garden

This was a very good year for our garden. I had a bumper crop of all kinds of winter squash, so much so that I was peddling them on the side of the road. Made enough to buy about 30 pkgs. of seeds for next year.

Tomato's were coming out our ears and we froze about 40-50 quarts of tomato sauce and canned about the same. Didn't get one ear of corn though. The ears never formed. Green peppers were in abundance after the end of Sept.! We made four batches of hot pepper jelly. Warm, hot, hotter, and burn the end off your tongue! It goes well with a little cream cheese on a Ritz or a Wheat Thin.

Planted sweet potato's I got from Johnny's Seeds and there are some that are big as footballs!
Never have been ale to grow any bigger than golf balls before. Probably had something to do with the ton or 2 of seaweed we put on the whole plot.

Planted three rows of Kennebec potato's and got at least 2 bushels per row. Also put in some Red Pontiac for early eating. Couldn't measure them as they kept disappearing out of the rows when ever anyone needed some.

Put up about 25 pints of pickled beets which turned out fantastic! Just used the recipe out of the Balls canning book.

Ordered and got 35, day old RI Red chicks, the 27 of June and they are 18 weeks old, so should be commencing to put out some eggs real soon. Time to "retire to the freezer" the old soup chickens. They are down too between 3 and 6 a day. NOT cost effective to keep feeding them.

Bought 3, 12 to 15 pound pigs last spring and as of this date they are all very close to 300 lbs.! Lots of bacon, sausage, chops and roasts to fill out the freezers.

All in all, with what fruit we canned and all the rest, if the SHTF any time soon I think my extended family will make it at least till the spring. When we butcher the pigs, real soon, all the "spare meat and fat" goes into the freezer till deer season comes along and then we can make some pork/venison sausage! UUMM that stuff is good.

Hey look at that! An upbeat post for a change! TIFN


A Crook Now in the Open!

Well I have been wondering for a couple of years now when this local crook was going to get caught by someone not of the Island culture of forgive and forget, and Can't we all just get along ilk.

He has been ripping off local people for years and has been given a pass every time! Well not EVERY time. When he tried it on us we had him 'Put Upon' by the local and State police till we got our money out of him but he went right on bilking virtually every single person he came into contact with out of a good chunk of money. Starting with a lady we all know and who owns a few properties on the block. One of them is colored blue and named after a small local boat and lives on Dodge street but who shall remain nameless.

He has ripped off many people through con-man schemes, Used their credit cards that he got them to put his name on and then run up huge debts that the poor owner of the card never had any hope of paying off! This guy is an out and out first class scumbag who has been on the move from town to town for years, only one jump ahead of the law! I cannot for the life of me imagine how the hell he has escaped the clutches of law enforcement for so long!

Well that long arm has finally reached out and snared the no good son of a bitch! I don't think I'll be letting any cats out of any bags by naming this rectum orifice as it has been in the local and state papers the last couple of days.

David Chieffo is his name and if he has caused you any loss of money, from one of his crooked deals, I would hie myself to the local PD and pile on too this piece of shit!

He really needs to get what is coming too him, and I think that the folks at Enterprise car rental are going to finally get the job done!

Take warning out there all you other deadbeats and thieves, we are after you!