Happy New Year too all you good folks! Obama excluded!

Well I guess I'm going to have to get off my lazy butt and get back into this blogging stuff again. The bullets, rocks, slings and arrows are not falling as thick and fast around here so I guess I can come out of the cellar and stop counting my bullets,bread, and potatoes!

So what is everyones take on how many more Constitutional rights are going to be abrogated and or diminished by this intellectual midget in the Whitehouse? He is doing an outstanding job of turning this country into a socialist shit-hole by using his "executive order" powers, his appointment of 40 some unconfirmed by Congress "Czars", and worst of all his appointment of people to really powerful jobs during times the Congress is not in session. He uses every means at his disposal, legal,shady,or otherwise to bring down this great country.

Go back to the top of the page where my profile is and reread the part about fighting for your freedom and about when you should start! The time is behind us when we should have begun, but it is still not too late! Start again tomorrow to inundate these phony national politicians from our state to do what they were sworn to do when they took office, 'To defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America"! That oath did not mention one thing thing about fealty too your political party of choice, and it certainly said nothing about taking uncounted dollars from unions to do their bidding in the halls of Congress, NOT ONE FRIGGING WORD! It is time to do away with unions@ they have served their purpose and now are a huge drain on the public at large!!

Hey! Have a Happy New Year---,,,, if you are able! TIFN


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Everett! Looking forward to more wit and wisdom and rants in 2011.

Sam said...

Well I can debate ya on that Everett! Obama turns out to be a Bush-like centrist and moderate in spite of all the campaign promises and rhetoric. He recently caved into Republican desires for a 800 billion dollar tax bill.

And read to me the parts of the Constitution that Obama appears to be violating. I agree that the Health Care rule needs to be reviewed in light of the Commerce Clause, but even most conservatives agree that something had to be done to try to fix that problem.

Funny, he turns out to be a war hawk just like both Bush presidents, fighting a very unpopular war over in Afghanistan.

Perhaps you are worried about the TARP and "stim" funds, which are over now. If that money had not been spent, the US economy could well have tanked - I'm talking a real depression here.

Despite liberal and progressive calls for climate change rules, Congress did not pass one. You're going to have to talk to the Supreme Court because they said that EPA's current climate change authority is constitutional.

So whatcha got? Please list the unconstitutional and treasonous offenses.

Old NFO said...

Happy New Year Ev! May 2011 be better than 2010!

Everett said...

How about the one sentence that says," Congress shall make no laws that infringe of the rights of the people" as they were delineated in the document itself. Those old fellers wrote those rules in plain old simple English so that there would BE NO mis-interpretation of just what they meant. Then along come all the "constitutional scholars" who apparently cannot read simple english and read their own feelings them, and then inflict their bullshit on us through the dictates of the SC! DO you not see where they are headed and taking us along for the ride with all this?

WHy are virtually ALL liberals so fixated on disarming the general populace of this country It is really very simple, because when only the police and the military have the arms, well then the rest of us have no recourse but to do as they dictate or die! Myself?? I'll do the die-ing part as opposed to the serf/slave/ that most all of the original hundred years or so of immigrants came here to escape! Go read the right side side bar again.

You don't consider obamacare to be unconstitutional? YOU show ME where in the document the government can dictate/require you to buy anything!!! Be it healthcare ins.or hotdogs and beans??

Is there not some Senate/House rule that says that any one appointed to these high power jobs,CZARS, have to be annointed by one of those august bodies? Just because past presidents did it still does not make it right, and this ass has taken it to the extreme! can you not see that? You have no qualms about all his, call it what it is, RADICAL associations, with all his"mentors" since he was a small boy starting with his mother and father? You don't mind his being taught by Alinsky, ,Jeremiah( God Damn America) Wright and the rest of the self avowed socialist/communists?
Last I read on Pajamas Media all that money has yet to be put out there, and I myself don't think it has done all that much to avert what is still coming after Bernanke finally takes his finger off the "print Money" button. Have you noticed that US 'T" bills are virtually un-saleable right now? Nobody wants them anymore if they are going to be getting pennies back on them. Just where the hell is the US government going to get the money to pay back the buyers when they come due? Never mind the promised interest! Printing money ala Keyes doesn't work and never will!

I don't know Sam but I still think we are going to hell in a hand basket and obama is the Great Facilitator in the endeavor.


Sam said...

I know sir, things they all seem to have come unbuttoned for some reason, and it is easy to blame Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Clinton actually started those unconstitutional "signing statements" and they're used more and more these days. Our Constitution does not allow for that, so it's against the law.

Obama happens to be the man on watch now.

You didn't just fall off the turnip wagon, and you know something is really really wrong. The Fed has simply gotten too big, meaning less state' rights for us locals.

It turns our that a very lean budget with a little bit of pork seems to work the best. As much as we made fun of pork - local funding riders to an appropriations bill - some of that was some good stuff, especially for the vets and stuff. I dunno, we have a lot of retried military officers down here, seems like. Helping them was a good thing. Now they can drive 15 miles at least for out-patient stuff instead of the 150 to San Antonio.

Man it kills me, these kids who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan and they're all so messed up. They're hitting them vet hospitals too, since many can't find a job. Some are OK, some seem spaced out, and some are pretty much hamburger.

You know all this politics isn't about you and me and the asses in power right now. Life is really about the young kids and honoring the elders and the sense of order and everyone getting along together even if we nag and fuss like a bunch of Banshees and Real McCoys.

There's absolutely nothing in the Constitution about that but I sometimes wish there was!

Everett said...

Hi again Sam, I'm about ready o give up watching the tube and reading so much news on this venue. The news is ALWAYS bad to some degree, and at the end I am usually so pissed I want to go kill somebody/thing!

I sit with my grandkids aged from 3 to 16 and worry and wonder how bad their lives are going o be, if their parents don't get this huge mess we are in straightened out.
My/our generation is too old to be the activist types needed to get it done, but I see and talk to so many of the 25- 50 year olds who seem to think,"the government" will get it all fixed up! And THAT is a huge load of delusional crap! They wave their hands like the old hippes from the 60's and declare that"someone" will provide and take care of us. I say,BULLSHIT!!!!

I don't know, I'm just going to keep making my garden bigger and loading up more bullets! SIGH

BUT, I did just harvest about a dozen red and orange tomatoes, baseball size from thr greenhouse today. Along with a big bowl of two kinds of lettuce and four nice sized beets grown from seed! T'will all go down good with the 2 pounds of swordfish dropped in my sink by a local fisherperson! Have no idea in hell where it came from but I'm going to eat everything including the skin!!! YUM YUM

Have a Happy Year ye old dude!!! TIFN