Pennies from heaven

Some of you folks who live here on the Island year round may have noticed that my WECS, Wind Energy Conversion System, otherwise known as a windmill has been in the "Bent" position for the last two and a half months. Most of the time it had been inactive was spent waiting for the Manufacturers rep to come and see what the matter was. Well they finally showed up one day in early January and took the guts out of the inverter and sent them to Norman OK to be repaired. We decided at that time to put out the money for a brand new inverter that is supposed to be about ten times more efficient than the old one which is 15 years old. So the new one arrived about three weeks ago and was finally installed yesterday, and the switch was flipped to commence those above mentioned "pennies from heaven" raining down into my oh so empty coffers! It was started at 1700 and as of today at the same time, it has made ALL the juice needed by this house for about two and one half days!! The meter reads a nice satisfying 52 KwH's produced in 24 hours! Hot Damn, those electrons are pouring into the basement in torrents! Just have to remember to go down there with rubber boots on in case there are any stray ones oozing around on the floor! TIFN


Rogers Ramblings

Did anyone else happen to see Roger Clements little appearance at a congressional hearing a couple days ago? Just what the hell was he doing there? What in hell ever motivated those idiots to call him there in the first place? Are they in some way trying to "protect our youth" from the evils of steroid use? It didn't work the last time they tried it, so other than getting themselves a lot more face time, I wonder just what it is that makes them tick?

The part that really frost's my butt is that they are spending all this money and time on something they have no business sticking their collective noses in! Is not 'Major League Baseball" a private enterprise? They have hundreds of rules about how to play the game and what you can and cannot do as a member of these teams. So if one of their players wants to stick needles in his ass to grow bigger muscles, just how does that come under the pervue of the US congress? It is up to the owners of these teams to discipline their transgressors.

If it was up to me, they would sign a contract when they first begin their careers that says,"if you use illegal stuff ONE (1) time, you will be fired and can never play again in this league". Do you suppose something like that will ever happen? Nah! Not in my lifetime, or yours. TIFN