Pennies from heaven

Some of you folks who live here on the Island year round may have noticed that my WECS, Wind Energy Conversion System, otherwise known as a windmill has been in the "Bent" position for the last two and a half months. Most of the time it had been inactive was spent waiting for the Manufacturers rep to come and see what the matter was. Well they finally showed up one day in early January and took the guts out of the inverter and sent them to Norman OK to be repaired. We decided at that time to put out the money for a brand new inverter that is supposed to be about ten times more efficient than the old one which is 15 years old. So the new one arrived about three weeks ago and was finally installed yesterday, and the switch was flipped to commence those above mentioned "pennies from heaven" raining down into my oh so empty coffers! It was started at 1700 and as of today at the same time, it has made ALL the juice needed by this house for about two and one half days!! The meter reads a nice satisfying 52 KwH's produced in 24 hours! Hot Damn, those electrons are pouring into the basement in torrents! Just have to remember to go down there with rubber boots on in case there are any stray ones oozing around on the floor! TIFN


Old NFO said...

Energy Independance!!!! Go Ev! Now if you could sell back the excess, it'd pay off even more quickly.

Congrats on getting things back up and on line!

Sam said...

You could put a wave machine in the bathtub too, Everett! LOL! Just kidding I'm glad you're back online. So these here are guilt-free web-page electrons, eh? Whoa, cool.