James Suk-a-lot

That is a close approximation of the name of a blood sucker who advertises on the tube relentlessly! I know everyone has seen some of his disgusting ads. The one that drives me up the wall is, "When Doctors make mistakes, I make them pay'! This guy is a true representation of all that is wrong with this countries legal system. Is there some piece of paper that a Doctor gets when he finally finishes all his training that says,"I will not ever, ever, ever, make a mistake on pain of death or worse, legal harassment"? I know of not one person who is totally infallible! ( Sorry all you "O" fans). So people like this just continue to scare young people away from the medical profession. Who would want to go into a job field where there are hundreds of thousands of vultures hanging over your head just waiting in order to pick your bones clean if you happen to incorrectly diagnose even a minor problem? Probably one brought on by your own misguided life style.

It is people like this ambulance chasing bum that are responsible for a lot of the woes of this Republic. Who is it that writes most of the laws of this land? I do believe most of the folks in congress are lawyers of some sort or other.

WSo how do you rectify that little problem? I know! Write a law that prohibits lawyers from becoming Senators or Congress critters! Damn, that isn't going to work, none of them there now has the integrity to vote for such a thing! We're Screwed!! TIFN


Old NFO said...

Reminds me of Angelos, the asshole that owns the Orioles now- Made $1190M off asbestos cases, where the average his "clients" got was $3500 each.

Anonymous said...

By anonymous X,
Everett, I love the name you have given him.
Here's how I deal with him.
When he says get the $$$ you deserve I yell back "you mean help me get 1/3 the $$$ you deserve."

Sam said...

Several years ago Texas reformed its laws to prevent barristry (ambulance chasing) and tort reform to cap predatory lawsuits to $250,000 max.

Thanks to that, the doctors are coming back to Texas and malpractice insurance is about half the cost.

Now the only problem is Medicare, which has left many doctors in a bind because the repayments are so low. Interestingly, some doctors started doing house calls - for people with good insurance and money, that is.