What the Hell is wrong with Obamessiah?

In a time when every single THINKING person is getting very worried about their finances and just where the wall street fiasco is going, along cones "The One" and goes on and on during the debate about INCREASING funding for government funded pre schools! Apparently he also believes that once he gets us out of that foreign war, he'll be able to take that 10 billion per month and pour it back into more of the type of schools, foundations and other way far left Socialistic contrivances like those he and his buddy Bill Ayers used the Annenburg money for! I seem to recall it being about 160 million. This country is going to take a hard left turn next month if this guy gets elected. It may be one that we will never recover from! I am glad that I most probably will not be here to watch my kids and grand kids having to survive under the rule of a truly Socialistic government! Do ANY of these people who are so enamoured of Obama not recall the era after WWII? Are they all so detached from the events of the past that they cannot or will not see what Russia, East Germany, Poland, etc. went through for the last fifty years before Socialism/Communism went bust in those countries? Do they not know of ALL the "personal freedoms" we so enjoy, were unavailable to those millions of people?

Socialism ONLY WORKS for the big dogs on the top of the pile who get there on the backs of all the little people! So go on worshiping this guy and empowering he and his minions, NancyP., Harry R. etc. to slowly take away all the freedoms you enjoy today. Let THEM be the ones who will tell you when and where you can go see a doctor, (you will probably have to be on a 'LIST' to get an appointment, wrong political leanings? no visit for you!), They will tell you where to work, when to eat, WHAT to eat. Why, most probably, even when to go to the bathroom!!

McCain may be old, he may be eccentric, he may not last the full four years if he does get elected, but HE WILL NOT TAKE AWAY ANY OF YOUR FREEDOMS! And if he does croak, what you get next will be a thousand times better than 'Palagarizing Joe Biden, The biggest liar in congress'! And think about this, how about all the previous Govenors of States that became President, and for the most part did pretty well! Maybe strike Billy from that list.

So go vote in November, but just do a little READING in the interim, both sides of the issues, try to weed out the bullshit, tough to do, and then vote for the person who has the tools, HONESTY, integrity, and the VERY BEST INTERESTS of this country in his heart! Not just the desire to get to the top of the heap on your back!! TIFN


Sam said...

I dunno, Everett. I'm from a solid "red state," Texas. It doesn't matter how I vote because the Electoral College votes are all going for McCain. I hate to sound that way, but 'tis the truth.

Maybe Rhode Island is one of those "swinger states," I don't honestly know. -sam

Old NFO said...

Good points Ev, I really don't know what Obama is thinking, or if he is... Tax and spend will not work!

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
Tax and spend is what a government does. The Repubs have turned the phrase into something dirty.
If anyone has been paying attention the Repubs have been borrowing and spending.
Clinton left a budget surplus.
Bush Bush and Saint Ronny left/are leaving massive deficits.
Who are the real fiscal conservatives?

Sam said...

Good point that government is really nothing more that a giant re-distributor of wealth. I don't understand it all, but Clinton had all kinds of "save the people, save the planet" programs but we ran budget numbers in the black instead of way down deep in the red.

The other thing to remember is that while the President can have all kinds of good or goofy ideas - no shortage on either candidate - it is the US Congress that approves the funding. -sam

Anonymous said...

Clinton only had a budget surplus because of post-cold war military downsizing. Even Bill admitted the dems put us in this financial mess. President Clinton told ABC News That the blame for the Fannie Mae Meltdown Lies squarely at the feet of Corrupt DEMOCRATS who blocked efforts to regulate and investigate Fannie Mae. Hmmm whose side is Bill on?

Everett said...

To Anonymous X, The answer I want to give you is way too long for here. So I am going to make it a separate post. Sam and the next commenter are on the right track, and the new post explains it too a "T". BTW, I'm palargizing again, just like Joe Biden!

Everett said...

And I still can't spell "plagiarizing"

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
Everett, if you are not scared to death of the thought of Sarah Palin
as president I, I... Ah I can't think of what to say.

catt said...

To Anon X. I have to say the men that have been running the country have not done such a good job, why not give the ladies a chance to show them up. I don't think they would do any worse then what we have had over the past 12 years. Most women know how to handle a budget and spend within their means so lets give them a chance.

Everett said...

And I should put all my trust in a couple of hacks? One of them a cheat and the other a guy with KNOWN ties and association with a Known domestic terrorist?
But NOT a fairly decent woman Governor, why? Try as they may the lefties just can't seem to make any of their sleazy shit stick to her. Whereas those other two have the same crap superglued to them!

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
to Catt:
Nothing in my comment says I'm scared of Sarah Palin because she is a woman. I'm scared because she is Sarah Palin. Come on, fully vetted, country first, best choice.
You can't convince me McCain chose her, his handlers did. McCain could have chosen any number of women actually qualified to hold the position, women I could support. With Sarah Palin at the helm I would fear cronyism on a level Darth Cheney could only dream of. I would fear a shadow government that would make Bush's shadow government look transparent.
to Everett:
Lefties don't have to throw anything at her, she seems to be throwing it at herself. Didn't the Alaskan Repubs start the troopergate abuse of power case against her before she hit the national spotlight. Hasn't the RNC done everything in their power to delay the findings until after the election? She claims the first dude has executive privilege?
She sounds to me like an extension of our current administration.

catt said...

to Anon X-- I like the idea that the Alaska repubs are upset. If they are like most of the politicians in this country they all need to be replaced. As far as the Troopergate, I think that is a lot about nothing. If an officer did what he did to anyone else, the public would have been screaming for him to be fired. It just happens that the offender was married to Palin's sister. Things like that happen when you live in a small town. I have seen it many times right here. I applaud anyone who does the right thing no matter who is involved. If she had done nothing the shoe would be on the other foot and there would have been all kinds of complaints about nothing being done because the Gov. sister was involved. "Damned if you do, and damned if you don't."
I think the VP choice is a good one. She sounds like she can stand up to the so called powers that be and come out ahead.

sprbi said...

Anony X, name some of the women you could support

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
Well sprbi,
I dont't take kindly to demands from strangers but...
Jodi Rell could have my support,
and I would be flamed on other bloggs for this, and without explanations, Condi Rice.
To name a couple.
Sarah Palin is a tactic, or is she a strategy?

catt said...

How many Gov.'s have made the run for president and or vice president?
The only difference I can see is that this candidate is a WOMAN and this scares the pants off a lot of people.
As far as I'm concerned I would be more in favor of someone who has NOT been in the Washington political circles and who does NOT owe their soul to the cronies that are lining their pockets with our tax dollars. The American people have let the rich and powerful run our lives and our government for far too long. Its time we have someone in a position of power that has lived life and knows what its like to live on a budget. Its time to quit trying to find fault and look at the good side for a change. Put yourself on both sides and try to see what you would have done in the same situation. Be honest, would you have done anything different? I don't think so, that is if you are being really honest. It is always easy being an Monday morning quarterback.

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
I'm getting the feeling you support Sarah Palin because of her
She lives within a budget, she sees hersrlf as a gender bending Joe six-pack.
Good for her.
Is that good for us? I don't want an average president or vice president, I want someone WAY better than average.
Did ya'll watch the debate? She wants the constitution to grant the VP more power. I would have pegged her a strict constructionist type. Am I wrong or isn't that a conservative hallmark? I don't think she's smart/evil enough to be Cheney part deux. But she just gave me something else to fear of her.

catt said...

I think you are afraid of a woman in that position. I have to say that I was for Obama in the beginning until I learned about his background and his former associates. I am worried about what will happen to this country is Obama is elected.
I will say that I would much rather see Palin as VP over Biden. Did you get all the lies and he came out with during the debate? Not only did he lie, he also contradicted himself.
From what I have heard I think Palin would be a great representative of the PEOPLE not the smooth talking politician.

catt said...

cont. last post

I have to add that it is not her gender that I am in favor of but the fact that she is real people and doesn't talk down to the public. When she speaks you can understand what she is saying. Most politicians talk a lot but when they finish you don't know what they said.
Gender has nothing to do with my choice.

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
I invite everyone to check out the above article about her Fox News
interview. Check out the last paragraph, particularly.
Catt, if you can understand what she is saying please tell me.
She is incoherent.
I am not afraid of any woman in any position.
Sarah Palin scares me, we all seem to be afraid. The Repubs have succeeded.

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
and before it's over I think a video will surface of Sarah Palin speaking in tongues

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
re: unidentified anonymous posting on friday, 10-03-08 4:10PM in the wrong post

Interesting things:

Sarah Palin palin' around with a member of the secessionist Alaska Independence Party, Todd, the first dude.

Sarah Palin's pastor, Thomas Muthee
drove a woman out of town beleiving she was a witch and causing car accidents.

Sarah Palin invoked God's intervention in the Alaska natural gas pipline and her race for governor.

Sarah Palin changes Madeleine Albright's "help women" quote to "support women" for naked political manipulation.

Sarah Palin fails to pay income taxes on $25,000 in state travel reimbursements for her children.

Sarah Palin not only wants the constitution to be changed to grant her more power as VP she thinks the press is abusing the power of freedom the constitution gives it.

Sarah Palin was a JOURNALISM major.
Sarah Palin is interviewing for a job to uphold the constitution.
Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency scares the
s**t out of me.

...and Catt, not because she is a woman

Questionable associations?
Did you hear the one about John McCain writing a letter to the US State Department? He was writng in support of James B Fowler, trying to help him get out of a Thai prison following a narcotics conviction. James B Fowler is the former state trooper charged with the murder of Jimmie Lee Jackson during a civil rights demonstration in 1965.

Questionable associations #2
At last the so called evil MSM is talking about it, Keating.
Did the Maverick learn nothing from that?

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X

Here are some more things about that straigt talkin', mavericky Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin sets the tone at her rallies that empower her supporters to shout "kill him" in
reference to Obama. The secret service is investigating.

Sarah Palin's prayer network leader said "I believe in warfare"
at a religious conference on June 13, 2008. Mary Glazier continued with "God began to speak to" Sarah Palin about entering politics.

Sarah Palin is annoyed by mean, harsh, Katie Couric? How will she handle al Qaeda?

Sarah Palin's lies thoroughly debunked:
1 Pallin' around with Ayers
2 Thanks but no thanks on
that bridge
3 I had the Alaska Permanent
Fund divest from Sudan

Sarah Palin has questionable associations with Joel's Army.
This group is not waiting for the return of Jesus, it's working for the return of Jesus.

Sarah Palin remembers Kelo v City of New London is a US Supreme Court decision she disagrees with?
She led her town to take by eminent domain the land for a sports complex. The town she left $20,000,000 in debt upon her mavericky departure.

Yup, she's that one alright.

Anonymous said...

of course I meant "straight talkin'"

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about a witch hunt. Funny how it is being totally ignored that Palin left this AoG church years ago when their doctrine, in her own words, "started getting weird." Unlike Barry who only disavowed his when it became a political liability. By the way Obama also invokes Gods will in his political speeches as well. Palins husband was only a member of the Alaska party briefly back in the 80's. The Witch hunting pastor is African and did his witch hunting in Africa. It may be a shock to secular Americans, but in Africa today, most people beleive in witches and a large number claim to be witches. The only assosciation Palin has to the weird cult Joels army is that a church she attended has a link to them on their website. Wow, thats some connection. Palins unpaid taxes on expense reimbursement? HR Block did her taxes and made that mistake. Barack Obama now denies he was even aware of his friend's violent past when, in 1995, Ayers hosted a party launching Obama's political career. Given Ayers' celebrity status among the left, it's difficult to believe. The question remains: what did Obama know, and when did he know it? When did Obama learn the truth about his friend? Barack Obama helped Ayers promote his book in 1997, served on charitable boards with him through 2002, and regularly exchanged emails and phone calls with him through 2005. At what point did Barack Obama discover that his friend was an unrepentant terrorist? And if he is so repulsed by the acts of terror committed by William Ayers, why did the relationship continue? Any honest accounting by Barack Obama will necessarily cast further doubt on his judgment and his fitness to serve as commander in chief. As for her support for disinvesting the Alaska fund from Sudan, democrats claim she did not support it in the legislature, but the bill's Republican co-sponsor remembers things differently. "I know she was very strongly behind this," said Rep. Lynn. Asked why, if Palin supported the bill, one of her administration's officials would speak against it, Lynn demurred. "We don't all work in lockstep here," he said. "People have different opinions". Oh, and a town taking land for a sports complex is not only a common occurance, its also much different than taking it for a developer. But you keep slinging that muck anon x, and keep hoping some of it sticks.

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X
OK here's some more

At Sarah Palin's Florida rally Lee
County sheriff Mike Scott may have violated the Hatch Act. Did he use his position to influence an election? Does the McCain campaign care?
I don't know but there is an investigation.

More questionable associations for Sarah Palin. Some want to make it about "associations", not me mind you, this is just what I read.
Joe Vogler, founder of the Alaskan Independence Party, the party Todd belonged to for 7 years and Sarah (she doesn't mind us calling her Sarah, she told Greta van Sustern so) gave this shout out to as a gubernatorial candidate "keep up the good work" and "God bless you" said "my government is my worst enemy. I'm going to fight them with any means at hand". Alaskan Independence Party chairwoman Lynette Clark said of Sarah Palin
"she sounds just like Joe Vogler".

Now I'm not saying she sounds like Joe Vogler, Clark said it.

Sarah and Todd were married Aug 29, 1988. Their first child, Track, was born Apr 20, 1989. That would be 7 months and 3 weeks after
their "elopement to keep the family from spending any money on a wedding"

I'm not against sex outside marriage for Sarah Palin but she is surely against it for me.

This one is just a rumor, but a persistent one, not that the Bush/Cheney Rebub machine ever cared about facts.
...cough cough, McCain's half black love child, cough cough...
Track joined the military to avoid jail time after the drug arrest.

I'm not saying Track joined the military to avoid jail time but I did read it at multiple sources.
So as George Bush once said, paraphrased, "we have to keep repeating it until the American people believe it". I'm not saying I believe it, I'm just saying by
the Repub machine definition we have to.

The McCain/Palin campaign wants this to be about character, judgement and associations. I believe Sarah Palin has neither good character nor good judgement and has chosen many poor associations.

I would like to respond to the sports complex issue.
Sarah Palin, as mayor, was acting as developer. The $14m complex has been a big money loser and part of the reason she left her former town $20m in debt. I strongly disagreed with the Kelo verdict too. I guess I have something in common with Sarah Palin.

I'll try to fling some more mud for you all tomorrow but I might be running out. I'll dig around. At least I'm spouting some new stuff. The McCain/Palin campaign seems only to have W-A-R left. Unfortunately not the Afghan/Iraq wars but the Wright, Ayers, Rezko war. And now they have put Cindy McCain out there to show some bulging viens and stir up some hate.

It sure is ugly.
It's a good thing we all get to make our own reality.

catt said...

Anon X, with the lame reasons you are coming up with against Palin it convinces me even more that you are afraid of a woman in the position of VP.

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X

some easy to understand straight talk from Sarah Palin:

"It's relevant to connect that association he has with Ayers, not so much he as a person Ayers, but the whole situation and the truthfulness and the judgment there that you must question if again he's not being forthright in all of his answers. It makes you wonder about the forthrightness, the truthfulness of the plans he's telling Americans with regards to the economic recovery. I’m not saying that he’s dishonest, but in terms of judgment, in terms of being able to answer a question forthrightly, it has two different parts to this. The judgment and the truthfulness and just being able to answer very candidly a simple question about when did you know him, how did you know him, is there still---has there been an association continued since ’02 or ’05, I know I’ve read a couple different stories. I think it’s relevant."

When you see her spoken words transcribed don't you just go huh?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you feel that Sarah wants to force you not to have sex outside marriage. As if she's ever made that an issue. At least her fiance was'nt married to someone else at the time like obamas dad was. Why isnt the press harping on Obama for talking about the "57 states" or Biden for claiming that the US and France kicked hezbollah out of Lebanon, when he's supposed to be a foreign policy expert? Sarahs son is not the one running for office (and that story was dug up by the national enquirer, probably next to the articles about monkey boy and the space aliens baby) why dont we talk about obamas pot and cocaine use instead. The military wont give security clearance to work anywhere near nuclear weapons to anyone whos admitted using cocaine even once. So you want the give the guy whos job it is to order their launch to someone who fried his brain on it continously? Sarahs speeches are a lot more coherent than obamas when he isnt reading off a teleprompter, where every second word is an 'uh'.

Anonymous said...

While we're throwing out quotes. How about some from the big zero:

"...I've got two daughters. 9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby." -- Barack Obama

"America is ..., uh, is no longer, uh ... what it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, I don't want that future for my children." -- Barack Obama

"Rick Warren: ...Now, let's deal with abortion; 40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade. As a pastor, I have to deal with this all of the time, all of the pain and all of the conflicts. I know this is a very complex issue. Forty million abortions, at what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?"

Barack Obama: "Well, you know, I think that whether you're looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade."

"Over the last 15 months, we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I've now been in 57 states? I think one left to go." -- Barack Obama

"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today -- our sense of patriotism is particularly strong." -- Barack Obama

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X

It's all about slinging mud.
The Ayers thing is lame IMHO.
I'm comparing and contrasting tenuous associations.

This from The Dallas Morning Star.

Catt, you think I'm afraid of a woman as VP, you've created your own reality.
It's this woman.
I told you I liked Condi Rice.

Anonymous said...

Just because some guy in my neighborhood helped me get the money to go to Harvard and become a lawyer (whose wife worked at the law firm where I was hired [and where I met my wife]), and who hired me, as a neophyte attorney, to work on his Board to dispense $150,000,000 in educational grants that did absolutely nothing to improve the education system in the Chicago schools, and nice enough to throw a party for me at his house in 1995 so I could announce my candidacy for state office from his living room, well, uh, -er, I was only 8 years old when he was doing the things John McCain accuses of him of doing, not that he was ever convicted or anything. How am I responsible for Ayers' actions when I was 8 years old? Can I just eat my waffle now? This is all such a distraction. And is certainly not helping Michelle or the kids.

/Barack The Chosen One

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X

I don't think Obama announced his candidacy for state office from Ayers living room, but I could be wrong.

I did dig up some lame muck but I want to wait for the troopergate
results that are supposed to come today. The trooper was a bad man but remember the case is about abuse of power.

Today everyone who has a doubt about Sarah Palin's judgement, character or questionable associations might want to read this article that includes this quote re Palin's mayoral campaign;
“I watched that campaign unfold, bringing a level of slime our community hadn’t seen until then”

From Salon.com

Some people might not have heard of
Mark Chryson, Steve Stoll or Walter Hickle. These are some very questionable associations that aren't so tenuous.
The article is somewhat long, and as you can guess not favorable to Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Troopergate? are you sure you want to go there? Here we have a state trooper who admitted tasering his 10 year old step son while fighting with his wife (Palins sister) also beat her, threatened to shoot Palins father. Drove his squad car drunk and illegaly shot moose without a liscence. When the state troop commander did not fire him, he was replaced by Gov Palin, which is entirely in her power to do as governer. Dont think much muck will be raked up on this investigation.

Anonymous said...

And Anon X, heres the truth about the "crowds that sarah empowered to shout kill him at Obama" it was one person and it was in reference to Ayers:
Milbank’s report triggered Democratic rage across the Internet with his charge that “Palin’s routine attacks on the media have begun to spill into ugliness.” Some in the Clearwater crowd, he wrote, shouted abuse at reporters. Someone yelled “Kill him,” apparently a reference to Ayers; and one person shouted an epithet at a network sound man (apparently the N-word, though Milbank didn’t say) and told him, “Sit down, boy.”
Milbank’s lone racist at the rally soon became a group (or a mob) of people shouting racial epithets. A New York Times editorial Tuesday (“The Politics of Attack”) misquoted Milbank’s Post column, claiming that one person shouted “Kill him” and “others shouted epithets at an African-American member of a TV crew.” Many blogs followed suit: “Crowd at Palin Rally Hurled Racial Epithets at African American on News Crew,” read the headline at Pensito Review. This was too much for Bob Somerby, the left-leaning blogger at the Daily Howler. Calling Milbank “a highly unreliable chronicler,” Somerby taunted the Times for multiplying racists at the rally: “It’s the power of pluralization!...One example becomes much more powerful when we stick an ‘s’ on the end. In this case, one epithet-shouter turns into a group. How many people were shouting those epithets? The editors let you imagine.”
At the Huffington Post, the “Kill him” shout directed at Ayers was interpreted as an assassination threat against Obama. Another Huffington piece asked, “Is Palin Trying to Incite Violence Against Obama?” As the misreporting gathered steam on the Internet, writers became ever angrier. “The event sounds like the precursor to a lynching,” wrote a Daily Kos blogger. Another opined: “There is a time to start feeling fear.” Former New York Times reporter Adam Clymer compared Palin events with George Wallace speeches, though he gracefully conceded that “lots of journalists have worked in situations more menacing than covering Sarah Palin.”

Anonymous said...

by Anonymous X

Troopergate? Yes I do want to go there. As many have said before me it's not about the trooper, as bad as he is, it's about abuse of power.

Yesterday we learned the First Dude lied a little about the Palin family home. Turns out the contractors that built that $$$ loosing sports complex sorta might've built the home in return for some favor.

Oh you know what, I surrender.
I never thought nor ever was trying to change anyone's mind.
I loose, Sarah Palin is all kinds of mavericky.