There is a word you are going to be hearing a lot about in the next five months! I was, oh what the hell, AM going to go off on a rant about how some people can be so oblivious to his coming policies if he gets elected, just because he is a black man! I guess they think that if he gets elected we, whitey, will be absolved of all our past transgressions against the black people. Is not going to happen folks. If he gets elected the first thing he is going to do is shove his hands so deep in your pockets you won't get him out for four years or more! All you old folks depending on SS? Stand by for cuts there. Bush's tax cuts? They will be gone in '10. Foreign Aid? He says he IS GOING to DOUBLE it!! Bet most of it goes to NK in the form of "food"!

Just where the hell does he think he is going to 'get' all this free money from? Think the twelve owners of the FED will print him up some more unbacked $$$? Bet your ass seeing as they are the ones who put him where he is!
This guy is so far out in left field, he is outside the foul pole! He is not even playing on the same field as the rest of us! Take a real good deep, in depth look at where he came from as a politician, and how he came to be where he is now. He is the end product of the Illinois good old boy political network. Greased every palm and dealt with every sleazy person in the network to arrive at his present station. Look at some of the people he is using for adviser's! Most of the are from the Slick Willie era, and a few were involved with mighty shady too black dealings,(murder-Vince Foster-remember him?) back then. This guy is a wolf, dressed in sheep's clothing, made solely out of charisma, rhetoric, and "baffle 'em with bull shit" talk, and he is going to eat us alive while turning this country into a second rate shithole!

I know that McCain is an old man by some people's standards, and if he dies in office, hopefully his VP will be someone who can carry on in his general vein. If BO gets in and has Hillary for a VP, and he was to bite the bullet, then we'd have her, and after her, Nancy Pelosi! What a god awful frightening thought to contemplate!

So get your money out of the banks if you have any in there, close out your IRA's and take the tax beating now. It will be less than when BO is on board. Start hoarding whatever you think you will need in the next four years, 'cause it is only going to get more expensive. Don't even think of doing anything that would involve capital gains as the rate for that little endeavor will also double from 7 to 14%. He has already guaranteed that! This guy is one of those who will not learn from past mistakes and history. He is going to take us right back to all the failed policies of the 60's and 70's! Super high taxation and more and bigger government, and look where we are now! School systems suck, colleges and universities are infested with all the Left leaning, no, BENT OVER to the ground, socialist professors who infect our kids with their outdated and outmoded brand of politics. "And the beat goes on" so Cher would say.

I guess that's enough for this time. Okay all, time to 'debunk' all the myths I have put forward up there. TIFN


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is pray for the " Bradley Effect"

Sam said...

LOL, OB is a "zebra," Everett! He's half black and half white. Dad was from Kenya and mom was from Kansas. He's "multi-racial" to use the PC term. He ain't black.

If you haven't cashed out your 401K and other investments already, which is during the Bush Administration, it's too late baby - you lost. Bummer, huh?

Everett said...

It wasn't the bush policies that killed MY retirement cache, it was the investment people too heavily into the dot coms when THEY went bust! BY the way, economic times may be hard for whatever reasons, oil, housing bust etc. but as of three days ago we were STILL NOT in a recession! That is supposed to occur after two consecutive quarters of bad numbers on all the indicators used by economists. Either they can't add/subtract or we are not as yet into a deep recession! Damned if I know!

Old NFO said...

Actually Obama is a Mullato. As for his policies, not only is the plan to tax the hell out of us, it's also to give money to the 'underclass'... Also, Obama gets an F grade from the NRA, and his policies there will be outright bans and confiscation if he thinks he can get it through the congresscritters...

Sam said...

Let me try again, those crazy letters are giving me Heck.

John McCain supports a carbon tax for Global Warming. That is is single most heavy tax on Americans and could not be times worse during this extreme market slow-down and high fuel prices. Fuel is about 80-90 percent pure carbon.

So, between that and his tendency to want to invade Iran worried me greatly. None of the contenders really make any sense. At least if ain't ... that Moron we have now. Anybody would be an improvement!

Anonymous said...

Sam, the markets go up and down and different sectors gain and lose depending on many factors. You need to keep current and be flex ible with your investments, you should also know your risk tolorence. I have some mining stocks that are up 600% since 2002. The thought of BHO in office is just scary. Ev I agree it seems like a good snow job. We conservatives need a leader and a voice. The republican party needs to get tough and expose this guy.

Anonymous said...

Myths are easy to debunk with facts. Wikipedia.com is a good
place to start.
Let's pick capital gains 1st.
"He (Obama) has already guaranteed"
to double (rates) from 7 to 14%.
According to wikipedia long term
capital gains are 15% unless you are in the bottom 2 brackets and that rate is 5%.
We all know short term rates are your regular income tax rate.
The current rates will expire at the end of 2010 according to P.L. 109-222, a law signed by our Dear
Leader on May 17, 2006.

Sam said...

I'm not scared - two Bush administrations were scary enough. It will take more than 20 years to undo what that creep did in 8. The Supreme Court fired the first shot by demanding that the Gitmo prisoners get Habeas Corpus. The second shot is when a Democrat is elected. Sorry folks, you so called "conservatives" brought it on yourselves.

Nobody has ever been so reckless as funding tax reductions, wars, and an economic stimulus package by using borrowed money instead of paying cash. The reason why minerals such as gold are so high is because the Bush Administration ran up all that debt, making the dollar worth less. YOUR GOLD IS WORTH NO MORE THAN IT EVER WAS. THE DOLLAR IS SIMPLY WORTH LESS.

But I don't protest against the poor fool anymore, as he is an irrelevant lame duck who nobody listens to. Even John McCain knows that and avoids him like the plague. But really, McCain is just Bush Lite, and Americans know it.

Anonymous said...

It' gold mining stock, not gold. I'd say 10,000 shares bought at $6.50 now trading at $73 in six years is pretty good. Sam are your taxes too low? You will be begging for 2007 if that phoney BHO gets in . Our taxes will go through the roof with nothing to show for it. The DEms have crafted the energy policy for the past 30 years and look where we are. We can't tap our own resources because you assholes think you know better than anyone. BHO will be a rerun of Jimmy Carter,most likely the worst president of modern times. Just look at his latest trip to Iran. I remember him in the white house with a sweater on and turning the christmas lights off to save energy. Way to lead Jimbo. What a fool. BHo has no clue how to lead this nation, you can't do it with fancy talk and bumper stickers. Sam, you will get change, your tax bill !!!

Sam said...

Oh well, it's hard to say which party could mess it up worse. By the way I'm a libertarian or independent, not a Democrat. I'm into freedom and liberty and getting the government out of my hair. For the nut-case he is, sometimes I like what Ron Paul has to say. So sorry to go a bit overboard, but in my communications with Everett, a solid Republican, he even admitted that Bush wasn't his favorite President.

One thing about Obama or any President - they can't really do anything, other than the power of the veto and some minor Executive Orders. Oh, and some Presidential Pardons - a silly practice if everything was working correctly. The important point is that the President doesn't have the power to tax anybody, a job for the Congress.

There are some signs that given the strong executive privileges gained by Bush and Cheney, Congress and Justice will clamp down and power will swing back to the Congress. That would be good I suppose - but doesn't the Congress have even a lower approval rating than Bush?

Oh well, it is still one country no matter how we feel. -sam

Sam said...

Here's a doozie from John McCain:

"Last week, John McCain made a comment that still has everyone scratching their heads. During his speech in New Orleans, he described ways in which our country should prepare for natural disasters, including this one: “We should be able to deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies.”

Bottled HOT water? WTF?

Everett said...

Can't pass up THAT one! He's right on that one Sam, just as long as the disasters stay down there in the south! Just ship in that nice cold minnisota water and let it sit in the sun for a couple of hours . Viola! Hot water for dehydrated babies and old people with soft heads! So he had a momentary brain fart, just like everybody else in this thing we call life! LOL

Everett said...

Sorry about "Minnesota" PROOF READ PROOF READ PROOF READ dammit!

Sam said...

Ah, there is a lighter side, a few brain farts, and a little comedy. Gosh do you remember those huge verbal fights between the good old Republican Party and the Kennedy Dems? Well, that was back when good parts of the Northeast (at least Connecticut) were Republican and the South was Dem. In our little town if you didn't pull the handle for straight Republican you might as well pack your house and move on!

And you know, I still have some of the old, classic ideals that came from my small town Yankee Republican upbringing. It was different than what it is today, more based on responsibility, respect, being industrious, and maintaining the peace. And by the way, keep the government out of my house and away from my wallet!

Ah, it would be good to see somebody, anybody, help us return to our roots, a simpler time when we could love and hate the Kennedy family with great passion. If only things were so simple.

Everett said...

I'll tell you Sam, if it is not already too damned late, Someone with an altruistic mindset doesn't come forth to lead this country out of the quagmire we are in, this particular democracy is it it's final decline! And the death throes aren't going to be too far behind.My kids think I see too many boogey men behind every tree, but they just can't see the forest for the trees. Every time I try to call their attention to a particularly loathsome problem, they give me the eye roll and then tell me that, "somebody will take care of that"! Too which I reply, if you don't get involved and leave it to the 'Other guy', nothing will ever get fixed and eventually it will be broken. Then all the, 'far to the left' folks will cry and piss and moan about how everyone to the right of them is at fault. And the far to the right guys will be happy as hell that we have descended into anarchy which is just what they want! I'm GLAD I'm 70 years old. Just hope I'm long gone when the shit hits the fan, cause it isn't going to get fixed in my lifetime I don't think. LOFC. (Ling On Floor Crying)

Anonymous said...

EV , keep the faith, remember who we are. Elected officals come and go but we carry on.