Well this one is sure to piss off a few people, but I'm going to tell it like I see it. The Governor of RI has begun a process that just MAY spread all across this country! But not if the ACLU and all the rest of very liberal and vociferous lefties have their way.

What I'm talking about is Governor Carceri's (sp)executive order telling all employers in the State to check the citizenship status of all their employees. If they are not ALL here legally, "they are going to be deported back to where they came from"! And it is about time someone started to show some guts and take some action! The federal government doesn't seem to really do anything about the problem except mouth platitudes and pander to the lobby groups while filling everyone full of crap!

So right off the bat, the leader of the Hispanic republicans in RI quit his post in protest! Well good for him! Go and get another real job and pay some taxes if you have been or are an ILLEGAL ALIEN!

Just exactly why is it that people can just come and sneak into this country, and then take advantage of all of our social services, fill up the hospitals and schools with more illegal kids, get free medical care, food stamps, pay no taxes, and send a lot of the money back home,and when someone protests, use their NON EXISTENT, so called "rights" under OUR constitution to claim that all these things are theirs and that they are "entitled to them" just by the fact that they are here? The fact of the matter is, THEY HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS! In most other countries of the world, they would get kicked right out on their asses with a big boot to the aforementioned anatomical location!

I am NOT focused on just Mexican, Guatemalan, or other Central American natives. If you don't have a problem with American Indian descendants, then you shouldn't have a problem with these people either. I say that because if they are not pure blooded N/C/S Americans, they have mixed blood, and those "donors" came from Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries in Europe that were mostly white last time I looked.

I just say to send them ALL back to their point of origin and let them do it the legal way! If it is going to take them 10 to 15 years to do it, and they don't like the waiting period, gang together in your OWN COUNTRY, and get it straightened out instead of running away! Although I guess that's what most of us did way back in the beginning! I think one of my ancestors was trying to prove he didn't kill and eat one of the Kings deer when he decided to emigrate back in the very early 1600's!

So come on Governor, don't back down from all these loud mouths who talk a good game, but when it comes time to put up (THEIR money) or shut up, they seem to fade into the woodwork! And the next time that guy from the ACLU starts running his mouth, remind him of what the 4 letters of his organisation mean, AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union!! NOT ILLEGAL Alien Civil Liberties Union! Then kick his turncoat ass out the door to!! TIFN Okay Cyber man, it's your turn. I promise I'll leave your post up!


Anonymous said...

Just a thought here.
I lived in one of the lower income areas of Providence for a few years, in a neighborhood that bore the label: multicultural.
We had people coming by the house all the time for financial and food assistance. I'd usually make a stack of sandwiches to feed the hungry/homeless who came begging to the door. Adjoining my residence was a neighborhood aid center that distributed emergency cash or goods to folks who were in a pinch.
The neighborhood had its share of illegal immigrants. The thing that struck me was that these folks never came by for a handout or assistance. The folks who came by on a daily basis were all American citizens -native born from what I could tell- who were either too addled from drugs or alcohol to make a contributions to the workforce. Basically all were on the "dole." I'd see the unwed single mothers -some with three babies all by different men. They didn't work. I saw violent criminals who were the sons of welfare moms begetting their own brood of kids- with no interest in supporting the women or these children.

The illegal immigrants all worked at least one job.
Many of them paid for their kids to attend Catholic school.
I remember the one man who was married to a legal resident, was a faithful caring father, and a very hard worker who was discovered by immigration officers and then later deported. Surveying the scene I was struck that this hardworking guy was deported from the country, while the druggies, criminals and other native born slackers were free to bilk the system!

I'm not saying that i want to give a free pass to all the illegal immigrants in this country. But I have to tell you that I was struck by the reality that we were deporting some hardworking folks out of the country who wanted to make a life for themselves while those who were stealing, using hardcore drugs, bilking the social services were entitled to so many benefits because they were citizens by birth.

This is not to villainize all of those who rely on social services, but to raise awareness that not all illegal immigrants are here to bilk the system. Some work incredibly hard and would make good citizens if they were given the chance.

Just wanted to point out one of the many ironies and complexities that surround this issue

DENNIS said...

The groups that oppose the Governor are racial profiling themselves.
Illegal immigration is not specific to one nationality.
There are illegal immigrants in this state and across the country from all over the world.
Illegal immigration leaves us open to terrorism and terrorist attacks.
Curbing illegal immigration makes it safer for us to live in the state and across the country, it curbs identity theft, and will in the long run help our economy more.
Come on people did we not learn anything from 911?

Everett said...

To anonymous above, You are right on in all respects in your comment! There must be, or there could be, some way of "weeding" out the non performers while rewarding those hard working folks you mentioned. I'm sure besides just working hard, a lot of them don't partake of the social services is because they don't want to come under that spotlight that will get them deported. It is a catch 22 for alot of them. They MAY want to pay their taxes and take the help when offered, but that route surely only leads to aone way ticket back to their homeland! It's a bitch.

Sam said...

Man, you folks got saltpeter in your Wheaties or what? Lighten up. If a person want to become a citizen and an American, I say "bring it on."

We sponsored a gal who does maid work and hired her but said she'd have to get the applications and fill them out. You're right, it has taken years and she's almost THERE! Darn it, she's paying taxes and Social Security. Come on, where are the good stories, and opportunity to succeed?

The "throw the bums out" mentality doesn't help there. I think the RI Governor is facing massive budget cuts and naturally, would put social services under the knife for illegals of any kind. He's some effing Italian immigrant, ain't he?

How about the thousands of foreigners serving in the US armed services on the promise they become Americans? They're fighting for OUR SAFETY right now and you're treating them like a bunch of scum.

Shame on you. Send them down to Texas where we know how to deal with "those" kind of people.

Sam said...

Oh and before y'all blow you whistle on me. I meant all that in a very nice way, rather like mocking or razzing, in a friendly spirit. I thought that was an important note.

But do you want to know where the REAL cultural bias is? Where it is most hateful? Where people get real hurt?

It's legal immigrants or those getting legal papers again all the other illegals and aliens. They detest wetbacks and migrantes and can't stand the aristocrats with born money instead of making it that hard way. They are VERY proud Americans.

It's just unfortunate that we have lots of illegals and aliens and for the South American, they pretty much look the same unless they have blond hair (some do).

But since the recent crack-downs and policies, they're headed home in large numbers. I just wanted to emphasize that many of these South Americans are very proud of their new country, the United States of America.

Want to know something strange? They're not allowed into Mexico without having lots more paper than you or me. While applying for US citizenship they CAN'T go home. They'd be put in jail. -sam

Everett said...

I went back and read the post and my comment again, and I didn't find anywhere that I said NO IMMIGRANTS, just illegal ones! If they want to come here, and follow the rules, come on! I just can't see how totally open borders is going to do anything more than drag this country right down to the level of the rest of the world. And BTW, not every person who came to these shores to get in was allowed in the door. Thousands were turned away because of sickness and other problems.
RI's Governor of Italian descent? Probably, but the reason we are so far in the hole is that there has been a very lopsided majority of liberal democrats in both houses for close to 100 years and they have spent us practically into receivership by doing the PC thingy and stuffing their own pockets whenever possible. You can't un-legislate crooks! They just keep making the laws to absolve themselves and keep right on ripping the rest of us off. Look at Jerry Z and the CRMC! Putting the foxes in charge of the hen house once again! They just keep raising more chickens to take from.
Italians? I love 'em! LIved in Naples for three years. It is the crooked ones who live here I don't like, right along with the Brit, French, Jewish, Black, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, and Brown ones!I think we should deport them all too the middle of the Sahara and let nature take it's course!
Now, how's that for a nice sunday morning screed!

Sam said...

Gee, Everett, I could have had a V-8!

So being how it's Spring and I'm in a great mood, except for estimating taxes which is about to break my business. How about paying quarterly and THEN paying $11,200?

But back to the topic at hand, my bad to mention any culture in a bad light and I deserved to be smacked down. But what is a shame is that many companies - not mine - depend on cheap labor and are either relocating or moving elsewhere.

Many of the crops around here like winter vegetables are sitting there rotting in the fields. The restaurants and hotels can't find any help. I could go on and on but let's face it, America had some darn cheap labor and now we ran it off. I don't know what to make of it, but that's my point and I'm sticking with it. -sam

Anonymous said...

Health care,immigration,who cares! What about the sand dunes in 1950???

history geek said...

Well here's a startling point. The American economy has always relied on cheap labor. Be it the enslaved original inhabitants of Santo Domingo ( today's Dominican Republic), the African slaves brought in by the Spanish plantation owners there who introduced African slavery to the New World, the slaves exported from the British Isles and Ireland to the caribbean ( compliments of Oliver Cromwell), the indentured servants of yore (including those who built the Island's stone walls). Heck maybe that's a way to solve the "dune problem" --get some cheap labor to rebuild the dunes -one shovel at a time?
Bottom line the American economy was built on cheap labor--it's the darker side of capitalism.

Anonymous said...

How do you round up 10-15 million people and ship them home. No small task. The world is just not so black and white, our problems are very complex and so are the solutions.

Sam said...

The method to reduce the illegal population is to do exactly what we're doing today - it's quite a list such as ICE raids, border fences, denial of service, roadside inspections, social security matching, and racial profiling by the police.

Add in a failing economy, no construction boom, corrupt and puny worker visa systems, and increased for coyote smugglers and you have a pretty sorry picture.

If there is a bright side, some agricultural companies are moving operations to Mexico, especially for labor-intensive crops such as avacodos.

But these new mega-farms only need a few thousand workers, not millions. So many returning to Mexico are going into the drug gang business, which includes are theft, bribery, ransom, and lots of shooting guns imported from the US. A lot of people don't know there is a war right down along our southern borders - do ya?

Old NFO said...

Anon- It's been done before under President Eisenhower. Of course that was when the government actually had the balls to enforce the law, not roll over for the LWL element. I agree with Ev, ANY illegal, regardless of country of origin should be deported.

Sam, if they are really proud to be American, why don't they learn english? Why don't the come in legally? Why are very few accepting the legal alternatives? Why do they falisfy records (SSN's, Green cards, etc) and prey on the US health care and education systems? Why do they send an estimated $20B a year out of the US? Is that being proud to be an American? I think not!

Sam, another mis statement- "So many returning to Mexico are going into the drug gang business, which includes are theft, bribery, ransom, and lots of shooting guns imported from the US."

Hate to break it to you, but many already are and are drug dealers in the US for the various cartels. They routinely steal guns in the US, along with Toyota pickup trucks, smuggle them back across the border, and run another load of drugs back this way.

Anonymous said...

Who did Eisenhower round up? When? I can't seem to find any evidence.

Anonymous said...

I believe old info is refering to " operation wetback" in the early 50's. It was hardly a beacon of light in our history and was very Stalin-like. Much like our detention of Japanese-Americans during WW2.

Sam said...

Well I see we're getting nowhere and we have lots of armchair experts that don't even live on the border where the action is, or know the truth as it is now.

But I respect all of the opinions, no matter how freaky they are.

Obviously this is a sore spot on our national ego or whatever you want to call it, since none of the immigration reform laws were passed by Congress. President Bush and John McCain tried, and last I checked they were fairly conservative - some ideas weren't all that bad either, like learning English.

Oh well, missed your chance. Now the Dems will tell you how to fix the problem and you going to holler and bellyache after watching all those Fox TV shows ... I can see it now.

Anonymous said...

Sam you think your tax bill is bad now. You will have to triple your quarterly payments if one of the dems get in.

Everett said...

Today,4/11/08 the governor signed and put into effect his executive order. Right off the bat the police chief of Warwick said he would ONLY be checking on someones legal status if it was part of a CRIMINAL investigation! No racial profiling or any other reason to check would be used. Well, aren't everyone of the illegal aliens in the act of committing a crime just by virtue of being in the country with no papers? Using this rational, I guess there are going to be damned few deportations. If you stop EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the street and check their status, is that still called racial profiling? The only ones bitching about that are the ones with a reason to be worried!

DENNIS said...

The U.S. immigration debate has been frozen since 9/11 and perhaps understandably so.
Americans want their government to be reasonably sure that visitors and immigrants aren’t a security risk. But the absence of a coherent immigration policy is
hampering both our states economic growth and national security.
Like a lot of other states, Rhode Island is affected by the fate of illegal immigrants. That is why we should embrace the same idea as the Arizona Republicans’ initiative. Their legislation contains provisions that advocates on both sides of the issue disagree with. But they present an unanticipated opportunity to place the unresolved issue of illegal immigration back to the political agenda.” The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, relegated illegal alien issues to the back burner of American politics. But where's the wisdom in continuing to allow thousands of people each year to come across our borders unchecked and undetected? Forget the back burner. The time has come for the Rhode Island state house to tackle this issue—before the body count gets any larger. Illegal immigration leaves the door open to terrorism and terrorist attacks PERIOD.
Dennis Lefebvre
Rhode Island

DENNIS said...

The U.S. immigration debate has been frozen since 9/11 and perhaps understandably so.
Americans want their government to be reasonably sure that visitors and immigrants aren’t a security risk. But the absence of a coherent immigration policy is
hampering both our states economic growth and national security.
Like a lot of other states, Rhode Island is affected by the fate of illegal immigrants. That is why we should embrace the same idea as the Arizona Republicans’ initiative. Their legislation contains provisions that advocates on both sides of the issue disagree with. But they present an unanticipated opportunity to place the unresolved issue of illegal immigration back to the political agenda The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, relegated illegal alien issues to the back burner of American politics. But where's the wisdom in continuing to allow thousands of people each year to come across our borders unchecked and undetected? Forget the back burner. The time has come for the Rhode Island state house to tackle this issue—before the body count gets any larger. Illegal immigration leaves the door open to terrorism and terrorist attacks PERIOD.
(The new Arizona law would suspend the operating license of any business that “knowingly or intentionally” hires an illegal immigrant. A second violation would put the business, out of business. All new hires must have their identification cross-checked by the Federal Basic Pilot system. Basic Pilot serves about 17,000 businesses nationally.)
Dennis Lefebvre
Rhode Island

Sam said...

There is an issue of State's rights and federalism as well. I'll take a stab at it (no pun intended!).

Immigration was traditionally considered a national function under US Customs and the like. One of the most famous facilities was Ellis Island in New York, which processed tens of thousands. Immigrants were screened for diseases, weeded for terrorists and anarchists, and documented with US papers of some kind. The newly formed Department of Homeland Security bundled together many of these branches such as Customs, border patrol, Coast Guard, etc. That's the case for a federalist view - national protection.

But what happened was that border states and even remote states such as Rhode Island ended up bearing the brunt of social costs due to lack of federal enforcement. This gets into State's Rights under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. As such, each State has rights not enumerated in the Constitution, and may deny certain privileges such as social welfare programs. That's exactly what the Governor of Rhode Island is doing, and rightfully so.

Where one can get into troubled territory is when federal funds are commingled with state funds, such as grants for child insurance, food stamps, indigent hospital care, policing, workers comp (a big issue), and so forth. That's because federal grant money usually comes with strings attached.

For example, many states dole out policing funds to help the federal agents ID illegal aliens. The state, county, and local police departments can detain potential illegals but a federal magistrate has the final say on the matter. That leaves many local police forces in an awkward position because they're already under-funded, and now have a larger mandate (e.g., costs more than incoming money so as to process illegals). So the locals can detail illegals such as those caught during crime investigations but doesn't have the money for whole-scale immigration control.

The money is in operating large jails to hold illegals for processing by the Fed - and by seizing large amounts of drugs. These are true money-makers that can bring in millions. Catching illegals doesn't pay a lousy dime! It only pays some over-time! So you see it's a tricky area and ALCU is always tying things up with there lawyers as well.

I wish I had a cleaner answer.

Anonymous said...

Sam I don't know why you waste your time. All Everett wants to see are mile long freight trains packed to the gills with illegals heading south. The complexety of the issue is too much for him and many others.

Everett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Everett said...

Jesus mr annoy-o-mous, Your powers of clairvoyance are incredible! Of all the forms of transportation available to transport these illegals, how is it you managed to pick the one that would work the least? All a train will do is get them to the border, not back to their home country. Oh Yeah, I forgot, that's when I get to wade into the crowd of poor defenseless folks and have a go at them with my 10k volt cattle prod and my 50 gallon can of pepper spray! That ought to move them along right smartly. But what am I to do with all the rest of the Illegal Immigrants that need a plane or a boat?
And BTW, I'm so happy to note that there is only one person in this country who has the where with-all, the brains, the compassion, and the understanding mind that can absorb the complexities of the Immigrant situation and is going to show us how to rectify this tiny problem! I stand here with bated breath, waiting for your finely tuned,and compassionate solution to begin! So will you get off your lazy ass and get it underway! We are waiting to see how you intend to get it done! What? not done yet? What the hell is taking you so long? Come on Mr. mouth, let's see some action instead of criticisis every time you open your face.

Sam said...

Now Everett watch that blood pressure! But it is complex.

The system works like this: first you get a bus ride to the border and escorted across an international bridge. These are first-time offenders with no crime history (criminals are tried in the court system).

Many areas now have an expedited form that skips the bus ride. First you go to a formal holding facility like a jail to await deportation hearings from a federal magistrate.

You might get the bus ride or if you're a "frequent flier" with two or more times being caught, it gets more serious. Often these folks are given a free jet plane ride to Mexico City, Guadalajara, or some place like that.

That's my understanding and no railroads are ever used like the old days (when steamships were used as well). I have no idea what percent are (1) released on a bond, (2) bussed to the border, or (3) given an airline vacation ride into interior Mexico. The "other than Mexicans" (OTM) are treated a little differently (about 10% of the illegals) and some, if they can prove they are fleeing a terrorist government, or would be killed if they return home, are actually allowed to stay in this country.

The amount of money we taxpayers pay to bust, hold, and transport these illegal aliens is humongous. It is quite a racket.

In fact some airline charter companies make a killing off the operation - they also specialize in operations in Columbia and dead soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan (many families objected to their kin's coffin being on a commercial air liner). Government work is good and they don't have to worry as much about fuel price increases (e.g., contract as cost-plus).

Anonymous said...

The frieght train thihg was just a figure of speech. Everett you never fail me, you always take the bait. Are you bitter, clinging to your guns, I know you are not clinging to your faith.

Sam said...

Naw Everett is a sweet old man (for a grumpy old grumble-butt) but he's got a right to have opinions however he wants.

And Everett, I read the post and you actually invited the Cyber Dude to post up, didn't ya? Ugh-oh ...

But at the end of the day - or the beginning of the next because it's after midnight here - all this hoo-ha doesn't mean a hill of beans, or frijoles for that matter.

Can you, I or anybody blogging out there really change anything? I've got plenty form letters back from my legislators, seems like they were written by 23 year old interns or something (Everett, the famous Monica was one!).

The one thing I will admit is that even being right next to the border drug war, the border fence, and a couple thousand extra Federal agents ... I am still learning the game. I do not know all.

Let me end with a famous saying that "Here we do not tolerate corruption, we demand it!"

Everett said...

Boy Sam, Trains,planes, busses and other conveyances! This is getting to complex to comprehend! I guess I'm just going to have to fall back on my "faith" in whatever and see what happens. Oh damn, I forgot, I don't have any faith being an agnostic! Or do you suppose he meant that other kind of faith? Oh well, don't have any of that either. It went down the tubes with the other ideals I used to have after watching the bill and monica show.But as the snipe says, I always rise to the occasion or take the bait or am the bait, whatever works for him. And yes "I am clinging to my guns"! In fact have bought four more in the last month so I can take care of business a little faster when the time comes! Better alert the HSF's. I did invite him to post Sam, How could I keep him away? And JUST EXACTLY LIKE ME, He always rises to the bait also! Kindred souls you suppose? Oh well. Onward and Upward!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,
Are you the same SamFamAustin who is on the Abaco message board? And would you be the same Sam and Meakin formerly from Lubbers Qtrs?
Curious, PC

Sam said...

Hey Curious PC,

I'm SamFam but never lived on Lubbers. Wish I had a place on that rock though! Beautiful. -sam

Sam said...

Hey Everett ya old coot, I got some "illegal aliens" headed up your way right now!

About a couple thousand Red-Wing Blackbirds and many warblers and buntings, a few orioles with only one sighting of the elusive Orchard Oriole.

Your winter bird seed bill is now like about $200 and I ain't getting no guv'mint money for feeding them rascals so fess up!

Not to mention watering them in a solid drought. Do you them birds POOP in their drinking water? Huh? And the porch looks like somebody sprayed it with Brown #59.

Yup, a cool front came through on Friday down here in South Texas and by Monday they were hoofing it your direction on a strong south wind.


Everett said...

Hi Sam, I don't mind the RWBB's but I really hate the damned starlings! They are a nasty bird! The rwbb's mostly hang out in the swamps making more hungry mouths for you to feed next winter! I also spend about 400-500 bucks feeding the birds from Nov too about the end of march. I'm sure they'd be fine with out my restaurant but I like to watch their antics! See Ya

Sam said...

Starlings ... we don't have them here but I hear they are NOT immigrant aliens and pretty much stay where they're at, regarded sometimes as pests and sometimes as great in the summer for picking off bad bugs like the Japanese beetle.

So, have you taught any to say "meow" or to whistle? They say they will mimic you. Try the "meow" call sometime. -sam