The Sounds of Silence-Deafening isn't it?

- Ms. P, It has been well over 100 days now, and oil is now, $100 a barrel! What ever happened to our independence from foreign oil that YOU were going to deliver too us? Can't you get off your ass and motivate some of your cohorts into doing some "mandating" that would make all vehicles in the US flex fuel compatible by 20xx? Then maybe some of the small farmers in this country might have a chance to actually run in the black for a change! Oh Yeah, there will probably be some sort of rider attached to that bill that says only Archer-McDaniels can grow corn anymore!

- How is your program of ethics reform moving along? Dead in the water last I heard! Too many crooks who won't vote for it I guess huh? You could start with a "sign" program. You know like in kindergarten, plaster the halls of congress with big gaudy signs, in small words and big letters, describing what ethics are and how to introduce them into your daily lives. Oh damn, I forgot, most of you idiots can't read or by now you might have read the OTHER, "writing on the wall"!

- BTW, why don't you take Harry Reid and Richard Byrd into the cloak closet and give them a good talking to on the excess use of earmarks in their home states? I remember you made lots of grandiose statements about how you were going to fix that little problem also. Senile-ator Byrd just went over the 3 billion mark with his latest $36 million grab! How come no progress there? Oh yeah I see it now, you've got your hand deep in the jar and got such a big handful of bucks for your husbands projects that you can't get it out huh? Just like a monkey and the cookie jar!

- We are not exempt here in RI either. Sen. Jack Reed just got a quarter mil to restore the "John Brown House" Wasn't he the founder of Brown U.? Don't they own the house? How the hell come the taxpayer gets to foot the bill for the face lift?

- Why don't you in your capacity as speaker, try doing something about the the bloated and totally out of control "foreign aid" package? Why do we continually give money to countries that are actively plotting the downfall of the US? How can you people, in any semblance of rationality, continue to pour money down these rat holes? You say you do it to promote the good will of these people? You say you do it to get food aid to these poor people? You say you do it to stop genocide in these poor countries? etc. etc. etc.? Well let me tell you folks, IT AIN'T WORKING!!! The top dogs skim most of it right off the top and into bank accounts in Switzerland! And if you can't see that, it is because your head is shoved so far up your, err, dark smelly places, you will never see the light of day again! Just think what we could do with all that money if it stayed home! The first thing we could do with some of it, is to remove Joe Kennedy from the TV where he continues to blatantly shill for Hugo Chavez, Mr. CITGO himself!

-Time too quit. I have to go take a blood pressure pill before I pop a gasket. But in the meantime Ms P, hie thee hence in your Armani clad body, and your dhimmi covered head, and your wrinkle covered face, and connect with that other harridan Shrillary, and try to get at least one meaningful piece of work done in your, "House of Ill Repute" before you all go on summer hiatus. Yeah, good luck to us!! TIFN


Sam said...

Hey Ev I recon you don't like this Nancy Pelosi girl, first lady Speaker of the House. She's just a regular old person, and she did get out-foxed by that wily old conniver, George Bush. Yep, he took the paper about the "First 100 Days" and rolled a big fat hippie doobie and smoked 'em out.

But you have a point about nonsensical spending, a very good one. Mandated programs for defense, health care, social security, education, and all these bureaucracies just for manpower takes up an amazing part of the budget, maybe 80 percent. That doesn't even count the War on Iraq, which is mostly being funded from money borrowed from the Chinese.

What you got leftover is some money for nice stuff like pork, UN fees, World Bank, "assistance money" for other countries, and maybe a cheapo raise for GSA and DOD staff (0.05%). Rather than really figure out how to fix some of the troublesome stuff like foreign aid, they tend to rubber stamp it pretty much the same every year. This let's them know how much pork is left on the table, since that's their main goal anyway.

Remember Newt Gingrich and his "Contract with America"? He wanted to get rid of pork too! So said the Dems when they got majorities in Congress. But there were just blowing hippie-smoke on you, Everett. You can't get re-elected for stopping "good projects" from happening in your state.

Plain and simple to me!

Libertarian Louie said...

tis Robert not Richard Byrd o and just so you know seven of the top 12 congressmen who bring home the most pork in terms of dollars thru earmarks are Republicans including the KING of earmarks, ted Stevens

we are ALL Americans first, Ec, too bad you want to be so partisan, first

Old NFO said...

Ev, they lied to our faces- Typical behaviour for the congresscritters... They are in power and don't give a s**t for any campaign promises. They got in and are doing what they want.

Everett said...

No Louie, I don't WANT to be partisan first or last. Those names had just been read elsewhere and so came readily to mind. I wish every one of them would not use these earmarks at all. It is a complete rip off of every OTHER citizen/taxpayer in every other state when they do this crap. If it cannot be done honestly and above board, well then there must be a problem with its conception. Usually these earmarks feed and benefit a select few people in those states. And who is Stevens? Is he the AK dude with the bridge to nowhere? About 250 mil was it? ROBERT Byrd is in with both feet and up to his eyeballs to the tune of either 3 or 4 BILLION! Thats a hell of a lot m ore than 2.5M I think