Help! It snowed in my yard and I can't move!! Help!! Help!!

And with that title staring at you, you have some inkling of an idea of what kind of mentality has beseiged the people of this 2nd most corrupt state!

It snowed here a few days ago, anywhere from 2 inches to the 10 inches in the "higher elevations", that would be Foster-Gloster. But because the weather guessers didn't tell us soon enough,(they gave ONLY two days warning), how deep it would be in each individual yard across the state, why, we were totally unprepared for the unorganized chaos, is there any other kind?, that enveloped the whole state of RI. Apparently there was NOT EVEN ONE teleconference between ALL the business owners, The Governor and ALL his various minions, the National Guard, All the police departments, ALL school Superintendants and Principals AND Custodians, and every single plow driver in the state! And because of this gross miscarraige of group communication, every body decided to go home at the same time!! What the hell is going on here? Why didn't someone in authority TEXT ME and tell me just at exactly which minute of the day I was SUPPOSED to start heading home? How the hell am I supposed to be able to make that decision without at least 40 or 50 other PC people to help me with the deliberations? I am at a complete loss here trying to understand how the breakdown in communications was so total and so devastating to the people of RI. I also know that it is going to take many trips to the physche doctor to enable me to get past this latest influx of PTSD into my being! Thats Post Traffic Stress Disorder folks!

So, removing the tongue from the cheek I am here to ask, just when the hell did it happen that the people of this state, and country became such dissolute, lame brained, useless sheep, that have to be led by the nose in order to make a decision or a move on their own? When did they fall into the trap that they MUST have a 'Big Brother" to plan their every move? When was it that thinking for yourself, protecting yourself, fending for yourself, and every OTHER "for yourself" became passe in this culture? Somewhere, sometime in your life, you have to take a little responsibility for your self and your actions and quit pissing and moaning 'cause some one else wasn't there to wipe your nose and ass for you! Do it your own damn self! I tell you folks, I am really and truly fearful for the continued survival of this country and it's denizens. I can see our descendants morphing into H.G.Wells' Eloi and Moreloc's if they don't shitcan this Politically Correct bullshit mindset that has infected this whole population. Keep on leaning so far to the left, and sure enough,you are going to wind up on your ass, flat on your back, with a great big Jackboot grinding you into the dirt!

And BTW, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR and stuff that happy holiday crap where it will never see the light of day again!! TIFN


Katrinabisland said...

I was caught in the storm last week. I left my office about 15 minutes after it started snowing and by the time I walked to my car and brushed off the snow (already 1 inch) Bottom line in my opinion of what happened. Too much snow too quickly. The plows couldn't start before there was snow and then once it started snowing the plows got stuck with every one else. I was there drive 5 miles and hour. It took me almost two hours to get home and I live in Warwick and only drove from Providence. As far as the kids getting stuck, awful stituation. One thing I know that would never happen on Block Island.

Happy Holidays to all!

Sam said...

Gosh, sounds like something better could have been done and I feel sorry about any problems with kids and the traffic but ... you're talking some prime bumper hitching there, folks! We had an old VW and an old green pickup truck from the Forest Service and us kids would hang on the bumper and do tricks in the snow. You just have to have really warm, slick boots. Ones that could handle about 15 MPH.

About 5 inches of snow was perfect, no slush or any salt or sand those nasty snowplows would put down. I'm talking virgin snow here. Hang on, the driver was trying to whip you off but if somebody bailed, we always got them back. If the cops were around we just did circles in a parking lot for fun. They thought it was funny.

Oh yeah, you could hang on with one hand and stand up, turn backwards, and wiggle for the girls like Michael Jackson. Then on the big turns, we'd all get on one side and make the car slide real good, scrunched down like little toboggan racers. Never got burned by the exhaust pipe or rear wheels, either.

These days folks are a bunch of wussies. All that bumper hitching is now against the law, and even if it were legal you'd need three classes and five books just to learn the ropes.

P.S. I didn't mention we had a few gals on our bumper hitching team, but they deserve some very serious credit. That was 1972, after all.

Merry, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Amen Everett! It justs comes down to "that's nature folks-get over it and make the best of it!!!" All they had to do was look at the weather forecast and do the math-its gonna snow this afternoon, what's my plan? Last big bad blizzard that knocked us on our ass was '78; if we have a "problem one" every 30 years hell we're not doin so bad....!

Old NFO said...

Ev, it is just the nature of the beast today... Why should 'I' take responsitility when it's not my fault; especially when I can blame somebody else for my lack of preparedness... sigh...

It's obvious the gene pool needs a little chlorine...

OBTW, growing up in Louisiana and Arkansas, we never got a chance to bumper hitch, there was never enough snow that stayed around long enough, and when we got ice storms, everybody just stayed home...LOL

Lin said...

We got lucky here in Indy. . One snowstorm of about 6 inches with some ice.. then it warmed to 52. . then wind, but no more snow.

I hope you and your family enjoy the time. . whatever you do on these days.

Best wishes to you.

Myron said...

Sure glad we don't get a lot of snow here in Houston. Gimme the hurricanes. You can see them coming on the radar and haul ass. Unless you're in Nawlins. Then you wait to be told and then blame everybody but the mayor and governor.

Sam said...

All I know is to heck with the hurricanes, I got a crop of about 200 red-wing blackbirds that Everett sent down here 'cause the weather is too cold and nasty up on the Block.

I'm gonna send ya a bill, Everett, them birds is eating a pound of birdseed a day and going dootie all over my porch I just painted pure white last summer!

Oh I can tell them's are Block Islander blackbirds, Everett, and don't try to wiggle out of that one. They peck on all the tourist sparrows and smaller birds, make a mess, go get drunk on fermented berries, and then scold me because they ran out of freakin' bird seed.

You're up to about $14.50 so far. I don't care if ya got to go to the Town Wardens for a check, but you're racking it up! /sammie