It's Not about Marriage

I got this from a friend in New Mexico and it expresses my sentiments totally. I also don't CARE about your sexuality or lack thereof, but please do not shove it in my face! As I said, I don't care! Enjoy the read. The author, Dave Stoddard, is retired U.S. Border Patrol. He lives in SE ARizona.

Ordinarily I write about border related issues. But late last year I wrote a satiric article about Arizona's Representative Jim Kolbe and I included a letter I had written to him in which I claimed that I wanted to marry my horse.

You would not believe the hate mail generated. It came from all over the world, so I am sure it struck a homosexual nerve. This article should really fire them up.

I could not care less what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. It simply does not concern me. But, keep it off my T.V., out of my schools, away from my family and out of my face. Keep it to yourself. I don't want to know about it.

It seems that in every direction you look today the homosexual agenda is plastered everywhere promoted by the courts, the National Education Association, the ACLU, sundry special interest groups and even some apostate churches.I am sick of it. It is not normal. It is a perversion, an aberration, a deviancy and it is repugnant. It is a behavior that is dangerous and simply out of sync with natural and spiritual values.

Yet, if you are repulsed by homosexual behavior, (Notice I haven't mentioned homosexuals. The few homosexuals I have known were and are amiable, pleasant and even likeable), but, their behavior is simply appalling.

A phobia is defined as an "unreasonable fear". You can have an unreasonable fear of practically anything and many people have phobias. Yet, if you are disgusted by homosexual behavior you are "homophobic". How so? Not only are you homophobic you are a bigot. Why? Since homosexuality is a behavior there is no way to look at someone and determine he or she is homosexual. It has to be communicated by word, action or clothing. The orientation must be communicated, confessed or flaunted. How can that be bigotry? It is not likely that a homo will suddenly appear and terrorize anyone. Again I ask, "Why is failure to embrace homosexual behavior a phobia?" Let's not equate disgust, aversion, and repulsion with unreasonable fear.

I received an email from one fellow who actually believed that I wanted to marry my horse. He chastised me and stated that I couldn't morally engage in bestiality because animals can't give consent. However, all humans can give consent, even children. Wrong, moron! Pedophilia is not just morally wrong, it is a crime, and it is sickening and disgusting.

Another individual pointed out to me that homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom and that it is natural and therefore normal and acceptable. He used, as an example, two male penguins in a New York zoo that fell in love and hatched out an egg. (As I remember, some dude used this event to write a children's book touting the homosexual lifestyle). Wrong Twinkletoes! It is the male penguin who spends weeks in the Antarctic cold hatching the chick while the mother forages for food. When the mother returns, the baby penguin is already hatched and then the father walks to the ocean to feed. It is the male penguin's job to hatch the egg. Nothing homo about that.

Then I was told about the phenomenon of bulls mounting one another as evidence of "gayness" in animals. Wrong, Donkey Breath! Nothing unnatural about that either. Cattle can't tell by sight which is the opposite sex. They are not bright enough to see a difference. Bulls are stimulated to mating behavior by pheromones. Cows in heat emit an odor that drives the bull crazy. The same is true with most mammals. Simply because a pen full of young bulls engage in mounting behavior does not mean they are homosexual bulls. It does mean that there is at least one cow close by who is in heat.

Then another told me about love. Love between humans is beautiful, natural and to be celebrated. This includes homosexual love. Wrong, Rump Ranger! Unnatural sex between humans is lust. There is huge difference between love and lust. It is so easy to get confused when values are blurred by predators and perverts preying on emotionally disturbed and vulnerable individuals. Many are damaged for a lifetime.

Then I had an example of fish that change gender. It is true that there are fish species that will literally change gender when confined in a small pool where there are none of the opposite sex. This is a mechanism provided by nature to preserve the fish specie in pools of water that have become isolated. These fish actually change their sex and they reproduce. They do this without hormone injections and surgery. It has nothing to do with "gender identity disorder".

There is not one example of true homosexuality in the animal kingdom despite what the liberal media is telling you. But somehow, if you do not accept, endorse, and applaud homosexual behavior, you are excoriated as some kind of bigoted, homophobic Neanderthal.

It has become an issue of civil rights. They want a "civil right" to expose hetero-Americans and children to immoral, unnatural and dangerous behavior. A homosexual has every civil right I do. So, it is not about civil rights. It is not about diversity and tolerance. That is unless diversity and tolerance means that we sacrifice our convictions and beliefs on the altar of political correctness and accept homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality and not at all unnatural or immoral. To homos we must endorse it, applaud it, accept it and we cannot teach our children that it is wrong or we are bigoted homophobes and people to be scorned and ridiculed.

Recently the House of Representatives passed HR-1592, the so called "Hate Crimes Legislation". It is currently being considered and strengthened in the Senate. Senator Kennedy, as expected, has some amendments. Soon it may be against the law to write what I have written here. It might even become illegal to voice Christian beliefs, since the Christian God has stated that homosexuality is an abomination.
President Bush has indicated that he will not sign the legislation. If he follows through and vetoes the Hate Crimes Bill, what about the next President?
Massachusetts has already legalized same sex marriage. Immediately hundreds of homos flocked to Massachusetts to get married. Then many of them went back to their home states and filed for divorce hoping that other states would recognize a same sex marriage from another state thereby legitimizing same sex marriages. If it were solely about marriage, why don't they just stay married and be happy?
It's not about marriage. It is not about civil rights, diversity or any related thing. It is about recognition, validation, acceptance, legitimizing and embracing homosexuality and eliminating existing values and mores. Homosexuals want to feel good about themselves. They want to be celebrated and applauded based on a behavior. They can't feel good about themselves until they leave that behavior. It is not genetic. If there were a genetic factor, it would have been eliminated from the gene pool many generations ago. It is not a hormonal imbalance, (unless hormones are being injected).
Homosexuality is a spiritual disease. It can be cured spiritually and there are many former homosexuals attesting to this fact.

Amen Brothers and Sisters, TIFN!!!


Sam said...

The guy writes well, Everett, but H.L. Mencken, possibly the most famous US writer next to Mark Twain and Ernest Hemmingway, would probably have a field day about the moral "booboisie." Fittingly one of his most famous quotes was:

"You never push a noun against a verb without trying to blow up something."

Sounds right military to me! I blowed up an old outhouse one time, does that count?

Glad to know you're human, though, ya old sailor airplane tinkerer!

Anonymous said...

I've always been a 'Love the sinner, hate the sin' kind of guy. I had and have gay freinds. That said, I also would not want my kid to have to read 'Jane has two daddies'in school.
Speaking of hate crimes, right now a Pace Univ. student is facing 4 years in prison for the 'hate crime' of taking a couple of korans and leaving them in the toilet. Nobody but the janitor saw it, no one was hurt. If he had taken a cross and put it in jar of piss and called it art, Pace would be applauding and defending him. Theft and vandalism? guilty. But hate crime? This is a very slippery slope we are starting to slide down.

Everett said...

I read an article somewhere in my checkered past about the emasculation of the American male perpetrated by the forces of "PoliticaL Correctness" It went through a whole litany of the rules that have been enacted over the last twenty years or so, that take away virtually all actions that could possibly hurt someones feelings or damage their physche in some unfathomable way! Jesus, don't CALL someone a fag or a queer it might damage his image of himself in his mind. The fact that he practices homosexual acts doesn't seem to affect them though. The logic and the rational of that line of thought escapes this worn-out mind.

It has been postulated by a couple other blogs, that if the right to carry a hunting knife in public of more than 4 inches in blade length, had not been PC'ed into oblivion, those plane loads of boys from Saudi Arabia might have had second thoughts about going up against a plane full of 8 to 10 inch Buck hunting knife carrying men, with their puny assed 3/4 inch box cutters! And 3000 folks wouldn't have had to die! Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight!!

Well, I think that having been inundated with all this oh so PC crap is going to be the undoing of this country, witness the "flying Imams" and CAIR's lawsuit as a starter. Yes "anonymous", we have got both feet planted firmly on banana skins about two inches over the edge of that slope, and we are picking up speed every day. Witness the non passage of the "John Doe" clause in the most recent Homeland Security legislation. I hope those people who voted the way they did, are the very first of their ilk to feel the full and total effects of their actions, or rather their inaction. Apparently they think they will be EXEMPT from the consequences that their callous disregard of their constituents rights will engender! They are a sorry bunch!!

And while I'm here, How about Obama's latest "fox paw"? Can you believe that he said that if he were president, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would he EVER use the "nuclear option" if it would hurt one innocent civilian, or words to that effect. Well that comment just got him elected President, as all the leaders from Tehran, Pong Yang, Bejeing, Moscow, etc. will be falling all over themselves trying to see who can stuff the most money into Obama's PAC's and his election warchest! Remember MR Clinton and his Chinese donors?
He just negated 60+ years of American nuclear policy in three or four seconds!! I guess the fact of MAD, that kept us from killing ourselves is now out the window unless after the first landing of someones missile on our country Mr Obama hauls his head out of his ass and gets a reality check!! WHAT A HUGE RECTUM ORIFICE he TURNED OUT TO BE!!

Sam said...

I think you got a good start there, Everett. Back when we grew up, you had things called "chores" and then you might throw papers before having breakfast and walking a few miles to school. After walking home we'd do more "chores," and depending on the season mow lawns, shovel snow, or help out until dinner. Then homework and bed, maybe 30 minutes of TV if the thing worked - radio seemed to work better. Mix that in with scouts, church, and helping dad on the weekends and you didn't have time to laze around.

Nowadays, strength comes in steroid pills and a hot handgun, or daddy bought you a muscle car. The boys of today got their computers, cell phones, iPods, and rap. You couldn't get them to do much of anything. Business changed too, and kids can't throw papers or run a snow shovel without some kind of "training" and a license. What happened?

I wouldn't go as far as saying it is "emasculation" or "pussification" because that's not what happened. I think it starts with lazy, unmotivated parents myself. Then there's peer pressure from their school buddies, since THEY all sit around eating all day and doing nothing, just "chilling."

As to political correctness, my opinion is that the problem is not the government but over-sensitive people. You know the kind - they sue at the drop of a hat, and it started before that dumb lady spilled hot McDonald's coffee on herself and made millions. That's a different story, since kids don't usually sue.

Too unmotivated.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Ev- next week can we read something about how African-Americans should never have been given the right to vote? Or how about posting something related to how Jews control the money supply?

If you're really up for it, maybe we could read some tirade about keeping women in the home and out of the workforce?

No offense, but your blog is much more interesting when you stick to things that are near and dear to your heart: The mess at Town Hall; rude teenagers; and Kirk's house. To post something like this betrays the image of you that so many of us (like me) have grown up admiring.

Everett said...

I don't believe that I advocated, or made disparaging remarks about the three or four items you listed African-Americans,Jews,women in the work place, nor will you ever read or hear of me saying things about those particular three! And I'm not particularly happy to think that you would associate me with that line of reasoning because of the content of this post.
I (do) have a phobia as enumerated in the post as regards the PRACTICES of homosexuality! I DID NOT say I hated the folks who partake of those practices! I just wanted it kept in the darkest of closets where it belongs and not shoved unrelentingly in our faces.

I have also had, and do have some friends who are gay and that I would trust my life with. They don't take every chance they get to rub my face in their doings behind closed doors!

So I'm sorry if I have tarnished my not-so-bright image in your eyes, but reality IS reality! This isn't a fixation that just jumped on me after reading that post, it came upon me at a young age, when a person of that persuasion, TRIED to introduce me too those sybaritic practices, without success I might add!! It was an out and out child molestation in todays terms. Back then I don't recall what is was called, but I do remember my Dad going to he guy and telling him if he ever attempted it again, he would be wearing a pitchfork in his chest! So again I say that my dislike of the genre is deeply ingrained in my phsyche . It is what it is. TIFN

Sam said...

Ah, maybe the issue is that you copied somebody else's letter and it just didn't sound like Everett Littlefield. Now that last post there sounded a lot more like him! Maybe it was new marriage laws in various states, somebody's political plank (read: Democrat), or something else that motivated you. Surely, BI doesn't have a gay park with open sex happening, right?

No, that would be Austin, TX. LOL.

I tell you what chapped my butt this week was somebody saying I was a creep because I didn't go to every Town Meeting. Here I am volunteering my time on two committees, fixing up parks, and saving turtles and ... well I was upset because these folks think they're better because they sit on their butts at a dang meeting once every two weeks. Hehe, kicked off another forum blog, I was.

I was wanting another dose of Block Island gossip, though. Anything new in the drunk and disorderly file? /sammie

Everett said...

OH yeah as concerns the drunk and disorderly! Log onto the BI Times site and read the police report page! Chief Carlone is keeping right after the bad boys. Now if he would just park a couple of bike cops down at the fourway by the old Post Office and tag a few hundred bike riders who seem to think it is perfectly okay to pass on the right and go blasting through the stop signs at their top speed, I would be a happy man!

Anonymous said...

What a stupid fucking post. Not only are you an asshole, you're proud to be one.

Your family must hate spending time with a miserable dickweed like you. I know I would.

Sam said...

Whoa Trigger, that was funny. Everett might be what you say but he's a nice, fuzzy, adorable one, grandfatherly-like. I'll never forget my wife had a grandpaw and you know he'd just pop off at dinner time and say in complete seriousness, "you know that old nigger Joe down the street, he was one heck of a deer hunter, we had good times." Our jaws would drop to the table! But true story and secretly, I don't think that kind of talk is Everett's bag, OK mon?

As to the bikes, well those "hay burners" have been a pain in the neck since 1972. /sammie

Everett said...

Touched a "sore" spot maybe? BTW, What's a dickweeed?

Sam said...

I dunno, they got Jimson Weed, Bull Nettle ... nothing under "D" that I can find in my plant book. Maybe the stuff that grows behind Dead Eye Dick's?

Doug said...

"I also don't CARE about your sexuality or lack thereof, but please do not shove it in my face!"

I'm sorry, but it DOES sound like you care about sexuality. And it seems sort of hypocritical to say "It's okay if you're gay as long as you don't act like it". It sounds like you're just trying to justify homophobia - or at least a very really dislike of gays.

Prudy said...

You know what, I would rather not hear about anyone's sex life. Whether it's my parents, the couple next door, or yes, even my gay friends. I occasionally discuss vague details with VERY close friends, but that is it. I have always thought sex is private. I have disliked PDA (public displays of affection) since grade school. Don't matter to me whether it's guy-girl, girl-girl, or guy-guy.

Just like I don't think some of us would enjoy watching a sex scene with two 75 year olds, some of us would rather not see two guys making out, or two girls. It might just not be within our comfort zone.

Sam said...

I tend to agree that we need to keep our minds on our own business and the government out of our bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

It depends which 75 year olds. If we're talking Paul Newman...

Deirdre said...

Forgive me for saying so, Everett- (or maybe not) but does the name Bob Moran ring a bell? If not, I'll illuminate: he was a known child molester who brought what is tantamount to soul murder upon many of the Island's youth, circa 1985-86, and was escorted off of the Island without so much as a warrant. As far as I know, not only did he get away with ruining our kids, but he also married one of the women from the Island- all without a gay bone in his body.

I love your blog, but I think you should be very careful about equating homosexuality with child molestation. True, not everyone wants to see the alleged "gay agenda" plastered all over their personal spaces- but to throw homosexuals at large into the same category as child molesters? And if I'm reading you wrong, then I apologize.

But I think you and I, and a great many people who read this blog, know many more child molesters than the aforementioned Moran, both on and off the Island. They may be many things, but homosexuals they are not.

Sam said...

Hey Deirdre, if you got that impression I think it was from the loose writing style or the referring letter/document. The issue of being a pederast (child molester) is completely different from sexual orientation as to be gay, straight, or bi-sexual. It is a disease that covers all walks of life.

I can think of about five municipal and county cops down here who have been charged with child pornography and solicitation in lower Texas. Many of the seized computer files allegedly showed the cop in his own videos of sickening sex acts. These were all married men with children. Some of the children were as young as three years old.

They deserve the lowest levels of Hell. I can't imagine how long they'd last in prison. Everett might agree with that sentiment, too. /sammie

Everett said...

Hi Deirdre, Yeah I remember that SOB! If I had known for sure that he was doing that to one of my kids, pederast OR gay, they would still be looking for him and wondering where he went!
I guess the line between the two was always a little blurry to me because of the incident cited, but deep down I don't really believe that all gays are molesters as a group. I guess I always considered male on female as a rape, and the other way around as not QUITE as bad. But "same sex" acts had ALWAYS held the conotation of "gay" to me although they are not gay in the other sense of the word, but a brutal enforcement of ones own personal desires on an unsuspecting and unknowing young victim!
Yeah I guess I went a little wrong there in that accusation, but I'd still like all the gay crap to get back behind closed doors and stay there, at least till I'm gone from this realm! See Ya 'round young lady! Stop up some time when you're on the Island!
You won't believe this but, the "word Identification" letters that just came up are, "homoimfj"!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, what a shot. Loved the "rump ranger" part

Sam said...

Everett, dude, if it's with a child it don't matter, it's called molestation and that can get you ten to twenty. Get with it, man, and don't worry about them rump rangers among consenting adults. Sheesh, next thing you'll be talking about them thar Sodamites!

Sam said...

GEORGETOWN — An Austin woman was sentenced to 23 years in prison Wednesday for having sex with a 16-year-old whom she lived near last year in Round Rock.
Phill Raije Rian, 41, shook vigorously as a Williamson County jury sentenced her. She was convicted Monday of three counts of sexual assault of a child.
The jury recommended 10 years for one count, 13 for the second and 10 years' probation for the third.
Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield stacked the first two sentences, meaning she will serve 23 years in prison and 10 years' probation.
She won't be eligible for parole until she has served half the prison term.
Austin American-Statesman, 8/16/2007