Reutersgate on Block Island!

Photoshopped! It even happens in the smallest of newspapers. Apparently Adnan Hajii, a photo stringer of Lebanese lineage, has taken up residence on BI under the alias of "Nameless"! I refer to the photo in this weeks newspaper, emblazoned across the front of the paper. In an amazing display of camera wielding, the local bathing pavilion has disappeared into the nether world, and a very nice looking sand dune has appeared in it's place. Is nothing sacred anymore? Why is it necessary to TRY and dupe we who live here with a false representation of actuality? I can't be the only one who has noticed this. I realize that this is a much better view than that of the boxy building, but come on folks, reality would have sufficed. BTW, don't know who Adnan Hajii is? Go to a web site called "Little Green Footballs" and scroll through a few previous posts of the last week or so. You'll find, in the Blogosphere, the only coverage of the fake,(photoshopped) photos by this man sent to Reuters, and then on too the rest of the world giving totally false apprasials of what is going on in the Isreali/Hezbollah war. NOT ONE WORD has been seen in the MSM about these dupliticious actions by AP/Reuters. Their credibility has been shot to hell in my estimation, and I will find it hard to believe anything they put forth in the future, as nothing more than their reconstructed views of what actually happened. Truth be damned! Another BTW, sorry about my prediliction for the use of comma's. I never learned the rules for the correct usage. TIFN


Lets get Political!!

Now here is a subject that about which I think we can all have a little to say. The "Question" I pose is, "What do you think of the candidates that are running for office this time around?" Feel free to speak your mind and say what you really think about how the performance of each of these individuals, if elected, will Effect/Affect ( both uses of the words) the running of the Island. Now let us NOT have any Nasty or Personally derogatory remarks about them. Just how you think they will do, and wether you are going to vote for or against each and why. Let's make the questions/answers well reasoned and hold the vitriol to a minimum. Okay folks let's go! Here is your chance to vent, good or bad!! TIFN

Still Alive and Kickin'

Well, I'm still here on top of the dirt, but have been too busy with my "other job" to do much here. Will get back at it soon enough. Thanks for hanging around.