Lets get Political!!

Now here is a subject that about which I think we can all have a little to say. The "Question" I pose is, "What do you think of the candidates that are running for office this time around?" Feel free to speak your mind and say what you really think about how the performance of each of these individuals, if elected, will Effect/Affect ( both uses of the words) the running of the Island. Now let us NOT have any Nasty or Personally derogatory remarks about them. Just how you think they will do, and wether you are going to vote for or against each and why. Let's make the questions/answers well reasoned and hold the vitriol to a minimum. Okay folks let's go! Here is your chance to vent, good or bad!! TIFN


Sam said...

Ain't none of my beeswax Everett but they had a cool forum website down here where citizens could ask questions and post them for the contenders.

Heh-heh, then you can print off the responses and bring them to a live, in-person forum or debate and ask them what exactly what the heck they meant! LOL!

It turns out that since the Computer Revolution, lots of communities and folks love this kind of thing (especially folks like our Cyber Sniper). You don't have to get nervous speaking in front of folks.

See if someone independent can get some of that software and do some moderating (no bashing, folks!), and get ready to fire away...

C.A.T.T. said...

Here is a list of candidates if you are not sure who is running for office......
1st warden..Les Slate..Steve McQueeny..Kim Gaffett.
Second warden is unapposed Ray Torrey.
The real race is for town council where we have..Sean McGarry..Bob Smith..Ken Lacoste..Dick Martin..Mary Jane Balser..Herman Hassinger..Peter Baute..Fran Migliaccio.
I hope I listed them all. Remember this should NOT be a popularity contest.If you care anything about Block Island you will THINK CAREFULLY and vote for the people who have the ability, knowledge and the background to handle the job of running the town.

Anonymous said...

they are all retards especially
les slate,sean mcgarry,bob smith