Blubber for Dinner anyone?

Here is a little surprise sent to us by those lovely east winds. It is supposedly a Blue Whale of about40-50 feet in length. The Herring and the Black Back gulls have found it and will be well supplied with victuals for the foreseeable future. Hopefully it will be all gone by spring except the bones. But don't you dare touch them! This is a protected species, although it comes a little late for this guy. One of those feds didn't do his job well enough I guess. Anyway, there goes my idea of grabbing a few bones and spending the winter making scrimshaw items of the Town Council in action!! I guess it would have to be of bodies in repose and snoring huh? TIFN  Posted by Picasa


Ex-Manissean said...

Still fresh looking, doesnt look like its started bloating yet. If I was an Eskimo or Icelander I'd be getting hungry by now. Did you read about the whale caught by some Alaskan Indians last year? It had a stone spearhead stuck inside it that hadnt been used to hunt whales in a hundred years. before that discovery scientists thought they only lived a max of 80 years or so.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know the mrs. knew how to scrimshaw!

Sam said...

Well this puppy doesn't look none too fresh but I've heard that whale steak can be better than brown-eyed cow. Simply divine. It can only be had in Iceland, Norway, Japan, and a few tribes in Alaska. You don't eat the blubber, silly, the steaks are what you want.

Oh well, if there are any large teeth, you might be able to knock one loose while nobody is looking and make some scrimshaw - the rib bones were usually used for making corsets and dress hoops and such like that.

And Everett, you and I could prolly use a tummy corset, anyway!