A Letter From Iraq

When you click on the link below you will be brought to a letter written by a soldier in Iraq,(2nd tour). When you read it,here, read it slowly, stop and digest just what it is he is saying and see if it means ANYTHING to you! This letter too his Mom is about as eloquent as it gets. When you are done, look around your house, your town, your country, and then look at the members of your family, and recount to yourselves just what this FREEDOM thing is all about and what it allows you to do and say every damned day of your life. There are over two thousand guys who have already give THEIR lives, just in this venue, so you could continue to live YOURS as you see fit. Maybe I'll also send this too Mr.Murtha. He needs a reminder apparently. TIFN


Sam said...

Couldn't get it to work, but here's one of locals boys over in Iraq, Capt. Garcia.


I am sure Capt. Garcia would love to be home for Thanksgiving but he has a job to do. I really don't think some media stories about maybe leaving Iraq bothers the soldiers near as bad as it bothers some people here in the US.

Yesterday President Bush even toned down his rhetoric about Congressman Murtha (AP wire story 11/20 at 12:20), and actually praised him! Again, I don't think that bothers the soldiers in Iraq near as much as some of us on the stateside.

I mean they have feelings too but they're paid to do a job and they do it without question. Soldiers aren't going AWOL because of something they read on the New York Times.

And it isn't like the Vietnam days when returning soldiers were treated with distain. If you've ever been in an airport when a pack of fresh soldiers from Iraq arrive, they're treated like the heroes that they are. Respectfully,

Everett said...

Hey Sam, the name of the blog is;www.2slick.blogspot.com. It comes right up on my puter from the link. It must be the Texas air makes yours do funny things!

Anonymous said...

I don't think many diagree with the purpose of the war...i.e. freeing another country.

The issue many have is the way it is being conducted.

Hummers with no body armour wile ones with armour are bing shipped to Israel.

Billion dollar no-bid contracts to Haliburton?

Billions of dollars of reconstruciton money dissapearing (it was one of the largest heists on history and the media just stopped reporting on it after a couple of days).

Fudged intelligence that the president GAVE to congress, after the contradicting information, which turned out to be correct, was removed.

And then to add insult to injury, George Tenent was given the presidential medal of Freedom. A complete joke.

Sure i think spreading freedom is a good thing. But we should be honest with eachother and hold the administration accountable for these glaring misdeeds that are screwing the average American while the Corporations rake it in.

When the opposition party wants to investigate the reasons for going to war, we should not question the individuals who want to to the investigating, we should question those who are trying to prevent it.

Sam said...

Well yes, it helps to separate the military folks that are told what to do and serve our country so we can remain free, and military policy which comes out of the White House. To me those are two very different things.

Y'all be careful because you're maybe getting two big ole storms this week. The first one was spawned in Texas and the second is a Canadian Clipper. Take care,

Ex-Manissean said...

Hey Anonymous,
Hindsite is always 20-20.
We could have conducted WWII a lot better too. More AA guns at Pearl Harbor could have saved more of our fleet. Better security could have prevented $10 Billion in captured Nazi Gold(worth $200 Billion today) from being stolen from a train in Allied-occupied France in 1944 that was slated for reconstruction, etc, etc. And as for eeevil Haliburton, who Michael Moore told us was so bad, (but profitable enough for him to trade 2000 shares of its stock)maybe the same reason Clinton awarded a no-bid contract to it in Bosnia, no complaints from the Dems then, was because it is the only corp. with the available logistsics to handle these contracts.

Sam said...

I checked the National Weather Service discussion and they said the Everett had started quite a shit-storm up there with this here blog:

"helicities are hellacious with excellent veering
profiles...and very strong shear"

Quite an artist for a technical weather dude, huh? Me? I'm back in my summer shorts!

Ex-Manissean said...

Glad the warm days are back, still sporting my tan from summer since its still nice enough to BBQ without a shirt on.

Sam said...

Hey Ex-manissean, when are you going to come on down to Padre so we can cuss and discuss Block Island? It's been a long time since when we were kids and used to ....

Sam said...

And to get back to the original subject, over 100 Iragi politicians signed a memorandum yesterday requiring that all foreign troops leave the country on a timetable.

A time table.

We must dwell on tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year and stop criticizing what happened in the past. We cannot fix the past.

Sure, the invasion was bungled from the word "go" but nobody lied about the crappy intelligence at the start of the game. You couldn't.

It is the "idiot bumbler effect" that people see when they look at the Iraq War and the response to Katrina. That's our government at work for us.

A dollar waiting on a dime!

There simly is too much cash on the dole to prevent the dishonest ones from joining on up. As Carl Sagan used to say, "millions and billions."

That's maybe why we're staying as long as possible.

Ex-Manissean said...

One of my co-workers is a Shia Iraqi, he says the US invasion was the best thing to happen to his country. The Sunnis are a minority that used a combination of treats and terror to control the Kurd and Shia majorities for centuries. The Kurdish north is so safe and secure now that Iraqis go there for vacations. The southern marshes are being reflooded which will reverse an ecological disaster wrought by saddam when he dammed its sources out of revenge towards the Marsh Arabs, whose water-based culture dates back to Babylonian days. Since their own oil revenues are going into reconstruction funds now, that will be money we wont have pay to rebuild infrastructure. Sam, would love to get the family to the beach maybe this spring. Excuse me ya'll while I go pecan-smoke some baby back ribs.

Sam said...

Sounds good, Ex-Manissean.

I just read an article about maybe impeaching George Bush. If you look at how Nixon went down, the impeachment charges appear remarkably similar to the situation today.

I'm not saying I believe in any of the hooey, but it's definitely there. /sam

Anonymous said...

Where did you go? The blogs are withering away. Any thing on Kerry's or Dean's recent remarks / You would have to go outside the MSM to get them , but they are an outrage. You should give 102.3 FM a try if you don't already.

Everett said...

I've been so engrossed in reading all the big time nationally recognized blog guys that I haven't been paying attention to my own. These guys all say it so much better than I can. Trained wordsmiths don't you know. Any way, I think most people check out the local ones just to see whats going on ,on old BI. I am just so fed up with all the bullshit going on with most of the TC members that I can't deal with it anymore. If one of them has a good idea and tries to put it forth, the other three or four side with the TM to squelch it. It happens every day. Time for Jack to pack it in and time for a new TM. Present one does all the crap that the last one got fired for plus stuff you would not believe!

Anonymous said...

How about some facts or examples to back that up.

Anonymous said...

"How about some facts to back it up?"

Well, can you point to any leadership on any issues? Does anyone have a sense that the TM has a plan? Lets take a real small example, the fishing boat that recently went aground off Black Rock. The boat (which for all I know is still there) just sat there while the town waited for others to remove it. How about one call from the TM to our Congressman to call the Coast Guard to insist that it be removed ASAP. No more delays. Like right now. Get a Moran tug up here and just drag the sucker off.

Or another real small example. No one is TH seemingly works on a written schedule and/or a time clock. They call it flex time. To the extreme. No one knows when anyone else should be there. As a result there is little accountability.

Finally, here is an example from the not so distant past. The Town was ready to file an important document to head off Cuttings Cottages. This document may have prevented Cuttings. Guess who was the attorney that didn't have it together enough to file the legal document on time to preserve our standing?? Yep, the present TM.