Bringing Home Billions of Buck$$$!

So I understand now that there are about 1 million people who have lost their homes and or business down along the south coast. I guess after Monday, that number will probably go to triple the present one. I also read/heard that the federal govt. has committed $60 billion to those people alone. That doesn't include what ever money has come to them by way of private charities. That is all well and good and I don't begrudge one thin dime to them. But! Where is the money going to come from to pay out that 60 bil? Already there is talk that the prescription medicine handout from Medicare may be coming under attack. But that is another blog. I have a suggestion as to where it might come from. How about if the first thing we do is to kick the UN out of the US? Send it to france where they can support and administer it in their typically incompetent manner. That would get us a few billion. Next we really should withdraw from NATO and close all our bases in Europe and let those folks fend for themselves for a change. We have been holding their hands and wiping their asses for them long enough. They OPENLY hate us now, and make no bones about it. SO let them hold each other in a firm embrace while keeping a close eye on all the Islamofacists in their midsts that are about to bring down the life style and ideals they have lived with for decades. The mullahs are working over time to finish them off. By closing all those European bases we could keep another $150 billion for our own people. "Foreign Aid". There is a sad chapter in American history. It started out all well and good but over the years has been corrupted to the point that we now give "billions and billions", so Carl Sagan would have said, to countries that openly oppose us and our ideals and actively engage in acts that are a direct threat to our countries safety and well being. The number to put in here is beyond my understanding, but have read somewhere that is close to a Trillion with a "T" bucks! It is time for the Congress of these United States to take a good long unbiased look at all the money that we give away to these countries. Just stop it outright! Then go over each countries past use of the aid, and whether it was used against us in some way. If each applicant does not measure up, or live up, to a strict new set of rules, then they either don't get it to start with, or it gets summarily pulled if they are found to be playing hanky-panky with the money. It is time to stop trying to buy peoples good will with dollar bills. They take it all the while laughing up their sleeves at us. PROVE too us that you are worthy of Aid, and MAYBE some will be forthcoming. For a while! TIFN


Sam said...

Hey I missed this post, Everett! You started out with the national scene & quickly went international, though. The fact is that we're taxing our kids & grandkids to pay for Iraq, Katrina, and now Rita. What to do?

We the US has a sordid history of sending bucks to the wrong people at the wrong time - remember we supported the Islamists in Afghanistan with missiles? Noriega of Panama, who ended up in a Miami jail? The list is long, and the UN ain't the main problem.

Let me leave you with this one. Back as late as the early 1800's, China demanded that each province, territory, and neighbor state send very large gifts to the rulers. See, it was the other way around, with bucks flowing in, not out. The idea was "No money, we'll invade you and take the money somehow ourselves. Give us money and we might protect you from your invaders."

Obviously, what worked when the US created the UN (yes, that was us who created it!) after WWII and during the Cold War doesn't work anymore. This is rather cold hearted, but maybe we should become like the China of a century ago.

Anonymous said...

Should we give back the statue of liberty also ? I just love the ignorant French bashing.

Everett said...

Ignornant I may be, but it is very apparent that you don't do very much reading about things that have gone on ,in the European sphere or you wouldn't be so quick to throw out labels. Was the above post from the inimitable, "Cyber Sniper"? It sure has that cast to it! Hang in there buddy, one of these days you are going to come up with a coherent thought! TIFN

Anonymous said...

Tell me you are not bashing the French

Sam said...

Well, lots of folks share Everett's views about spending so much money overseas. Blame it on the US Congress. My point is, why do we expect everyone to love us? Why latch onto the French people, who generally love things American but despise our politicians? There has always been a conflict between Isolationism (no foreign aid) and the New World Order (call it global trade, expansionism, nation building, anti-terrorism, whatever).

That's why you might see media reports like "Let's bail out 70% of Africa's debt and fix the AIDS problam" versus "Holy Toledo, we're not ready for a hurricane in any major US city, are we?"

I don't have any quick fixes, other than it is very easy to see the obvious problems like the former "Food for Oil" UN program in Iraq. They could only squander a couple billion bucks and weren't all the efficient at it. Idiot bumbling crooks! You could do much better ripping off the US by selling Department of Defense supplies such as 500 dollar hammers and commodes.

But the best crooks are the ones we elect to Congress. How about that "highway to nowhere" in Alaska that cost over 200 million? It is all perfectly legit, folks, and I don't have any answers except to vote and vote often.

And keep writing, Everett!

Everett said...

Hi Anony, I am not bashing ALL the french people, just the ones who run the place I guess, and the ones who just can't seem to remember who is was that freed them from the Axis powers of WWII. I don't want them to come groveling and kissing our feet. Just stand up and be counted when the times come that need it! for instance,don't consign all the people of Iraq to life under a murdering bastard just so you can line your own pockets at their expense. I know , I know, SOME of our people are doing the same thing. And if it was in my power to do so, if there was such a thing as re-incarnation, I'd make damn sure they came back and lived under that type of regime and that they were acutely aware of their former life!
I lived in Italy for four years and spent quite a lot of time in various cities in France and had a great time and met a lot of wonderful people. TIFN