Multiplying Blogs

Better beware when you turn on your computer because the Island blogs are multiplying like rabbits! Here is another one. http://www.adriansisle.blogspot.com . Some one with an undecipherable email address sent me this one last night. Well at least he/she is not in my address book so it might well have come from Osama himself! Anyway it is another view although a little hardline!TIFN OK I'm to stupid to make the link work, but if you type the address into the Gogle search block it comes up and then you can
bookmark it!DUH!a


Deirdre said...

Thanks for posting that link!
You know, when I see anonymous blogs that appear to be set up for the sole purpose of flaming others, I don't know.. it just makes me feel... all warm inside & I get a little misty.

Thank you for using your real name on your blog, Everett. It's very inspiring.
(and thanks for the comment on my blog, yes, I am the very same one who lived at the North End of the Island lo these many moons ago.)
I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone the conditions of William Grullons home confiment. I saw him driving that new red pickup on friday.

Anonymous said...

Who is renting the apratment to Grullons?

Sam said...

I think the multiplying blogs has something to do with the drinking water.
* Laughs *