Well it has been over a month since last post, but all there is to bitch about is obamaroid and I think everyone knows how I feel about that turd and what he is doing to this country. So I'll skip ragging on him and go somewhere else.

Lets see, I went off Island a week ago today and had a cataract removed from the right eye last Monday. When I finally got into the operating room and watched the beginning of the process, I disappeared down this long tunnel lit with green, red, and blue lights. By the time I reached the end of it and became aware of where I was, a total of 14 minutes had elapsed!!!

The old fuzzy cataract was gone and in its place was a brandy new lens implanted in the eye, and with which, one week later I can see for distance like when I was a Kid! I think! I've been wearing glasses since I was ten years old!!

I go back this coming thursday for a checkup and to schedule the same operation on the left ocular device.

So while I am here, are any of you folks who read this irregular post, doing anything in the way of making you and your family ready for when TSHTF? Just wondering as a lot of things are already becoming hard to find. Checked out the escalation of the food prices lately? Been off a few times in the last two months and have noticed that in Shaws and S&S that the shelves have big empty spaces where they never were before. The food right on the front edge of the shelves were backed up with reserve stuff right to the back of the shelf. Not so with a lot of things now. A couple of cans/bottles deep and nothing behind. Hope all have been putting a few things by. Am I a crazy right wing, Tea (bagger) party believing, gun toting, 2nd Amendment, ,pack-ratting, nutcase? So Sarah would say,"You Betcha"! TIFN