Where is the money?

I was talking to a couple members of the Town Council a few days ago and the emerging( for YEARS) problem of the Neck Road from the Beachead to Beach Avenue came up.

I asked what plans there were in the works to get something done to prevent the road becoming washed out in the next few good Noth'easta's or a hurricane?

One of the members said too me that back in 1992, money had been allocated to the town to fix the road up by the outfall pipe where it washed out in Hurricane Bob. He said that at that time, there was also a good dose of bucks allocated for shoring up the Neck Road as a preventative measure. Well as we can see there are no preventative measures in sight down there! There are now, by my count, 25 separate "cuts" to the beach along that same delineated stretch of road.


So the question is; Where is the money? Anybody got an answer? TIFN

Flag Etiquette, or lack thereof!

Every day for the last week or so as I have gone by the Town Hall, I've noticed something that really gets me up tight!
It is the fact that our United States of America Flag is being flown at the yardarm level at the outside position.

It is a wonder too me, that if there is a problem with the halyard or the pulley on the main pole, just why the hell doesn't SOMEONE (Town Manager?) call the Chief of the Fire Department and ask them to bring over the ladder truck and a new piece of line and get the damned thing fixed!

It is an unintentional desecration of our main artifact of national unity and pride I'm sure. Two or three times I've started to go in and raise the question of why it was being flown as such, But my well known propensity for flying off the handle would probably result in a visit by the local constabulary.

So I am doing it this way. If anyone reads this, why feel free to enter the halls of ineptitude and beard those lions in their den! TIFN


A Letter to the Editor from a disgruntled letter recipient.

A letter appeared in the BIT friday referring to the letter they received from Mr. Mooney. The writer was decrying the use of a few words, and his use of "divisive politics" to describe what has been going on in the Town Hall among it's elected denizens and other assorted hangers on. I will copy Mr. Mooney's comment, and then the response to it by the letter writer. To wit:

HE SAID: The recent attempt to reinterpret jack Gray's donative intent with regard to West Beach Road is self serving and a serious violation of the public trust.

SHE SAID: Can't we do better than calling political opponents "self serving"?

I SAID: What other words would you use to name an action that will be, in the end, a total detriment to the general population of the Island?

HE SAID: Referring to the West Beach Road residents as "greedy" because they objected to a wind turbine in their backyard is reprehensible.

SHE SAID: Can't we do better than calling political opponents, "reprehensible"?

I SAID: "Reprehensible," seems to me to be the perfect word to describe the mindset of the person or persons who uttered the word "greedy" in reference to those homeowners! How about despicable?, nefarious?, vile? I think disgraceful fits that person to a tee! Hmmm, wonder who it was?

HE SAID: Alleging that a relative of Jack Gray's companion in later life, constituted a "legal heir" who had no objection to altering Jack's intent is absolutely sinister!

SHE SAID: Can't we do better than calling political opponents, "sinister"?

I SAID: SHould we have called such a ploy, oh lets see, "heartening?, maybe propitious?, no? how about benevolent and honorable? It couldn't possibly be anything perfidious! I call it Absolute Bullshit!

I just find it SO HARD to believe that any elected official of this town would have the gall to go behind the back, and dead body of a land donor in order to circumvent his wishes. Yeah right!

Well I guess the "sinister" members of the council, ---that would be those of the "left" persuasion (err, in case you didn't know it, the word "left" comes from the Latin "sinistre". Not sure of the spelling but close, Fits perfectly now doesn't it.)--- figure they are continuing the work of looking out for all we "little people", tea baggers, right wing crazies by "doing what is right for we unthinking clods"!!!



Revisiting Mr. Terry Mooney

Well I received a letter in the mail today as I am sure a lot of other folks on BI did from Terry. It was a most welcome piece of correspondence. He gives a very good account of how he first became acquainted with BI, and of his activities over the intervening years. I would even go so far as to say that they were in the words of some people, me included, "Impeccable"! Jeez, another Vet!

So how do I reconcile my being a life long Elephant supporter with the idea of voting for a Donk for the first time since Kennedy? Well for the first time in a long time I like to believe that someone is really going to actually DO something about the problems of this town.

The first and foremost thing for the new First Warden to undertake, would be to actually practice that old political saw called, "Fiscal Responsibility" We hear about it all the time but we keep right on pissing money down the drain for crap we don't NEED or WANT.

As an example, we were told recently that we would NEED to hire engineers and "experts"to tell us how to "take care" of the Spring House pump house! Three or four guys with a long chain and a bulldozer and a match could do the job nicely in about two hours! OHH Heresy!!! How did this edifice that houses a water pump that has been defunct for 40 years or more, become a Historical Artifact? Has anybody famous or historical ever spent the night there? Maybe Bill and Monica under the pump housing platform? This is just another of the elitists cry for attention. Damn, it is just another of a thousand buildings on this Island that has had it's day in the sun and it is time for it to go.

Err, sorry about that! Couldn't resist. Anyway Terry, after you get elected keep on pursuing that elusive goal. Although I don't think it is all that out of reach now. Remember when the whole Fiscal Dept. was housed in the BIG? Remember when you could go there and get any information you needed in 4-5 minutes? Remember when the budget balanced and the people of the town could find out where every red cent had been spent? Then remember when it all went to hell and moved to the Town Hall?

The bullet points on the reverse of the letter refer to some of the more egregious ploys that have been "perped" (yeah I know that is not a word, but I like it) on the folks of this little burg. Actual honesty and aboveboard actions seem to have taken a long holiday here on BI!

So yeah, I am actually going to vote for a, ah, ah, ah, oh what the hell, a DONK! And I don't use that term in a perjorative manner. And yes I AM going to make a donation to the cause, Check is in the mail Terry! TIFN



Well at least nine of the crooks in the State House got the boot yesterday! Not crooks you say? Just honest folks trying to do their best? Bullschuies!! Err, Jewish word mis-spelled means S*** There has been a one party system in this State for the last 50 years and they ALL had a hand in perpetuating it.

Well now all we have to hope for is that the ones selected in the primary, will do what they say and put us back on the path to a viable place to live and raise kids and families. All the free entitlements lavished on certain groups of people and paid for by the people who actually work has to stop!

Education Reform? Throw out all the so-called experts and go back to the basics IN ALL AREAS! Not just reading writing and 'rithmetic, but HISTORY for a start. shit-can all the books in use that have the revisionist versions of what really happened in history. I just spent part of the Summer reading three of the books used in the BI school. They are, Triumph of the American Nation;Harcourt,Brace,Jovanovich, for American History. For World History; People and Nations by Holt, Rinehart,and Winston, and for Civics; American Civics, by Holt, Rinehart,Winston.

These three books have minor problems with the recounting of actual happenings but are probably the least "revised" all the texts out there. I would attribute their selection and use in our School to the over-riding integrity and astuteness of the history teacher for the last 20 years, Mr. Bill Young.

But they all have areas where the "feel good" stuff perpetrated by the left still comes to the fore.
I am wondering if BI is going to fall in line with a lot of other school districts in the US and declare that from now on we will have multiple Valedictorians per each year! This, so that those students NOT selected won't feel so bad!

No one will have to compete against anyone else because, "we are all EQUAL"! What a crock! Is that what is going to happen when they finish 12 yrs. of school and then 4 years of college only to find out that they are NOT all equal when they go looking for a job? Happening right now! Ask a recent grad just high up the chain of command, or more appropriately, the FOOD CHAIN he is starting his working career. Uh, second towel man at the local car wash?

Well finally, after 30-40 years of the, "Dr. Feel Good People", Maybe we will finally go back to what really works and is truly in touch with reality. Yeah! Good luck with that! TIFN